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Dartmouth Castle By Sgt T Lawson   
DHRG No. 100020
Document Held: Dartmouth Museum
A history of Dartmouth Castle c 1915 with extracts from other publications. PDF file.

Holdsworth letter to H Seale 1857   
DHRG No. 100021
Letter of May 1st, 1857 from A Holdsworth Governor of Dartmouth Castle to H Seale concerning an attempt by a unnamed person to remove him from office by stopping his salary. Letter gives details of the Governors of the castle during the Holdsworth period 1725 to 1807.

Dartmouth Cinema, A brief History   
DHRG No. 100022
A brief history of the Maxime, just one of several names the Dartmouth cinema had over many years.
Written by Dorothy Love who as a child would often sit with her grandmother in the ticket office.

George Aynge Master Gunner Dartmouth Castle   
DHRG No. 100023
Lieut George Aynge, on Half Pay, of the Royal Artillery Drivers to be Master Gunner at Dartmouth Castle, vice Struthers deceased, the appointment to commence from 1st March 1820.