Family History     Marriages     St Petrox
St Petrox Marriages 1610 to 1850   
DHRG No. 100155
St Petrox marriages from 1610 until 1850, listed in alphabetically. Transcribed by & used with the permission of Mr N McNaught.

St Petrox Parish Register 1652 to 1692   Baptisms     Burials     St. Petrox
DHRG No. 103085
Images of the earliest surviving register of St Petrox, Dartmouth, covering Baptisms, Marriages and Burials between 1652 and1692; the first and last leaves also contain some individual records for other dates outside this range. Many pages are damaged (possibly due to mice or similar) but the vast majority of the entries are legible. No transcript yet available so you will need to look through the document.