Family History     Named Families
Descendants of Robert Holdsworth   
DHRG No. 100143
The fifth Arthur Holdsworth (1757-1787) died young and before his eldest son Arthur Howe Holdsworth was old enough to be MP and Mayor. A cousin of the fifth Arthur became Arthur Holdsworth VI. This Arthur came from a separate Holdsworth line and is shown in the Family Tree report Descendants of Robert Holdsworth.

Bowhays of Dartmouth   
DHRG No. 102048
History of the Bowhay family in Dartmouth from 1885 when they moved to the town.

Comments on Anderson, Fox and Jones   
DHRG No. 102909
Email to W. Fleet from Anna Tang.

Gretton family   18thC
DHRG No. 102910
Entries relating to Gretton family from Alumni Cantabrigiensis.

Robert Cranford   
DHRG No. 102911
Various emails between W. Fleet and I. Makinson concerning Robert Cranford.

Flora Thompson, author of “Lark Rise to Candleford” and other books   19thC 20thC
DHRG No. 102956
Article by Ted Flaxman. Born Flora Jane Timms in 1876, in the small rural hamlet of Juniper Hill in north Oxfordshire. She left home at the age of 14 to start work in the nearby village of Fringford as assistant to the Post Mistress until she was 20. Married in January 1903 to John Thompson, she came to Dartmouth when John was appointed Postmaster at Dartmouth in August 1927. The couple moved to Brixham during the Second World War. Flora died of a heart attack at the age of 70 in May 1947 at Brixham followed by John a year later. She is buried Longcross Cemetery, Townstal.

Guildhall Documents 2   Documents     Newcomen Family     Town Administration 18thC 19thC
DHRG No. 102988
Index of documents previously held in the Guildhall by Dartmouth Town Council, now transferred to the Devon Heritage Centre, Exeter. Index is a guide only to the content of the document and persons requiring further information should refer to the document. Compiled by the Dartmouth History Research Group, 2007. See also Guildhall Documents 1, 103051 and Guildhall Documents 3, 102970.

Vavasour Slip   Places and Streets     Town Administration 17thC 18thC
DHRG No. 103007
Letter from Ray Freeman answering query about origin of street name Vavasour Slip.

Hayne Family   
DHRG No. 103009
Letter from Ray Freeman in response to an enquiry about the Hayne Family of Dartmouth from a Mrs Williams.John Hayne, merchant of Dartmouth, who died in 1671, was a man of substance and became the owner c. 1662 of Brownstone Manor near Kingswear, across the other side of the Dart. This passed down in the Hayne family until 1904. Though I have very little information about the man himself, he seems to have been involved in trade with Spain and Portugal, with agents or sons in Cadiz, Opporto and other places. The main trade was in importing wine, but Dartmouth was involved in the Newfoundland fishing industry which took dried fish to sell in Spain, Portugal and the Mediterranean.

Hauley or Hawley Family   
DHRG No. 103010
A brief summary of the Hauley Family and their place in the development & history of Dartmouth during the 14th & 15th Century.

The Descendants of Arthur Holdsworth d1690   16thC 17thC 18thC 19thC
DHRG No. 103011
The descendants of Arthur Holdsworth (d.1690), son of Robert Holdsworth (1583-1632), vicar of Modbury. The Holdsworth Family played a major part in the development of Dartmouth from for over two centuries.

Holdsworth letter to H Seale 1857   
DHRG No. 103012
Letter of May 1st, 1857 from A Holdsworth Governor of Dartmouth Castle to H Seale concerning an attempt by a unnamed person to remove him from office by stopping his salary. Letter gives details of the Governors of the castle during the Holdsworth period 1725 to 1807.

Thomas Newcomen Bill for Gunpowder – transcript   English Civil War     Historic Events 17thC
DHRG No. 103013
Transcript of invoice for expenses claimed by Thomas Newcomen (grandfather of inventor) following a journey to London to purchase gunpowder for the Borough of Dartmouth, 1642 (see 102046).

Comments on Anderson, Fox and Jones   
DHRG No. 103027
Email to W. Fleet. from Anna Tang

William Henry Fox   
DHRG No. 103028
From Anna Tang 7/5/05

Thomas Paige Booklet   
DHRG No. 103034
Notes by Ken Brealey Church Warden from a book in the safe of St Saviour's Church Dartmouth headed THOMAS PAYGE OF DARTMOUTH & SOME PAYGE DESENDANTS. This was written by Mr H. Paige HUDSON, who in 1987 lived on the Island of Jersey in the Channel Island. 15 pages and a few drawings are included in the booklet.

John Bulley   19thC
DHRG No. 103139
CAPTAIN JOHN BULLEY, a sea captain born in 1798 who travelled the world and often achieved record speeds for his voyages. until the final years of his life Dartmouth was the home to which he always returned. He was mayor of the town in 1840, and deeply involved in many aspects of business and local politics.

Arthur Howe Holdsworth, 1780 – 1861   Holdsworth Family
DHRG No. 102051
Arthur Howe Holdsworth, whose uniform as Governor of Dartmouth Castle is displayed in Dartmouth Museum, was the last of five members of his family who held this post continuously from 1725 to 1861.
Arthur Howe was one of the most talented members of his family in the arts, sciences and politics. He was a good amateur artist - his sketch books can be seen in the Museum. His scientific and architectural skill can be seen at Warfleet Mill, which he rebuilt as a paper mill with a specially designed vaulted roof using the least possible timber to cover the space without central supports. The water wheel to provide the power was the largest west of Bristol. He devised a way of using coloured rags to make fine paper by extracting the colour to make them equal to the more expensive white rags. He also patented an improved rudder for ships, watertight bulkheads and a fireproof magazine.

Thomas Newcomen, Bill for Gunpowder   English Civil War     Historic Events     Newcomen Family 17thC
DHRG No. 102046
Document Held: Devon Heritage Centre.
Original invoice for expenses claimed by Thomas Newcomen (grandfather of inventor) following a journey to London to purchase gunpowder for the Borough of Dartmouth, 1642 (see 103013).

Hanna Newcomen Bill for Ironmongery   Newcomen Family
DHRG No. 102047
Document Held: DTC.
Bill for ironmongery supplied to Dartmouth Borough COuncil signed by Hanna Nercomen in 1719.

A.H. Holdsworth   Holdsworth Family     Mayors of Dartmouth from 1329 to 2012     Town Administration 19thC
DHRG No. 102836
Arthur Howe Holdsworth. Mayor 1821 and 1824. Image