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Arthur Howe Holdsworth, 1780 – 1861   
DHRG No. 102051
Arthur Howe Holdsworth, whose uniform as Governor of Dartmouth Castle is displayed in Dartmouth Museum, was the last of five members of his family who held this post continuously from 1725 to 1861.
Arthur Howe was one of the most talented members of his family in the arts, sciences and politics. He was a good amateur artist - his sketch books can be seen in the Museum. His scientific and architectural skill can be seen at Warfleet Mill, which he rebuilt as a paper mill with a specially designed vaulted roof using the least possible timber to cover the space without central supports. The water wheel to provide the power was the largest west of Bristol. He devised a way of using coloured rags to make fine paper by extracting the colour to make them equal to the more expensive white rags. He also patented an improved rudder for ships, watertight bulkheads and a fireproof magazine.

A.H. Holdsworth   Mayors of Dartmouth from 1329 to 2012     Town Administration 19thC
DHRG No. 102836
Arthur Howe Holdsworth. Mayor 1821 and 1824. Image