Port of Dartmouth     Dartmouth Registered Ships
Dartmouth Registered Ships List 2 1802 to 1815   
DHRG No. 103117
Registration documents
Fredom, Hebe, Jane, John, Jubilee, London, Lord Chesterfield, Matilda, Resolution, Severn,

Dartmouth registered ships. List 1 1789 – 1824   
DHRG No. 103116
Registration documents
Admiral Keats, Albion, Ashburton, Astred, Caroline, Clara, Constance, Dart, Dragon, Elizabeth,

Dartmouth Registered Ships list 3 1800 – 1815   
DHRG No. 103118
Images of Registration Documents
The Ann, The Brothers, The Confidence, The Dragon, The Race Horse, The Wadstray, Two Friends, Venus, Waterloo, William & Elizabeth,