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Seale 0020 Creed Family Tree   
DHRG No. 102018
Researched mainly by Mrs. Ray Freeman

Seale 1087 From Capt. Bidgend HP Vol 2 p84 No year. ? 1746 from 26 Oct to 30-Apr PRIVATEER   
DHRG No. 102019
The Lyoness Privateer. The Share holders.. W.Poston, J.Seale, C.Hayne, A.Penfound, T.Holdsworth J.Lydstone, Richard & Robert Newman, Payments. Men at sea, slops sold by Capt, Banner Dibley etc.

Seale 1088 Capt.Robert Newman to Charles Hayne H vol 2 p 37 No Date ? 1746 PRIVATEER   
DHRG No. 102020
The Tygress Privateer. the person who saw the prize. Mr. Pringle, Capt.Lydston, owners agent The share holders:-J.Seale, C.Haynes, H.F.Luttrell, H.Southcott, W.Poston, T.Holdsworth A.Penfound, J.Lydston, Richard & Robert Newman. Payments to Mr. Poston, R.Stephenson, T.Heath.

Seale Family Tree 1705 – 1861   
DHRG No. 102021
Family Tree

Seale Misc. Paper ”Gretton” 1770 – 1890   
DHRG No. 102022
From ''Alumni Cantabrigiensis''
George Gretton,
Walthal Gretton,
George Holdsworth Lowther Gretton,
Frederick (Edward) Gretton.

Seale 1458 J.H.Seale to Jeff No Date (Dec,Jan1798-1799) JHS Wants Will Hall’s Gun   
DHRG No. 102023
Will Hall was dead. Jeff was to take great care of 2 pointers, orders about breaking them in to come, Phyllis was for JHS, Spring he presumed for Father, little Dash for the parlour. The rest to be given away. JHS wanted Will Hall's gun. Sally to be paid for it.

Seale 0022 Hayne Family Tree   
DHRG No. 102024
The Hayne Dynasty of Dartmouth by Paul T. Presswell

Seale 0021 Hayne Family 1720-1769   
DHRG No. 102025
Biography of the Hayne Family by Mrs.Ray Freeman.

Seale 0031 Biography of Thomas Pipon1678-1735   
DHRG No. 102026
Biographical Dictionary of Jersey by G.R.Balleine

Seale 0081 Mr. Southcote to Mr. Creed ref. Inventory of cabinet. No date.Saturday morning.   
DHRG No. 102027
Formal. Mr. Southcote presents compliments to Mr. Creed. Request for inventory of cabinet belonging to Mrs. Hayne be sent, it having not been sent before. Mrs. Hayne expected to be at Buckland that day to deliver up.

Seale 0082 Rev. P. Sherwin to J. Seale No Date Mid 18th century?   
DHRG No. 102028
Pleased to hear brother was a friend of J.S. who showed great civility to him. P.S. remembered J.S.'s name on Pembroke buttery book, but did not remember him personally. He asked if he could drink J.S.'s health out of J.S.'s own punch bowl.

Seale 0118 J. Seale to David Pipon copy by J. Pipon Reply to DP’s letter of the 4th Inst.   
DHRG No. 102029
DP enclosed his bond, JS's receipt for the Principal & Interest. Thanks for paying Mr. Tomlinson JS's share of the loss. Mr. Seale though asked, forgot to pay the amount of that less. Request to DP to send copy of the account of those charges & a receipt of payment. JS would request Mr Seale to reimburse D.P.

Seale 0142 Mary Hayne to Mrs. Goodrich Monday Morning H.P. No date 1032f/z3 (DRO)   
DHRG No. 102030
Charles Hayne's father ordered him & his sisters to go the following Wednesday. Evidently MH was short of a suitable dress. Instructions to Peter Gibbs about shoes & a request for something handsome. Hopes to see brother & sister before setting out, which might be delayed 5 or 6 days. Request for Mr. Goodrich to write to brother about any necessary business.

Seale 0146 Meeting re.Turnpike 17 Jan. 1764 HP 2 71   
DHRG No. 102031
H. Fluttrell, John Adams, John Yarde, Rawlin Mallock, Charles Hayne, Rev.Sam! Belfields, Will,m Kitson, Rev. John Nosworthy, Arthur Holdsworth, Rev. Tho. Fownes, Thomas Taylor, Rev. Tho. Kitson. To T. Blake Loyde & others.
Meeting at Paignton Sands 16 January about extending the turnpike from Exeter to Newton Bushel, to Brixham Key & Kingsware Passage. Important, especially to all concerned in the Land Carriage Fishery. Support requested to be sent to Mr. Charles Eastley, Attorney at Law at Paignton. Next meeting 27 January.

Seale Documents deposited at the Devon Records Office   
DHRG No. 102032
Document Held: DRO>
Schedule of miscellaneous Seale Documents deposited at the Devon Records Office. Date of deposit not known
Diary of Rev Robert Seale
Diary (January 1881 to 1819) of Reverend Robert Seale
1788 – 1819 Vicar et KingswearBuried at Townstal.

Seale 1607 J Seale to Capt. P Carteret reply to 1606   
DHRG No. 102033
Grateful thanks for PCs sympathetic condolences and. Just returned from the funeral. Impressed at the love and affection of all her friends.

Seale 1608 R Hayne Seale to Mrs Seale thursday (book 14)   
DHRG No. 102034
More things were in the inventory than in the box, which did contain a pair of silk breeches & only 10 neck clothes; things probably at Exeter in Robert's room; hurried packing, no news of the shirt left behind. JS's letter given to Mrs. R & Mr. Gate's certificate to dr Goodall. Roberts leg quite well. hope Charles was still at Mt Boone & that J.S. gets there that Saterday. Hard frost & snow at Eton, the boys skating. News of the rabbits wanted. Robert had a good writing desk, Tutor asked after John. Robert hoped to spend Easter with J.S. in town. Hoped John had good sport.

Seale 1608-01 E M Kekewich to Mrs Seale Monday   
DHRG No. 102035
Arrived that day at 3 o'clock. Betty just arrived - confusion

Seale 1608-14 E M Kekewich to Mrs Seale Wednesday   
DHRG No. 102036
Arrived safely Tuesday evening between eight and nine having left Kittery about three in a return chaise to Newton, against Mary as will: she did not want to leave JS. Presumed Robert went to Totnes, Tuesday in the diligence Maria was just off to Exeter, hoped to see Lily and Mrs. Wing who might recommend a cook. Maria hoped SS, JS and JHS would come to Exeter before she left for London. Little Granville was well. With his Cousins in the fine weather. Disappointed not seeing JS and her brother at Kittery. PS:- been to see Robert. No had bladders and the skin not broken on his leg. The water did not boil so ? no pains. Scraped potato oil and applied to his leg. The surgeon was not called. Mrs. Pratt took good care of Robert.

Seale 1609 E M Kekewich to Mrs Seale Exeter Sunday   
DHRG No. 102037
Hoping to see a Robert on Monday but are unable to, his leg not as bad has Charles Barters who upset a saucepan of potatoes with boiling water over his. Rs injury about the size of EMKs palm hopeful skin not broken, (leg better). Maria bought shoes for aunt Wednesday; the post office refused to take parcels, so back to the shop, being the more likely to meet the Dartmouth postman, so they should have gone by him or the Totnes Diligence on Friday; hope Aunt got them. SS commission to Adams to be dealt with when in Exeter. Mrs. Kekewich dance next Tuesday, no room to stay there till Wednesday Mrs. Spratt knew of no servant for SS. Lily & Mrs King not yet seen. Laundry going to Mrs King Monday. Where Coleshill is not known. Wrote to Mr Lister about sending Betty to town. Hoped John was better. (Monday):- SS & JS in Exeter Thursday. EMK not traveling at night in bad weather.

Seale 1610 G Kekewich to John SealeSunday   
DHRG No. 102038
GK due to leave Exeter the following Saturday in the coach they had, from London; no suitable coach to Bath. Scheme planned at Mount Boone abandoned. Maria had decided to travel all night. Weather not then good. Robert not seen since a Thursday, much better; neglected his leg at first so not yet back at Eaton. If he had to go with the GK via Salisbury, GK presumed he could share their coach, four insiders Capt. Dad in Dublin was expected at Plymouth very soon. Charles told to keep his absence secret; otherwise the captain would be liable to Court Martial.

Seale 1611 E M Kekewich to Mrs Seale Sunday   
DHRG No. 102039
Not seen Robert has since Friday, but heard his leg and was better. Mrs. Pratt on Thursday said he would not keep up the bandage or plaster. Mr. Gates left him something to apply every half hour so EMK left him a watch, and a flannel to put over to prevent the fire from a scorching.

Seale 1681 J. Seale to Robert Seale reply to 1680   
DHRG No. 102040
JS thought Robert man enough to settle his journey with his West Country friends in a coach to Bath. Capt. Macdermot had £4 to defray RHS's expenses. JS hoped Robert would fall in with John's plans. Difficulty of meeting up with him in Bristol. He might hand a paper to the proper officer with a shilling. 'O-yes, O-yes, O-yes...give information of Capt. Seale of the South Devon Regt. of Militia or bring him safely to his brother Robert Seale a cadet in the Duke of York's Military College, Gt. Marlow arrived at the Black Dog. £5 & all expenses paid etc. God Save the King. In letter of thanks to Mr. Bentley he should mention that Father had a Newfoundland dog for him which he would send to London by the coaster when he had the address.

Seale 1752 J.Jodrell to Paulina Seale no date   
DHRG No. 102041
Delighted with PS's letters. Mrs Bond's high opinion of PS & JHS, her approval of PS's choice of Mr. Puddicombe. Mrs Seale & Mrs. Adams did not think so much of Mr Hunt though Lady J would keep him on for herself. Best was good with children, affectionate & submissive letter from her. OH Sally happy to serve PS. Dispute over hired piano while PS's was in London to be settled by Churchill. Longman paid for tuning, no more owed. Mrs S.Fownes had a son. Mrs Younge much better. Mrs Lynn called. Lady J not yet called on Lady Turner or any N.Country friends. John Lindsay was in St. Helens. Mrs. Duncan was very ill with fever.

Seale 1813 M. Bond to Lady Jodrell Friday no date   
DHRG No. 102042
On the outside:- People owed for various items? :- 'Mother', Miss O, Mrs.Seale; Col.J paid: Mary Harris? Mrs Cook? Mrs. Lisson? MB's & Lady J's friends would not leave London till Tuesday & would not be at Capt.Stone's Thursday evening, likely to stay till the Monday, so not with MD & Lady J. till the Tuesday after. The neighbour who had the fire the Colonel wrote the paper for, called, so MB gave him £1 as from Lady J & 10 shillings each from MB & Marianne respectively. JHS also sent something. Lady J expected to call Saturday. William would call at Mt. Boone before going into the town. Mary Roope unwell.

Seale 1846 Paulina Seale to J.H.Seale 1811 Sunday morning   
DHRG No. 102043
At Edginwell where she saw Mrs. Neck, PS was happy apart from annoyance with Mr. P, a pretty house & a charming garden. PS left that Saturday in time for dinner with JS & Sarah S. She came to Mt. Boone early evening with Henry. Charles was a great quiz; lonely after they went to bed. At Bicton Lord Rolle was very encouraging, he would see Lord Ailsbury when in Town. Lady R. very persuasive, begged PS to go to her party with Lady Rowden. Lady Le Despenser etc. & then go on to Powderham & Mamhead & also to accompany her to London. PS declined both. When at Exmouth PS saw Mrs. Clements, looking very ill, & Mrs.Sadley.. Mr. Neck drove PS to Torquay & she called on Miss Southcote (not visible due to her Uncle, Col Luttrell's death) & Mrs. Lethbridge. PS told JS that the infamous clerk was said to be the natural son of Mr. Holdsworth's grandfather. Miss Ouglar said the whole fraternity were in the mud. All but one approved of Mr. Hearn & hissed the Corporation etc. Mrs. Bond, Mary Ann & PS met at Townstal. Lady J. would come next day. PS's box got to Mrs. Lindsay. Need to draw on Harris to pay Howel's debt. Lady Jodrell was very deaf.

Diary of Rev Robert Seale   
DHRG No. 102044
Diary (January 1881 to 1819) of Reverend Robert Seale.
1788 – 1819 Vicar et Kingswear, buried at Townstal.