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Peter Clark – Early memories of Dittisham, wartime events.   20thC
DHRG No. 102625
Born in Dittisham in 1925 where he lived until he joined the RAF in 1943 at the age of 18.
Talks about Dittisham before WWII, holiday craft on the river, Ditsum plums, banana boats in the river, P & O ships at Dartmouth, fishing in the river. Schooling at Totnes & Dartmouth & difficulties in travelling.
Outbreak of War. Evacuees. Belgian refugees & fishing boats in Brixham. ME109 attack on barge near Galmpton. Raid on Noss Works - talks about 8 Ditsum boys killed.
Worked as a junior clerk after leaving school in 1941, sent out to ships coming in to Dartmouth to take orders for supplies, send messages etc. Convoys came in the evenings & left next morning. Motor launches built at Galmpton. Barrage balloons on ships. Attacks on shipping in the harbour.
Period leading up to D-Day, ships in the river from Dittisham to Dartmouth. Bartering with American ships- fresh food, cigarettes etc. Sir Henry Martin (well known surgeon), air raid warden, first aid lectures.