Charities of Dartmouth & Townstal, 16th May 1906, pages 1 – 30

Charities of Dartmouth & Townstal, 16th May 1906, pages 1 – 30
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Social History:Audio memories, historic events and important people, and family and everyday life in Dartmouth over the centuries.
Dartmouth Charities:Resources on charities set up to benefit inhabitants of Dartmouth including successive Charity Commission reviews.
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This Inquiry into the Charity’s of Dartmouth & Townstall was held on the 16th May 1906 & draws on a Report on these parishes, dated 28th January 1822.
In addition to the details of the charities listed information on bequest & income are also given.

Charities mentioned :
Awdyan 's Gift, William Ley's Gift & R Kelly's Gift, The Widows Houses, and R Kelly's Gift, Fortescue’s Gift, Sir John Acland's, Gift Shapleigh's Gift, Paige's Gift, John Plumleigh's Gift, Forder Estate, Philip Ley's Gift, Prestwood's Gift, Lovering's Gift houses, Thomas Boone's Charity, Mayne's Gift, Langdons Gift, Richards's Gift, Peter's Gift, Gifts of Dyer and others, Rounsevall's Gift, Wheeler's Gift, Wotton's Gift, St Petrox Trust Lands, William Plumleigh’s Gift, Rev Charter’s Gift, Townstall Church Lands, Peters Gift, Henry Blondett Charity, The Dartmouth Charities, Edward Henley's Charity. George Mundy Jauncey Charity, Bayards Cove Mission, Francis Whitney Charity, Wesleyan Chapel School.