Chronicle 1854 Miscellaneous Pages

Chronicle 1854 Miscellaneous Pages
Dartmouth Chronicle       1854-1859       1854        19thC
Category Descriptions
Dartmouth Chronicle:Digitised images of many editions of the Dartmouth Chronicle 1855-1884. Prepared in 2007 in a joint project by Dartmouth History Research Group and Kingswear Historians.
1854-1859:Readable images of early Dartmouth Chronicles. Those for 1857 are unavailable.
1854:No description available
DHRG No:103215
Format:Portable Document Format (.pdf)
Miscellaneous pages of the Dartmouth Chronicle found at the back of the folder shown in DHRG Archive Item Number 103202. Some of these pages are duplicates of pages found in that year's editions of the Chronicle; others are unknown in origin.