Dartmouth Borough Council Minutes

Dartmouth Borough Council Minutes
Town Administration       Documents        19thC 20thC
Category Descriptions
Town Administration:Resources relating to Borough of Dartmouth 1341-1974
Documents:Charters and other town documents, various dates; includes indices to documents deposited in Devon Heritage Centre, 2007.
DHRG No:102969
Format:Portable Document Format (.pdf)
Minutes of various council meetings Ref R9/1/C Nov 1930 to Oct 1931 Nov 1931 to Oct 1932 Nov 1934 to Oct 1935.
27a-b, 28, 29a-b, 30, 31a-b, Nov 40 – Oct 41 missing. Dartmouth Borough Council Minutes to 1974 at Devon Heritage Centre; also Dartmouth Town Council minutes 1974-2002. More recent records held by the Town Council.