Dartmouth Shops & Businesses North

Dartmouth Shops & Businesses North
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Category Descriptions
Property:Resources on public, commercial and residential buildings in Dartmouth, various dates.
Commercial:Resources relating to commercial property and buildings, various dates.
Shop and Businesses:Summary record of Dartmouth shops & businesses over time, listed by street, grouped as North, Central & South. Townstal listed under North.
DHRG No:103135
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Record of Dartmouth Shops & Businesses over time, updated as new information comes to light. Broadstone, Browns Hill, Coombe Rd, Coombe Tce, Coombe, Coronation Park, Church Rd , Clarence St, Clarence Hill, College Way, Collingwood Rd, Higher Victoria Road, Ivatt Rd, Mayors Ave, Mount Boone, Nelson Rd, N Embankment, Ridge Hill, Silver St, Townstal Rd, Townstal Crescent,