Health & Housing in Dartmouth, Report by Dr Mivart, 1914

Health & Housing in Dartmouth, Report by Dr Mivart, 1914
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Social History:Audio memories, historic events and important people, and family and everyday life in Dartmouth over the centuries.
Public Health:Resources on the history of public health and medicine in Dartmouth.
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Dartmouth Paper 1 by Tom Jaine, introducing reprint of report for Local Government Board by Dr F St George Mivart on Public Health & Housing in Dartmouth, 1914 (extracts). The report criticised both the town council and individual officers with respect to the introduction of new housing legislation, administration of sanitary laws and regulations, provision of a water supply, arrangements for isolating victims of infectious diseases and supervision of trades such as butchers, dairies and bakeries. Copy of full report held at The National Archives, MH 48/514.
Included here with the kind permission of Tom Jaine, Allaleigh House, Blackawton.