Lease for Cellars and Loft at Harnesse (Formerly Sykes)

Lease for Cellars and Loft at Harnesse (Formerly Sykes)
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Property:Resources on public, commercial and residential buildings in Dartmouth, various dates.
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Document Number: TO/Ad/Pr/013
Document Held: DRO Exeter
Arthur Hunt, Redlap, Stoke Flemin – Merchant
Arthur Howe Holdsworth, Mt Galpine House, Dartmouth – Esquire
Rev Rob Holdsworth, Brookhill – Clerk
Hy Holdsworth, Hardness House – Esquire
Edmund Pollexfen Bastard, Kitley House
Mayor, Bailiffs and Burgesses of Borough of Darmouth
John Oldreive, Landcombe, Blackawton – Land Surveyor (nominated by and in trust for AH Holdsworth

Lease and release of 22 October 1772, Borough of Dartmouth to Thomas Taylor Esq. Sum of forty ______ (sic) punds paid by John Oldreive ___ for all that palace or courtlage and yard with the cellars and lofts and storehouses at Hardnesse which extend from the street to the water eastward as far as the eastside of the Pallace formerly of Arthur Champernowne Esq, 34 feet from the palace to the South and bounded by the lands of Arthur Champernowne Esq on North, the water on East, a small plot belonging to Parish of Townstal and the slip belongin to the Corporation on South and the street on West. All this property to John Oldreive from 25 March 1833 for 79 years on Trust for AH Holdsworth, rent of 5 shillings 4 times a year.

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