PO/HA/001 Coasting contract, Edwards Robertson and Co

PO/HA/001 Coasting contract, Edwards Robertson and Co
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Port of Dartmouth:Dartmouth's maritime history, including shipping and shipbuilding.
Town Administration:Resources relating to Borough of Dartmouth 1341-1974
Harbour Activities:Resources on ships and shipping in Dartmouth Harbour.
Documents:Charters and other town documents, various dates; includes indices to documents deposited in Devon Heritage Centre, 2007.
Harbour Documents (PO/HA):Documents relating to harbour activities and administration, various dates.
DHRG No:103035
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Doc No PO/HA/001 -

Offer of tonnage to tender for contract of coal. Dublin 12,000 tonnes to discharge at Customs House Dock on Spencer Dock. Dundalk 10,300 tons in cargoes not over 350 tonnes in about equal monthly quantities. Document does not apparently refer to Dartmouth.