Seale 1311 E.M.Seale to John Seale November 1794

Seale 1311 E.M.Seale to John Seale November 1794
Seale Family Papers       1794-1796        18thC
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Seale Family Papers:Correspondence to and from members of Seale family of Mount Boone, Hayne family and associates (transcripts) also other material related to Seale and Hayne families c.1650-1812. Property of Seale family, used with permission. Hayne family correspondence purchased by Ray Freeman, now property of Seale family, used with permission.
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Arrived at Tuderley House 10 Nov. One of the first old places ever seen by EMS. Bad weather, staying till following Friday. What number of paintings? JS's misunderstanding of EMS's P.S. & Re word ''two'' - not bad grammar. Mrs Carteret introduced several of the first families in Southampton & drank tea with them on Sunday. & met Mr. & Mrs. Sharare on Monday, meeting the next Sunday at the Carterets. Mrs. Haywood, wife of Col. H. who knew the Duch, Fanshawe and her relatives, her brother Dr. Richard Hughes, separated from his wife also a Mrs. Bell, widow of Col. B. Kitty too expensive to round with Charles. Mrs. Carteret could get a girl. Aunt Hayes plan. Thanks for presents. Beads should be bored at Bath. Sedan chair only repaired when absolutely necessary, always walk when fine. When would the pianoforte be expected? Request for drawings to be sent. JS not to request Bath waters. Morris expected that week. Letter from Mr. J.Adams for JS. Miss Davies paid 4 guineas.