Seale 1585 E.M.Kekewich to Mrs. (S) Seale Sunday

Seale 1585 E.M.Kekewich to Mrs. (S) Seale Sunday
Seale Family Papers       1802-1803        19thC
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Seale Family Papers:Correspondence to and from members of Seale family of Mount Boone, Hayne family and associates (transcripts) also other material related to Seale and Hayne families c.1650-1812. Property of Seale family, used with permission. Hayne family correspondence purchased by Ray Freeman, now property of Seale family, used with permission.
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EMK's & Aunt's letters to SS franked by Somerville Fownes. Harriet much the same. Astonished Mr. Lister offended at EMK's interference. He said what was untrue. John had come to Coventry St. that Thursday & to the play to hear Mrs. Billington & on Saturday to the Eton conservatory at the Crown & Anchor. He was to dine at the Taylor's that day Sunday in Burlington St. rain prevented EMK etc. going too. Little GK rid of Cow pack. GK getting an anodyne ??? for teething. Receipt for milk punch wanted Mary given warning, saucy & bad tempered but useful. Cook good. How were Aunt & poor Mrs. Scarle? Who did Mrs. ? EMK etc. & JHS were at Mrs. Fownes ''smart Party'' that Thursday and Friday. JS & GW sent love.