Seale 1784 Paulina Seale to Lady Jodrell Sunday night ( Jan 1807 )

Seale 1784 Paulina Seale to Lady Jodrell Sunday night ( Jan 1807 )
Seale Family Papers       1806-1809        19thC
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Seale Family Papers:Correspondence to and from members of Seale family of Mount Boone, Hayne family and associates (transcripts) also other material related to Seale and Hayne families c.1650-1812. Property of Seale family, used with permission. Hayne family correspondence purchased by Ray Freeman, now property of Seale family, used with permission.
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Mr Bond's nervousness had made his illness worse, but that previous day he walked out with Mrs B Every fine day they went to the wood to feed the birds. Nothing in Dartmouth except private theatricals concerts & balls. The widow of Col Charlton (his regiment the Worcesters were at Berry Head) and her family at Belmont were play-mad. One of the officers had come over & acted the Old Maid; Mrs Seale took Charlotte & Mary Anne. PS had a bad cold so stayed at home with JHS. If John had gone he would have met the officers & have been forced to invite them with the Stafford china still in Liverpool. PS & JHS took the Sacrament in Church that day their first opportunity. Had PS asked for blankets? Little Hal was well. The Andersons were staying till after the next Assembly. Mrs Clements tried to introduce concerts unsuccessfully. Mrs Sealey, a charming young woman. Was Uncle Harry in Town? Love to Uncle & Aunt Bewicke.