Seale 1811 Paulina Seale to Lady Jodrell 31 May 1807

Seale 1811 Paulina Seale to Lady Jodrell 31 May 1807
Seale Family Papers       1806-1809        19thC
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Seale Family Papers:Correspondence to and from members of Seale family of Mount Boone, Hayne family and associates (transcripts) also other material related to Seale and Hayne families c.1650-1812. Property of Seale family, used with permission. Hayne family correspondence purchased by Ray Freeman, now property of Seale family, used with permission.
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PS very busy re-painting & ornamenting a cabinet, saw Mrs Seale 31 May who Dr.Puddicombe said was out of danger. The weather 28-30 May inc. too bad for PS to call. Charles had arrived from Plymouth for a short time. PS's Aunt & the Charters expected for tea Friday but the weather prevented them. JHS plagued by blackheads. Hoped to be in Town soon after June 1. Death of his Pay Sergeant Gusset. PS had an excellent cook available midsummer, formerly with Miss Roope. The Plate Chest had arrived. No news of the Crib. The tea things were needed from Lady J for parties expected after PS's confinement. They had been avoided by leaving the country. The Duncans were leaving for Scotland 1 April. The Lethbridges flitting due to the intended Marriage giving Old Lady H occasion for their house. Dr.Blockwell had moved away. Mr.Hunt acted as Physician of Dartmouth, putting Dr. on his card.