The Cyril King Archives Volume 2 Philip & Son Shipbuilders

The Cyril King Archives Volume 2 Philip & Son Shipbuilders
Social History       Clubs and Organisations       Dartmouth Museum        Port of Dartmouth       Ship Building        20thC
Category Descriptions
Port of Dartmouth:Dartmouth's maritime history, including shipping and shipbuilding.
Social History:Audio memories, historic events and important people, and family and everyday life in Dartmouth over the centuries.
Ship Building:Additional papers on Dartmouth's shipbuilding industry.
Clubs and Organisations:Resources on clubs, associations and other social organisations in Dartmouth.
Dartmouth Museum:Resources on Dartmouth Museum and its archives.
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Cyril King was an Old Dartmothian who over the years collected a large amount of assorted archive material, much of it backed up with his personal memories of the town, its clubs & businesses. The collection is held at Dartmouth Museum. A large section of the archives is devoted to photographs and Philip & Son where he worked for many years and learnt his trade as a Draughtsman. For convenience the collection has been loaded in six parts. Those wishing to look at any particular item should contact Dartmouth Museum quoting the reference number or numbers. (2012.102.001 for example).