Brownstone: A Devon Farm Through Seven Centuries

Brownstone: A Devon Farm Through Seven Centuries
By Ray Freeman

Brownstone Farm lies across the river from Dartmouth near Kingswear, looking out over the mouth of the Dart and the sea. First recorded in 1244, the history of the farm over the next 400 years is patchy, but in 1662 it was acquired by John Hayne. He and his descendants owned Brownstone for nearly 250 years until it was finally sold by Charles Seale-Hayne in 1904. The book tells tales of hunting, cock fighting, a great fire and various shipwrecks near Brownstone over the years, and also the building of the still prominent Day Mark tower in 1864. During the 20th century the farm was divided in two – Higher and Lower Brownstone – with the former being acquired by the National Trust in 1981.

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