St John the Baptist Church: Catholics in Dartmouth, 1782-2012

St John the Baptist Church: Catholics in Dartmouth, 1782-2012
By Marguerita Brunt Seymour
18th Century 19th Century 20th Century 21st Century

This booklet explains the history of the Catholic mission in Dartmouth from 1782, when Catholic priests returned to the town for the first time since the Reformation, to the time of writing. It explains the background to the foundation of St. John the Baptist Roman Catholic Church in 1867, with the associated school, and describes the development of the town’s Catholic community over two centuries, with an account of the priests appointed to the parish.
This booklet is available from the Catholic Church.

Format:A5 paperback (pp52)
DHRG No:37
ISBN No:1-899011-29-3