Property     Religious
Civil War & St Clements   
DHRG No. 100024
Letter in reply to a query asking about bullet marks on the tower of the church, information on vicars and burial records. (See Burial Records).

Flavel Church, Dartmouth   
DHRG No. 100025
Significant dates in its history 1662 to 1974.

St. Clements Church Townstal   
DHRG No. 100026
Some notes on the history of the church.

St. Saviours Church Dartmouth   
DHRG No. 100027
St Saviours, a brief history.

Congregational Church   
DHRG No. 100028
A short account of the congregational church in Dartmouth.

Methodist Church   
DHRG No. 100029
A brief history.

Baptist Church   
DHRG No. 100030
History published in the 1950's

St. Petrox   
DHRG No. 100031
A brief history.

Tithe rent charge claim by vicar of Townstal   
DHRG No. 100032
Document Number: TO/Ad/Pr/014
Document Held: DRO Exeter
Meeting held. Present The Mayor, Aldermen Puddicombe, Cleland and Fox. Councillors Chalker, Hurrell, Egg, White. Wardens Ellis and Elford. The late Vicar of Townstal claimed a proportion of the Tithe Rent Charge of Townstal equivalent to tithes of pigs, geese, butter and cheese.

Report – In 1839 the whole of the Tithe Commutation Charge was awarded to the Mayor, Aldermen and Burgesses of the Borough and confirmed in 1840 and this should not be disturbed.

The Council have deeply mortgaged the Tithe Rent Charge.
The Vicar claims on behalf of: -
The Church
The Patron
The late Vicar
His successor
The Parishioners

The committee’s remarks.
In 1837 the Council sold the advowson on condition that they retained the tithes. No offer of compensation has been suggested by the Vicar.

Churches in Dartmouth   
DHRG No. 100033
Churches and Religious organisations in Dartmouth view document

St Clements Craftsmen   
DHRG No. 100034
Summary of artists, sculptures, stonemasons and manufacturers who have worked on St. Clements church.
(excluding General Printers and Publishers).

St Clements Church Memorials   
DHRG No. 100035
List of names on Memorials Slab Etc within the church.

Letters from Mary Godfrey to her children, 1884   Everyday Life     Social History 18thC 19thC
DHRG No. 102995
Two letters written by Mary Eliza Godfrey nee Giles (born 1795 in Tavistock) who married Joseph James Godfrey, Surgeon, of Liverpool, on 4th January 1821 in Chatham. Lived in Chatham and Liverpool, brother William Giles was Dickens' first schoolmaster in Chatham.The first letter recalls her grandparents and early life in Tavistock with a brief mention of Dartmouth. The second letter is an account of her life in Dartmouth from 1799 until 1810, where her father, William Giles senior, was the Baptist Minister.

St Clares Chapel, Clarence Hill   
DHRG No. 103030
Indenture Tripartite 1784 and location map between Thomas Taylor of the first part, Arthur Holdsworth of the second part &, John Seale Esquire Henry Imbrey Esquire Arthur Holdswoth Esquire Andrew Pinson John Teage William Teage William Newman Richard Honey George Yarde Sparke Richard Hutchings and William Geaves Merchants Henry Land John Oliver George Dolling and Edmund Pearce Banfill of the third part