Tithe rent charge claim by vicar of Townstal

Tithe rent charge claim by vicar of Townstal
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Property:Resources on public, commercial and residential buildings in Dartmouth, various dates.
Religious:Resources on churches and chapels.
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Document Number: TO/Ad/Pr/014
Document Held: DRO Exeter
Meeting held. Present The Mayor, Aldermen Puddicombe, Cleland and Fox. Councillors Chalker, Hurrell, Egg, White. Wardens Ellis and Elford. The late Vicar of Townstal claimed a proportion of the Tithe Rent Charge of Townstal equivalent to tithes of pigs, geese, butter and cheese.

Report – In 1839 the whole of the Tithe Commutation Charge was awarded to the Mayor, Aldermen and Burgesses of the Borough and confirmed in 1840 and this should not be disturbed.

The Council have deeply mortgaged the Tithe Rent Charge.
The Vicar claims on behalf of: -
The Church
The Patron
The late Vicar
His successor
The Parishioners

The committee’s remarks.
In 1837 the Council sold the advowson on condition that they retained the tithes. No offer of compensation has been suggested by the Vicar.