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Tithe Map of Townstal 1840. Extracts   Land     Property
DHRG No. 100158
Extracts from Apportionment Book for Tithe Map, Townstal 1840.

Townstal Area   Land     Property
DHRG No. 100129

Townstal. Coombe Area   Land     Property
DHRG No. 100130

Townstal. Warfleet Area   Land     Property
DHRG No. 100131

Townstal Apportionments – Lines 1 to 733   Land     Property
DHRG No. 100132

Stoke Fleming East   Land     Property
DHRG No. 100133

Stoke Fleming West   Land     Property
DHRG No. 100134

Stoke Fleming Apportionments – Lines 1 to 1324   Land     Property
DHRG No. 100135

Blackawton & Strete (North)   Blackawton     Land     Property     Villages 19thC
DHRG No. 100136

Blackawton & Strete (South – Strete)   Blackawton     Land     Property     Villages 19thC
DHRG No. 100137