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Syd Bell Track 1   20thC
DHRG No. 102618
Lower Ferry & employees, Living conditions in crowded accommodation, wash days, shops, trades & working conditions. Poor Law relief. Food - bread & dripping, sheep’s head, rabbits, pigs trotters. Father a Coal (H)lumper, fishing to supplement wages.

Syd Bell Track 2   20thC
DHRG No. 102619
Work for a furniture shop & removal firm. Food: tripe, hogs pudding, offal. Christmas stockings. Lower Street shops & pubs, doctors' fees, medicine. Butterwalk, Warfleet limekilns & brewery. Jobs in the coaling trade, making the tally, strikes, unions & unemployment.

Syd Bell Track 3   20thC
DHRG No. 102620