A Cruise from the Dart in January 1880.

A Cruise from the Dart in January 1880.
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Port of Dartmouth:Dartmouth's maritime history, including shipping and shipbuilding.
Social History:Audio memories, historic events and important people, and family and everyday life in Dartmouth over the centuries.
Harbour Activities:Resources on ships and shipping in Dartmouth Harbour.
Everyday Life:Resources on aspects of family and everyday life in Dartmouth.
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Dartmouth Chronicle Article written by DHRG member based on a copy of a diary passed to Nigel Way, the previous owner of the Royal Castle Hotel, by a guest who was a descendant of the diary writer. Diary writer boarded steamship Kinfauns Castle, of Donald Currie's Cape & Natal Line, from Dartmouth to Cape Town, South Africa, in January 1880.