Conveyance of Mills

Conveyance of Mills
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The town mills were conveyed to Holdsworth by Pollexfen and Julian his wife which Julian was the widow of – Roope. By lease 161 Ambrose Roope granted to the Town the water from Ford Meadow to the conduit in the Churchyard.

Between:- Arthur Holdsworth
Mayor, Bailiffs and Burgesses of Borough

Paid £450 to AH by Mayor, Bailiffs and Burgesses of Borough for 2 corn or water grist mills and 1 malt mill together with the mill pool and a certain Kay (quay) lately erected by – (sic) Wills late of Stoke Fleming yeoman deceased on north side on or near the Foss.

Also garden and stable at North ford at head of the Mill Pool and 2 closed of land or meadow at North Ford one on North side and one on South side of a close called North Ford which belong to the Mills litter (sic) together with mills, mill pool and 2 closed occupied by Richard Toms then John Ching then in possession of Cornelius Hayne Esq deceased.