Barrington House, Tracing its Past.

Barrington House, Tracing its Past.
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Barrington House as it is now known (2013) has had a number of different names since it was built when it was called Park Villa reflecting the nature of the land it overlooked. It was also known variously as Townstal House & Townstal House Hotel then the Royle House Hotel followed by Barrington House Hotel dropping the Hotel when it was converted into apartments in 2012/13.

There is a record of the land being leased from Mr. Henry P.Seale and others to a Mr. and Mrs. Smith in 1867, a conveyance from William Smith to Ralph Richardson in 1873, then conveyed to the Rev. John Aldous in 1880.

Three other villas were built about 1870 in the area, Redwalls, Ashleigh and Rook House. However Swinnerton Lodge dates from about 1830, and Boringdon (formerly Townstal Villa and Bexley) from about 1850.

The list of Conveyances shows various owners and lessees from 1936 to 1988, including Mr. Williams, Lt Cdr and Mrs. Bryer (Fryer ?), Emily Linsdell, Mr. and Mrs. F. Baker, Sansum Investments, Mr. J. Pedersen, Mr. and Mrs. Pedersen and Mr. Hawke. During this time the house became a hotel. Mrs. Baker, a previous owner, also mentioned a Mr. Legge and a Mr. Royle (who named the hotel the Royle House Hotel (note, not "Royal" as in the archive item)) as later owners. In 2000 Mrs. Baldwin renamed the hotel as Barrington House Hotel. Other information received subsequently is that the purchasers in 1977 were Audrey and Ted Royle.