Seale 1680 R.H.Seale to J. Seale 19 November 1804

Seale 1680 R.H.Seale to J. Seale 19 November 1804
Seale Family Papers       1804        19thC
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Seale Family Papers:Correspondence to and from members of Seale family of Mount Boone, Hayne family and associates (transcripts) also other material related to Seale and Hayne families c.1650-1812. Property of Seale family, used with permission. Hayne family correspondence purchased by Ray Freeman, now property of Seale family, used with permission.
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Instructions needed for going home. John might wait till 29 November & go with Robert to Bristol or Robert might meet John already in Bristol. Spent 18 Nov at Raywill Cottage but Mr. Bentley was not there. Left a pair of boots & a great coat, much too small, when first at Marlow, so Robert would write for his boots & instruct Mrs. Marshall to dispose of the coat to some poor person. Burrand had asked Robert to go with him in his own chariot as far as Maidenhead, but Robert refused. The Captain & Col. Butler would probably not approve. Robert had made a party with other cadets to go in a post chaise Reassurances to Lady & Miss Jodrell. Mr. Kekewich & Grenville. 7 shillings requested to be sent for packing material.