Sports People of Dartmouth

Sports People of Dartmouth
By Alan Coles

Alan Coles, a professional journalist, both owned and edited the Dartmouth Chronicle from 1962-1968. He noticed that, while the activities of local politicians are duly recorded for posterity, the feats of local sports people frequently fail to achieve the same prominence in history. So he scoured the annals of the Chronicle to find the local sports people who, albeit briefly, were headline news in bygone years. The book includes the bitter rivalry between two Dartmouth rugby clubs in the early 1900s; the tale of Tom Blower, the town’s record-breaking Channel swimmer; and Kingswear’s star cricketer, Billy Underwood, who once took six wickets in six consecutive balls!

Format:A5 paperback (pp30)
DHRG No:28
ISBN No:1-899011-1966