John Flavel: A Famous Dartmouth Puritan

John Flavel: A Famous Dartmouth Puritan
By Ray Freeman

John Flavel, a man of puritanical views, was appointed vicar of Townstal under Oliver Cromwell in 1656. But when Charles II, a supporter of the high church, returned to the throne, Flavel was one of two thousand clergy who refused to conform to the Anglican church and who were ejected from their livings in 1662. For the next thirty years he was active in the development of the non-conformist church in the south west, and preached at many secret gatherings of his supporters, constantly under the threat of arrest and punishment. Ray Freeman’s book summarises Flavel’s life and legacy in Dartmouth, including the Flavel Church, built and opened in 1896, and the modern Flavel Centre.

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