The Development of Dartmouth Millpond to 1846

The Development of Dartmouth Millpond to 1846
By Ivor Smart
13thC 14thC 15thC 16thC 17thC 18thC 19thC

Hundreds of years ago the lowlying land in the centre of Dartmouth, around where Market Square is today, was a tidal creek. An earth dam – known as ‘La Fosse’ – was built across the creek, approximately where Foss Street runs today, and by 1243, a tidal mill had been built on top of the dam. Gradually over the next 600 years the mill pond silted up, and as it began to dry out, Dartmothians were not slow to seize opportunities for new building development. Ivor Smart’s diligent and thorough research provides a detailed account of how the old mud bank and mill pond, which originally divided Dartmouth from Hardness, gradually became a major part of today’s town.

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