The Secret War from the River Dart

The Secret War from the River Dart
By Lloyd Bott

During the Second World War small boats of the Royal Navy crossed the Channel to carry out clandestine missions on the German occupied coast of France. This is the story of the 15th MGB (Motor Gun Boat) Flotilla which operated out of Dartmouth in this role between 1941 and 1944. The boats picked up English and French escapers, delivered secret agents and brought back huge amounts of intelligence information, much of which was critical to the planning of the D-Day invasion – Operation Overlord.
The author, Lloyd Bott CBE DSC, was an officer with the Royal Australian Naval Volunteer Reserve and was First Lieutenant in MGB 502, one of five boats in the Flotilla. He wrote the book to honour and remember the men of the 15th MGB Flotilla, the brave men, women and families of the Resistance, and the agents and airmen carried across the Channel to safety.

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