Operation “Fahrenheit”

Operation “Fahrenheit”
By Michel Guillou

In 1942 northern France was in the hands of the German army. But the Free French based in England, together with the Resistance movement in France itself, were determined to make life as difficult as possible for Hitler’s occupying forces. This book tells the tale of a group of patriotic Frenchmen who fled to England in a small boat, bringing much useful intelligence information with them, enabling a daring raid on a German signal station at Pointe de Plouezec in Brittany in November 1942. The raiding party, in their high-speed Motor Torpedo Boat, departed from and returned to Dartmouth.
The original book was written in French by Michel Guillou, an amateur historian. In 1995 Michel was a member of a group that came across to Dartmouth from France to commemorate the activities of the flotilla of Free French gun boats that was based in the town during the war years. A chance meeting with a member of the Dartmouth History Research Group resulted in the book being translated into English for DHRG.

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