Up the Hill to Townstal

Up the Hill to Townstal
By Eric Preston
19thC 20thC 21stC

Although the original settlement of Townstal is older than Dartmouth itself, Eric Preston rightly points out that history has tended to ignore this Dartmothian suburb and its environs “up the hill”. His book sets out to correct this omission and provides a mass of detailed information about the development of this part of the town. After the “New Road” was built in 1826 (renamed Victoria Road in 1897) to provide wheeled access to the lower part of Dartmouth, there was rapid development along the road, but the development of Townstal did not begin until well after the First World War, beginning again in the late 1940s, and continues today.

Format:A5 Paperback (pp 40)
DHRG No:32
ISBN No:1-899011-23-4