Blackpool Sands

Blackpool Sands
By David Stranack

Blackpool Sands, a delightful cove which lies a couple of miles to the south west of Dartmouth, is steeped in history. The remains of a prehistoric forest lie beneath the beach, and in 1404 it was the site of a memorable battle between an army of English yeomen (and women) and an invading force of Bretons and Frenchmen. The English won!

Blackpool has been owned by the Newman family for over 200 years, and access to the family archive enabled the author to include details of how the area has gradually developed from a rural estate to an idyllic seaside location that attracts hundreds of tourists on warm summer days. Over the centuries the little bay has from time to time been ravaged by winter storms, and the book tells of the measures taken over the years to protect it from the harshest effects of the elements.

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