Seale Family Papers     1750-1759
Seale 0080 Thos. Blake Inventory ref. Henry Southcote dec’d 22 Mar. 1750   18thC
DHRG No. 100237
Inventory of cabinet which belonged to Henry Southcote deceased:- gold & silver pearl necklace, Diamond, ruby, mourning rings, snuff boxes, button, buckles etc. etc. shagreen boxes, picture, a pistol etc. etc. Received of CH 5 shillings for some things in the cabinet.

Seale 0083 William Creed to May Hayne 12 Aug. 1752 HP. Vol 1. P48   18thC
DHRG No. 100238
Mary(Polly) Southcote died in 1752 aged 9. All money from the privateer Dartmouth Galley were to be paid to her. On her death her mother was her heir. Mr. Creed believed all the distributable estate of MH's late husband should go to her. J.H.Southcote was also entitled to a share of Polly's estate etc; (Law suits about this continued until 1771) Mrs. Creed very upset when Mr. Haynes' letter describing Polly's death. She had stomach ulcers. Her asses milk was old so she had Polly's till she got it from Combe Royal.

Seale 0084 James Pipon to John Seale 23 Jan. 1753   18thC
DHRG No. 100239
(Letter relating to a bill dated 23 April 1743) Letter from JS of 19 January acknowledging receipt of Bill for £33.19s 6d from J.P. & promise of cash available. J.P. accepted the invitation to be godfather of J.S.'s newly born son. He asked JS to get a proxy for him & to supply him with 5 guineas to distribute as usual.

Seale 0085 Seale against Fforty copy of issue sent by Joseph Dobbins 22 Feb. 1754   18thC
DHRG No. 100240
JS brought Suit against Anthoney ffortye of Brixham that on 30th September 1751 A.ff. became bound to J.H. of £860-2shillings. A.ff by John Hunt his attorney said the deed was not his. Appeal to Sheriff. J.S. sustained 100 shillings damage. Mr. Dobbins would deliver copy of issue & notice of Trial the next day. Letter largely illegible.

Seale 0086 Tho: Le Breton to J.Seale 27 Aug. 1754   18thC
DHRG No. 100241
In answer to letter of 31 July. Nothing further could be recovered from Mrs. Mauger. Mr. Le Couter would submit to nothing but the law. The course of Law followed by T.Le B was the only way to bring matters to a speedy conclusion. T le B offered to supply Sir John with money. He did not need it at that time.

Seale 0087 D. Messervy to J. Seale? 12 9 bar 1754 November   18thC
DHRG No. 100242
No letters from JS. Mr. Carteret with his sister were going to Plymouth to see their brother, taking D.M.'s letter to JS. On his return he hoped to visit JS to get for him 2 bushels of white wheat to sow. Mr. Carteret would pay. J.S. was to remind Sir John & Lady Caneu about the book Sir J.C. was to send D.M. Uncle Joshua Pipon of la Moye had married Mrs. Poingdextre, widow of Mr. le Couceur.

Seale 0088 Capt. Geo. Aug. Pynn to C.Hayne 13 Nov. 1754 HP Vol 1 p.52   18thC
DHRG No. 100243
GAP's letter sent by Cpt.Abraham Ball. Tolerable good fishery, a bit late in the land. Very hurtful, have four sailing days to Lisbon. If safe arrival GAP will send directions for payment of Harry's schooling. Hope also of coming to England. Harry's mother sent a bag of cod etc. for Harry and fish etc. for Mr. & Mrs. Hayne & cat skins for Mrs. H. GAP intended having Harry out in the spring.

Seale 0089 J. Seale to Mr. Harris 15 Nov. 1754   18thC
DHRG No. 100244
J.S. reminded Mr. H. about the waters of Dinicombe with that part bought of Mr. Falls. The greater part was claimed by Mr. Eam's; no exception was made of part of that water in the purchase deed. Great prejudice to JS. A dozen lemon in the post for Mr. H. Peter Knowling & Mr. Cocky? about to buy the Manor of Ashprington.

Seale 0090 Ambrose Penfound to Richard Harris 29 Nov. 1754   18thC
DHRG No. 100245
AP's letter relating to Mr. ffortye. A.P's letter of 25 Nov. gave reasons for not accepting RH's money. He would have preferred to have had it from RH. That person offered it to AP's client who accepted it unknown to AP, who could not be blamed for the muddle. RH came away without waiting for AP's letter. AP would reimburse him. AP had not yet got the various relevent deeds etc.

Seale 0091 J seale to Mr Harris (attorney) 8 Dec. 1754   18thC
DHRG No. 100246
In reply to Mr. H, Mr. Penfound said that if he had it, he could have delivered it to Mr. fforty. When Trust of Lung, & P's was over old ff & wife & his heirs in succession could enjoy it etc. Great entertainment at New Inn following day on Mr J ? ry's re-election. Mr. Wills with client Eams. Met JS previous Friday about water at Diniscombe in spite of JS referring Mr. Wills to Mr.H. Partition of Priory Manor with Diniscombe. ?? in Cornworthy referred to etc.

Seale 0092 J. Seale to Mr. Harris 15 Dec. 1754   18thC
DHRG No. 100247
JS. Glad to hear Mrs. H. Intended a visit, and Mr. H.'s if possible on his return from Exeter. Mrs.Seale desired Mr. H. while in Exeter to call on the Miss Spryes with a pattern & buy some of the same sort. JS hoped to send horses following Wednesday; children hoped to see them Thursday at Mt. Boon More referred to. Weather bad for travelling. Letter from Mr. A. Mathews. Request for Mr. H. to call on Charles Pearce & ask for bill for R.Copleston's clothes.

Seale 0093 Ambrose Penfound to Richard Harris (attorney) Answer to letter 9 Jan 12 Jan. 1755   18thC
DHRG No. 100248
Assignment of mortgage term to Cornelious Hayne done with proper care & advice. Copy of case & opinion sent to RH. Marriage settlement of 27 May 1729 unexecuted yet agreeable. Copy from original left with Mr. Seale to be sent on. What Mr. Jeffery said about fine quoted by RH. AP would write to Mr. Jeffrey. A Dedimus might be sent for. AP did not know where the deed relating to Mr. fforty was. The copy of the Casez Opinion must be returned to Mr. Maulsy.

Seale 0094 J. Seale to Mr. Harris? 12 Jan. 1755   18thC
DHRG No. 100249
Penfound (?) & J.S. exmining the late Mr. fforty's marriage settlement. Mr. Hayne's Trust. Mr. Hayne sure Anthony ffortie was entitled to fee during his life, then his brother etc. He advised letter to A.ff. J.S. scandalously dealt with by Mr. ff. & A.ff. JS preparing a bill. Mr. Hayne supposed himself & Mr. L would be trustees etc. Trust not appointed till in year after the Deed Poll was made & executed. Mr. Harris was asked to write to Mr. Jeffrey. £5 to be expeditious. -- Mrs. Harris requested the horse to be sent following Tuesday. JS hoped she could stay till end of week when youngsters could be sent. If so horse could wait till Thursday. Mr. Green said Mrs. G. could draw £50

Seale 0095 J. Seale to Mr. Harris No date. 6 o’clock 1755?   18thC
DHRG No. 100250
Just returned home from Stoke. Mrs. Seale said Mr. Penfound had been to Mt. Boon hoping for an interview. Mr. fforty & his mother wished affair soon concluded. Plan for meeting following Friday with Mr. ff, Mr. Harris & JS at Mt Boon. Offer of premises under mortgage to JS, whose debt would be the first to be discharged. Mr. Green's letter about Mrs.Holman enclosed. If Mr. K. could not come what should JS. write to Mr. G. Concern about something Mr. H. mentioned.

Seale 0096 C Taylor to Charles Hayne 20 Feb. 1755 HP.Vol 1 p 81   18thC
DHRG No. 100251
Request for Hudson's address as well as quantity of rum & sum involved all forgotton by CT. Money to be remitted, CT in London, no need for it in the country, also how much share of rum each for Mr. Luttrell. CH & CT so CT knows what he has to pay Hudson. Price of candles gone up. CT hopes CH sells his bullocks for more. Compliments from CT's wife & sons.

Seale 0097 Cha. Hayne to John Seale 19 Aug. 1755   18thC
DHRG No. 100252
As JS was CH's patron he was offered the first produce. JS was to tell the Bearer by return when the old buck was to be killed.

Seale 0098 Charles Hayne to John Seale No Date 1755?   18thC
DHRG No. 100253
Received letter previous Wednesday from which CH heard that a certain gentleman could not justify housekeeping on CH's account longer than mid summer. CH hoped his sister, soon to be married could stay a bit longer. CH desired Richard to say that Master was inclined to dispose of his very good portmanteau horse because he trotted too hard. CH would not bid for him without JS & the trustees approval. (Request for reply by return of post.) Kind love to Sister & Brother.

Seale 0100 Mary Hayne to William Creed No date. Friday 4 o’clock 1755? HP 1032f/za   18thC
DHRG No. 100254
Mr. Hayne set out from Lupton to Bath & probably from there to Harrogate. MH would like to see Mr. Creed at Stock the following Sunday.

Seale 0101 Ambrose Penfound to Charles Hayne 4 Sept. 1755 HP Vol 2 p 60   18thC
DHRG No. 100255
Mr. Seale called previous day. C.Hayne had not returned the draft to AP. He desired AP to write for it. JS in very good temper, not against AP making the deeds. JS mentioned this to CH , but CH was in a great passion so apparently did not take this in.

Seale 0103 Ambrose Penfound to Charles Hayne 23 Dec. 1755 HP. Vol 2 p.54   18thC
DHRG No. 100256
Mr. Seale content to wait settling Mr. ffortye's affairs until CH can get title & draught to London & settled by CH's uncle provided no delay. Mr. Seale requested that the draught of Furneaux's mortgage be returned. Mr. Prideaux desired an answer, which Mr. Seale requested should be by the following day so that the draught could be prepared as soon as possible. Cryptic notes:- Goodrich to be punished etc.

Seale 0102 J. Seale to Mr. Holdsworth 10 Jan. 1756 A Dispute   18thC
DHRG No. 100257
Mr. Penny answer to JS was wrong that JS had said that (Combe) Mud & Beach should be leased to his tenant & that the Captain of the Dean Ship had to agree with the tenant to land his cargo, a right that belonged to JS which no gentleman would wish to lose. A plain answer to this was asked for.

Seale 0104 S. Penny to John Seale. Dispute. 11 Jan. 1756 Saturday evening.   18thC
DHRG No. 100258
Apprehensive from JS's second letter & servant's report that JS believed that SP or Mr. Holdsworth disputed with JS any agreement he had made with the Captain of the Deanish ship. The Captain could do as he pleased. Mr. H. would give him cash. SP was sure that the Captain would pay JS whatever had been agreed.

Seale 0105 John Marsh to J. Seale. Penfound bancruptcy 17 Apr.1756   18thC
DHRG No. 100259
Difficulties for Mr. Seale & others, apart from Mr. Hayne, being discharged from being securities for Mr. Penfound Bankrupt; with reference to Compton estate.

Seale 0106 John Marsh & John Lampen to Charles Hayne 21 Nov. 1756 HP.2. P 56   18thC
DHRG No. 100260
Letter received from Mr. Marsh:- Cause of Southcote & Creed in the power of the Solicitor for Mr. H. etc. to proceed & to propose a Receiver. If not Mr.H or any of the Defendants and Guardian for Defendant may. No one did it. The death of Mr. Pering, Mr. M's client prevented progress but orders to proceed quickly. Warrant for Mr. H. to bring in books, papers & direct solicitor to proceed.--Mr. Seale told that following Friday for putting in CH's & the other defendants answers to ?'s bill at Noah Clifts.

Seale 0107 Richard Harris to John Seale 8 March. 1757   18thC
DHRG No. 100261
Glad of JS's safe arrival in London. 'Gone there to see sweet lady?' Mr. Luscombe at Brent & others thought so. Mr Yarde's method of courting a widow referred to. Letter to JS directed to Mr. Newton's about diamonds held by RH. JS to call on Mr. Sheene for fforty's writings & on Mr. Marsh for Writ of Assistance. Admiral Byng was to suffer on Monday (14 March). Had JS heard from Mr. Sharpe? Luscombes cause not to be tried yet.

Seale 0108 John Seale to Charles Hayne12 March 1757 HP Vol 2 p 58   18thC
DHRG No. 100262
Mr. P (enfound)'s Receivership. JS had seen some of his accounts so applied for order for Mr. P. to send the rest of his accounts after he had been written to. Mr. Moratt wrote to say the family were well at Lupton.

Seale 0109 Thos. Adams to Charles Hayne 25? Mar. 1758 HP. Vol 2 p58   18thC
DHRG No. 100263
A grand Council held previous Thursday at Mt. Boon. The Lawyer, Mr. & Mrs. Goodridge & Fownes compromised the dispute about Stoke Fleming. Mr. G. to be presented to the Living. Newcomen & TA discarded. CH should frustrate iniquitous scheme. He could enter caveat at the Bishop's Court before Mr. G. gets institution from the Bishop. Was presentation from the Infant (J.H. Southcote) valid?

Seale 0110 Rev. Geo Goodridge to Mrs.? Hayne Probably about March 1758 Monday 9 o’clock HP Vol 2 p.59   18thC
DHRG No. 100264
GG. Waited that morning on Mr. Fownes, who resolved to withdraw his caveat by the next day's post in spite of GG. urging him to pospone it till the following Friday. The Bishop could not grant institution till the Dismission of the Bill came from London. An account of it sent to Mrs. H's lawyer telling him Mrs. H. would be at Combe to see him the next day. If not there would be an answer at Mt. Boon.

Seale 0111 Rev. Thos. Adams to Charles Hayne HP Vol 2 p 59 30 Mar. 1758   18thC
DHRG No. 100265
TA had been with Mr. Ley all that morning preparing to see the Bishop, but a lawyer & Rev. G. Goodridge had already taken J.A. Southcote to see him . Mr. Ley told TA to summon C.Hayne immediately in order to visit The Bishop together with the Mayor, who was off to London immediately after dinner the next day. CH was to bring the Bond of deligation.

Seale 0112 Court of Chancery. Extracts from case before Whittington & Sewell. Southcote Goodrige & others (the Orators) v Hayne 6 Apr. 1758 HP. Jhs63 c12/5/17 Pro   18thC
DHRG No. 100266
Orators recite:-J.H.Southcote minor, aged 11, Lord of the Manor of Stoke Fleming having right to present the Rectory. J.Salter the rector died in 1756. Rev.T. Fownes claimed living. This claim was subject to another case in Chancery. Orators claimed J.H.S. lived nearly 8 years with G. Goodridge vicar of Shillingford under the care of his wife. J.H.S. was a pupil at a Grammar School in Exeter. CH & TA. send for JHS very early before the Schoolmaster was up. He was taken to the Oxford Inn to breakfast, consented to by the Master. JHS was later taken to the house of Mr. Ley an attorney at law in Exeter & later to a house of a friend of theirs where Southcote dined. CH gave him a shilling & TA gave him a clasp knife. Mr. Ley brought papers which J.H.S. was at last persuaded to sign giving TA the living. Upon returning to the Master J.H.S. revoked any presentation to TA, CH & TA applied to J. Seale but he refused to sign.

Seale 0113 Court of Chancery Extract from case of Adams (The Orator) v Mary Hayne & others.Master Zincke 19 June 1758 1032/Fz 16.
Orator recites:-J.H.Southcote, minor aged 10, Lord of Stoke Flemming, patron of Rectory. Father died 1750, intestate. Trustees of memorial estates J. Seale, Charles Hayne; Guardians Mary H, W.Creed, Rev.G.& Mrs. Sarah Goodridge. Mrs. Elizabeth Adams & Catherine, spinster. In 1756 J. Salter, Rector of Stoke Flemming died, Rev. T. Fownes claimed vacancy but withdrew claim. Orator had 3 children & maintained indigent sister-in-law. CH & JHS agreed to presentation to Orator on condition he agreed to resign Rectory when JHS was 24, if required. Presentation was not executed by J. Seale who conspired with M.H.., Wm. Creed, Rev G. Goodridge (who had no children) H.E. Luttrell, T. Fownes, JHS & others to defaud Orator. MH denied Orator access to JHS Rev. GG had with wife £30 per annum & £60 per annum from another living. The Bishop threatened to grant living to Rev. G.G.
DHRG No. 100267
To:- Rt. Hon Sir Robert Henley Kt. Lord Keeper of the Great Seal of Great Britain

Seale 0114 Wm. Creed to Henry Fownes Luttrell. Separation of Mary Hayne & C Hayne 24 Mar 1759 HP vol. 2 p.76   18thC
DHRG No. 100268
Mary Hayne informed Wm. C. what passed between H.F.L. & Mr. Haynes. Mr. H. desired separation. M.H. wants to remain wife of CH. If she is turned out Wm. C. would like to know what allotment CH would give MH

Seale 0115 Joshua Pipon to J. Seale 23 Apl 1759   18thC
DHRG No. 100269
Answer to letter of 12 December 1757 not yet received as JP demand is justly due. Some of brother David's papers recovered, copies of his & JS letter enclosed (see below). He sailed from London in May 1740 & died in December 1740 in W. Indies. JP hoped JS would pay 4 years annuity to J.P's mother in law.

Seale 0116 J. Seale to David Piper Copy by J. Pipon 30 Nov. 1759   18thC
DHRG No. 100270
Formerly. J.S. received letters from DP on his arrival in England but latterly received none. Letter received from James P. in Newfoundland of 22 October 1739, ready to sail, destination not given. Request for balance of bond to be paid to Mr. Seale. JS unable to reimburse Mr. S. at present. Balance of interest & all about £40

Seale 0117 David Pipon to J. Seale Copy by J. Pipon 11 Dec. 1759   18thC
DHRG No. 100271
Loss of Ship John. Each of the 8 (owners) to pay £94. JS had 1/16 part so owed £47. Mr. Tomlinson made DP debtor for that; remainder of bond with interest came to £40. JS in debt to DP. £72. Blow to JS & DP. Request for Bond endorsed.

Seale 0119 John Seale to Joshua Pipon Reply to 23 Apl.1759 Rough & Final Draft   18thC
DHRG No. 100272
JS twice in London since receipt of letter; surprised that late cousin Seale had burnt the papers relevent to the Trust. Who ever was entitled to arrears should have applied soon after the death of Aunt Poindextra (some years before) JS not resposible for managing the Legacy. JP's deceased brother's David & John were in debt to JS. John drew bill on JS in Ireland & London.

Seale 0120 John Seale to Joshua Pipon Reply 1759   18thC
DHRG No. 100273
JS surprised at JP's hastiness. JS the best judge of the transaction in London during his minority. He presumed late cousin Seale's burning of Trust papers concerned merchandize disposed of waiting for receipt of copy of his letter for Mr. Manger. In case not discharged JS wrote to Mr. Le Couter to discharge it yearly. JS's servant & horse mentioned, but the letter breaks off abruptly.

Seale 0121 Mary Hayne to William Creed Probably 1759 HP 1032   18thC
DHRG No. 100274
Confidential. Mr. Creed requested to write to Mr. Exley (in London) by following Sunday. Mr. E to deliver record (of JH Southcote's accounts) to no one but Mr. C & MH. Plot afoot to get hold of them (for Charles Hayne) MH lame. MH hoped to see Mr. C at Mr. Seale's. Matter to discuss too important to be sent by post.

Seale 0122 Mary Hayne to William Creed Probably 1759 HP 1032f/2 DRO   18thC
DHRG No. 100275
Mr. Goodridge wrote that Mr. C was leaving home next day. No chance to meet at Mr. Seale's. Mr. Hayne had not arranged meeting with Mr. Luttrell & MH. as promised when at Mr. Yardes. Mr. L saw Mr. H who demanded MH's Trust Deed, mortgage & his part of the marriage writ. Her deed was in London & her part of the marriage was with Mr. Luttrell. Mr. Seale had an Equal right to the deed as Mr. H. who had a wicked design. Tom Adams came for 2 days, up to no good.

Seale 0123 Mary Hayne to William Creed No date Probably 1759 HP 1032fza DRO   18thC
DHRG No. 100276
Unable to be at Kingsbridge that morning due to the weather. Glad to see W.Creed at Mrs. Mordant's that afternoon. In Dartmouth possible wicked plots in London? Adams, Penfound, Newcomen & Perring with Hayne at Lupton previous week. W.Creed to be very careful what he said, as Tom Adams would find out & tell Hayne. W.Creed to take care also of Mr. Goodridge. MH expected to be put out by Mr. H.

Seale 0124 Mary Hayne to William Creed 3 Oct. No year Probably 1759 HP 1032fz/2bDRO   18thC
DHRG No. 100277
Desired by Mr. Salt to go to Totnes, uncertain about that; suggests that W.Creed goes or she takes Mr. Newcomen with her.