Seale Family Papers     1783
Seale 0830 (Mrs) A.M.Seale to John Seale 20 Jan.1783 Poor man to go to Hospital   18thC
DHRG No. 100993
Hopes JS got home safe after wet ride. Thanks for Hog head arrived from Skinner's Vessel. Betsy twice out to Miss Sawles previous Saturday. She brought papers to consult with CF. Mr. Carpenter, the Tavistock Attorney at great pains about E.K's affairs. Vivian a great villain. CF off in coach that evening, Poor man to go to Hospital.

Seale 0831 Walter Prideaux to Charles Hayne 23 Jan. 1783 Forgery of Deeds (accusation)   18thC
DHRG No. 100994
Gov'r Holdsworth informed W.P. that C.M. had accused WP of forging his Deeds respecting Crowther Hill fields. WP asks CH for the name of the person who gave this false information. He protests his innocence.

Seale 0832 (Mrs) A.M.Seale to John Seale 10 March 1783 Boulter to be tried at Salisbury   18thC
DHRG No. 100995
Thanks for 2 letters & 15 guineas. Coals expected. JS & SS coming next Monday. Family dish, mutton broth would be ready. Luscombes advice so AMS rode out to Franklyn. Fownes to stay with E.Fanshawe. Our Lady Rogers at Oxford Inn en route to Bath, very fatigued. Bells ringing . Lord Hinton to disembody Militia. Boulter & his man taken from Jail chained down in basket to be tried at Salisbury.

Seale 0833 G. de Haln to John Seale 25 Mar. 1783 Present of Venison   18thC
DHRG No. 100996
Disappointed at not seeing JS in London. Mr. Ougier's good report of him. Hopes of joining JS at bathing place. Sending JS venison.

Seale 0834 J. Seale to G. de Haln Answer to 0833 8 April 1783 Conclusion of Snapdragon Affair   18thC
DHRG No. 100997
Thanks for venison, which Mr. Ougier helped to baste. JS & family coming to London latter end of March. Teignmouth the best bathing place. C.Fox & Ld.North alliance. Snapdragon affair.

Seale 0835 J. Seale to A.M.Seale 22 April 1783 Recomendation for hospital place   18thC
DHRG No. 100998
AMS health indifferent, weather good. CF & EF left. JS's preparation for removal. Package to be sent to AMS on Skinner's or some other sloop. Recommendation of a man for hospital not yet given Previous one now fit, but no thanks. Any vacancies for girl with nail in foot. Cousin Woolcot evidently on bad terms with JS.

Seale 0836 J. King to John Seale 6 May 1783 Ropewalk   18thC
DHRG No. 100999
Mr. Bennett wishes to have field at West Norton (partly planted with firs) tilled to furze seeds. Advice about building part of Rope Walk, which would be in Maddock's garden; & the adjoining fence. Glad Corporation had been dealt with. Captain Cole taking in things, due to sail following week.

Seale 0837 J. Seale to J.King Reply to 0836 6 May 1783 Ropewalk   18thC
DHRG No. 101000
Higher part of field to be planted with furze seed. He likes Kings plan for Rope Walk. But question whether there would be sufficient light. Access to Orchard requires catalague of things sent in Coal's (SSC)Ship by Pinsen or friends. sails

Seale 0838 J. Seale to (John Seale) Mrs. Harris 13 May 1783   18thC
DHRG No. 101001
Draft on ½ sheet. (letter on the back).
Airy spacious lodgings. JHS well. Airings in Temple Gardens; his sisters at Franklins. Mrs. S. shopping & visiting. Respects to Miss Kitty from family including Miss Mervin.

Seale 0839 J. King to John Seale 18 May 1783 Plans for the Rope Walk   18thC
DHRG No. 101002
Plans for the Rope Walk. JK thought he should be able to manage the wall in Madducks Orchard to give sufficient light. Mr. Echelus must have access to Store Houses etc. ??? could make a very good crisis. Mr. Reeves packed the pianoforte 17 May to be sent with other things. Mr. Bennett going to ''Spare the Nutt'' at Morley. People kept out. Workman at Key House. Peter prepares for turnips etc.

Seale 0840 J. Seale to J. King Reply to 0839 18 May 1783 Permission needed to walk in the wood   18thC
DHRG No. 101003
Likes the way King has contrived the wall & fence. Rowe to be consulted if he comes to Dartmouth. Asks about Leigh's house at Norton. Mr. Gretton tells of his improvements .Cole should sell as soon as possible. Hope the plot at Morely is well spaded & drained. People who want to walk in the wood must have JS's permission first.

Seale 0841 Mrs. E. Fanshawe to John Seale 21 May 1783 AMS Unwell   18thC
DHRG No. 101004
Thanks for 3 halves of Bills with 3 halves sent earlier making £50. EF wonders if she should return bill received before JS left Exeter. Maria & Harriet both well & happy with Susan Fanshawe at Franklyn. EF's children both well. Letter from Capt. F. His safe arrival in Plymouth. Thanks SS for letter compliments to Miss Mervin. AMS very complaining & unwell.

Seale 0842 J. Seale to E.Fanshawe Reply to 0841 21 May 1783 Bought house in Seymour Street   18thC
DHRG No. 101005
J.S. would be glad of return of bill drawn upon a merchant in London, by Sam. Bought a ready furnished house in Seymour Street; moving in about 12 June. Just back from visit to Cavendish Square, family there well. Saw 2 Miss Fanshaws, & ½ Miss Rogers. Mrs. Robert F soon off to see Capt. F. JS saw him. JS hopes to see more of EF & family during Terms. JS has pain in head. CF said Mrs. Harris is very ill.

Seale 0843 (Mrs) A.M.Seale to John Seale 26 May 1783 Parson Yarde of Whiteway Murdered   18thC
DHRG No. 101006
Thanks for letter of 17 May. AMS at Franklyn previous Thursday. Maria & Harriet & E. Fanshawe & family all well. AMS poorly. Skinner arrived. Thanks for 2 Hogsheads of Cider. Mistakes in things sent. Part of the cloths sent to Mr. Cummins for the boy. Mrs. R. Fanshawe in Town has heard of Captains return. Sloop ready to sail. Parson Yarde of Whiteway murdered. Big family. He married Mrs.Shepherds daughter.

Seale 0844 J. King to John Seale 30 May 1783 Foundations ready. Well dug, good quantity of water   18thC
DHRG No. 101007
JS's letter of 24 May received enclosures sent Messrs Prideaux & Pinson (who is ill). Mr. Leigh has foundation & stones ready, well dug. Mr. Rowe's £750 contracts Mr. Cretton's improvements. Mr. Cole delayed by wind. Intends sailing 31 May. Inventory of things on board for S. Buller & Pinson. J.Bardens burnt part of his plot at Morley. Mr. K. not yet paid tythes to Mr. Prideaux. Bay Cropt Mare has fine colt, sent to Lodidiswell salt marsh

Seale 0845 John Seale to J. King Reply to 0844 30 May 1783   18thC
DHRG No. 101008
Notes concerning Mr. Gretton's plot. Capt. Cole the Governor, fruit in the garden. Mr & Mrs. Gretton to check garden & organise garden party(?) guests(?) Mr. & Mrs. Ougier, Mr. & Mrs. Pinsen, Mr & Mrs. Youlden. Were the rooks disposed of? Mr.&Mrs.Woodcot, money account, how was Mrs. Harris.

Seale 0846 John Seale to Mrs. A.M. Seale 2 June 1783 Broken china, worthless bureau   18thC
DHRG No. 101009
List of china, much of it broken, a worthless bureau, table cloth & napkins, at end of AMS's letter of 26 May 1783. JS sorry AMS is poorly J. displeased about things sent from Mt. Boone. Thought AMS had chosen bureau. As much as could be spared was sent JS about to move to house in Seymour Street, Portman Square. C. Fanshawe would deliver letter with more news.

Seale 0847 J. King to John Seale 5 June 1783 Sparke building a quay near New Ground   18thC
DHRG No. 101010
Mr. Gretton waiting till winter to lay out garden. Capt. Cole sailed previous Friday. Governor in Dartmouth, expected Bond Stone Day but said to have delayed in ???? of Mr. Bastard carrying off Miss Pownall. Fruit not ripe. List of people having rook; Cornworthy rents. Mrs.Harris better. Details of house being built. Goldsmith believes Mr. Ougier & proprietors cheated him. Details of various houses rents & leases. Mr. Sparke began to build his quay etc.

Seale 0848 John Seale to J. King Reply to 0847 5 June 1783 Ropewalk —Sell Moreley Estate   18thC
DHRG No. 101011
Direct next to Seymour Street. Cole arrived presumably with inventory. Make sure Rope House has sure foundations. Leases & rents etc. Cyder Press. Old Mr.King to manage for SS as for Mr. Haynes about division of lands at Brixham. If Justices sit at Moreley make sure window is in order. Sow turnips at Moreley, soon to sell estate. Joe Burns to show people round.Sam fetching children from Franklyn. People & dogs not to go to Rope Walk.

Seale 0849 J. King to John Seale 15 June 1783 House at Sandquay Ropewalk, Moreley Land.   18thC
DHRG No. 101012
Inventory of things on board sent with Cole, that of things left at Mt. Boon to come by Pinson. Morely plot spaded & burnt, unable to be ploughed. No known person or dog walked in the walk without leave. Jack Ware & men digging foundations etc. for Rope Walk; they cleaned ???? & replaced water, pipes sound. Quay house not finished. Fan & wife to live there. have Norton Barn -priority. Can housekeeper give Betty Prout(meat?)?

Seale 0850 J. Seale to Mrs. A.M.Seale 17 June 1783 Description of House (Portman Square)   18thC
DHRG No. 101013
Working at house in Seymour Street; children already taken possession. Description of House. Open heath nearby. Not room for AMS & Elizabeth Fanshawe at the same time.

Seale 0851 J. King to John Seale 20 June 1783 Dispute between Mr Sparke and Corporation (Quay)   18thC
DHRG No. 101014
Rowe the builder estimate on the Rope Walk not accepted by Maddick the mason. Other masons might nead travelling expenses. No estimate on the houses at Coombe till the prices have stopped falling. JS to decide masons chosen should do rest of the garden walls. Maddick's Barn to be converted to store house, where to thrash corn. Thomas Perring and lease at Brixham. Mr. Sparke's quay and the Corporation labourers ordered to pull down wall.

Seale 0852 J. Seale to J. King Reply to 0849 & 0851 June 1783 Ropewalk Measurement of Work Dispute..   18thC
DHRG No. 101015
Rec'd letters of 15 & 26 June. Requests for violin to be sent up by coaster. Cole & things arrived. Has anyone been to Moreley? 1 shilling a week allowed for B.Prout's dinner. Maddick not to be employed, unreasonable & deceitful. Enough room in the barn at Mt. Boon for his cow & threshing floor. Bennet's covenant to be sent up by Pinson for JS to sign etc. Perring to have press. Jeffrey to take care nothing destroys the game. Can he make the young dog into a good pointer?

Seale 0853 Peter Ougier to John Seale 26 June 1783 Petition to Parliament against the Receipt Tax..   18thC
DHRG No. 101016
Come 23 June 1783 under cover of le Holn?
Petition to Parliament against the Receipt Tax. Mayor etc. pulling down stones from Mr. Sparkes building: attorney's Mr. Prideaux & factotum. Change due to late rains. Prospect of good harvest. Mr. Jenner's Bill. Prize money. Capt. Goldsmith.

Seale 0854 J. Seale to Sellon Rev. Mr. Smerdon 20 June 1783 Request for family Pew   18thC
DHRG No. 101017
Request for seat in Mary-le-bone Church, formerly Mr. Colman's.

Seale 0855 Wm. Sellon to J. Seale 21 June 1783 Pew offered in Chapel   18thC
DHRG No. 101018
Mr. Smerdon unwell. Dean of Windsor minister of Mary-ler-bone. The Clerk of the Chapel in Portman Square would keep a pew there for Mr. Seale.

Seale 0856 Mrs. A.M.Seale to John Seale 26 June 1783 Budleigh Salterton purest Sea Air   18thC
DHRG No. 101019
Received the other half of the bills safe. Been about a week at Budleigh Salterton with two children to bathe. Thanks for description of London house and that the children had a good journey. Mr. Fanshawe escaped after being overturned en route to London. Regards to Miss Mervin.

Seale 0857 Mr. Drewe to John Seale No Date Before 2 July 1783 Wednesday 4 o’clock Recomended to View Property   18thC
DHRG No. 101020
Not heard from Mr. Colman. Recommends JS to write to him and to send a servant to view the property.

Seale 0858 Mr. Seale to Mr. Colman reply to 0857 No Date Before 2 July 1783 reply re Viewing Property   18thC
DHRG No. 101021
Crossed out:- Mr. Seale had seen Mr. Drewe, but hoped that the meeting would be postponed till after 12.00 or 12.30pm He hoped to send a servant to meet Mr. C's housekeeper to show him the place of things in the house.

Seale 0859 J. Seale to Rev. Charles Harter 2 July 1783 New Archbishop   18thC
DHRG No. 101022
Passing 6 weeks since J.S. wrote to C.B. JS met Rector of -------- near Bath, one of 4 delegates sent from Oxford University to pay homage to the new Archbishop. His private concern is with the Duchess of Portland etc.

Seale 0860 Mrs.Fanshawe & Mrs.R.Fanshawe to Mr & Mrs.Seale Before 2nd July 1783 Formal Invitation Postponed   18thC
DHRG No. 101023
Formal Invitation postponed. Mrs. Fanshawe's little girl ill. Mrs.R.Fanshawe's apology for not writing. Her hair dresser being with her sends her compliments with Mrs. F's.

Seale 0861 J. Seale to Kitty (Miss C. Woodley) 2 or 3 July 1783   18thC
DHRG No. 101024
Surprised at not hearing from Miss Woodley. Asked for news a month before. Pleasant house in London. King has SS's directions to send money when wanted. Best respects to Mrs. Harris.

Seale 0862 J. King to John Seale Inscribed 6 July 1 July 1783 Wotton of Ashburton ready with Purchase Money   18thC
DHRG No. 101025
Rec'd letter of 26 June. Violin sent soon by coaster. No one been to Morely. Some turnips put in, little or no cider due to frost. Wall fruit tolerable other fruit variable. Maddick still obstinate. Alfred Rowe to send masons. Maddick's covenant. Would send Bennett's covenant by Pinsoll. Paid Prideaux the tythe. Meeting Perring at Brixham. Old Mr. King to value the press. Jeffrey & the game & young dog. Wotton of Ashburton & Broadhampston purchase money. Harris' will.

Seale 0863 J. Seale to J. King Reply to 0862 6 July 1783   18thC
DHRG No. 101026
Rec'd letter of 26 June (1 July?) Send 6 Mahogany chairs with the violin. Maddick very obstinate. Write to Wotton's attorney about transfer. Request to know what Cornworthy rents had been received. Information to be sent by Pinson. Letter endorsed to R. Prideaux with Bank notes. E.Fanshawe spoke of still in loft. Investigate. Zilly to distil rose water & peppermint.

Seale 0864 J. Seale to J King 10 July 1783 J.S. to Sell Morely   18thC
DHRG No. 101027
Had express about 6am 9 July. It should have come earlier from Ashburton in time for funeral. King to go to Ashburton with money for Miss Gilby & to check rents & market. Hurst to advise on value. JS selling Morely. Mr. Prideaux to have map from Book Room. Mezzotints to be sent with hall chairs & all plate from iron chest sent to JS. when Cole should come next. Tucker's debt will be paid. Accounts crossed out.

Seale 0865 J. Seale to (Rev) C. Barter 10 July 1783 Mrs Harris Senile   18thC
DHRG No. 101028
Augmentation of the living of Cornwall. Bishop of Exeter gone into the Country..Delay's are dangerous. Did CB go to the races? Sam Hine said he bought a blind mare off CB. Hope to be with CB in September. Mrs. Harris gone senile? (Regards) from Sarah S & Miss Dolly Mervin.

Seale 0867 J. Seale to J. King 15 July 1783 ( On back of J.Kings letter of 1 July 1783) Morely to be advertised   18thC
DHRG No. 101029
Not heard from JK since 1 July. Enclosed letter to go to Prideaux. Hope Moreley plot put down to turnips. To be advertized for sale 25 April in Sherbourne Mercury. Presume map had been sent to R.Prideaux. 4 pairs of pillows to be sent up from Mt. Boon - send gun to F.Luttrell at Dunster Castle. Expecting Pinson for sometime. Mrs. Gretton wanted the Bureau bed.

Seale 0868 J. Seale to J. King Reply to 0866 12 July 1783   18thC
DHRG No. 101030
Hopes Miss C. Woodley's (?) money is dealt with. JS wanted money, also some for Mt. Boon. Keys for wood to be kept at Jack White's house when finished. N.Brooking to borrow JK's key, also Mr. Gretton & Mr. Newman. Moreley & Capton part of the schedule of Estates to be cut off for JS & wing to be shown to interested people.Turnips at M. to be hoed to show capability of improvements. Post able still to go to Exeter early to preserve from 2/6 for 1st man to bring cornish salmon.

Seale 0869 J. King to John Seale Reply to 0867 15 July 18 July 1783   18thC
DHRG No. 101031
Letter forwarded to Prideaux who had map of Morely. Turnips soon sewn. Items required, including documents on board Capt. Salisbury. Mr. Gretton returned some goods. JK paid Miss Woodley £50 everthing sorted out for her by late Mrs. Harris. Difficult to raise money. Bill concerning marble enclosed. Tucker unable to pay rent. The house at Tiverton could be mortgaged. Table of Incomes & outgoings. Repairs & Taxing etc.

Seale 0870 J. Seale to J. King Reply to 0869 (18th July) 26 July 1783   18thC
DHRG No. 101032
Rec'd bill. £30.12.6 Aug. prospect of a good crop at Moreley? If Coaster not gone Mrs S's bureau to be sent. Plate to come by Cole. Goods to be appraised by Kennicot when Gretten has chosen. Bureau bed sent to Mr. Gretton not to be parted with. £100 needed: tenants very slow paying rents. JS coming down before 25 August. Peter Gibbs to ride round inspecting the estate. Enquiry after trees planted in 1782.

Seale 0871 C. Barter to John Seale 22 July 1783 To Mention Harris Monument   18thC
DHRG No. 101033
JS's note:- apricots for Mr. Eveleigh.
Many severe disappointments about augmentation of income. Paying repects to Bishop soon, will refer to Harris monument. President of Oriel to spend late summer at Salcombe & then to Lisbon. Harvest mostly good. Lightning damage at Tidaford. The scandalous Chronicler.(Miss Mervin's name for C.B.)

Seale 0872 J. King to John Seale Reply to 19 July 25 July 1783 Request for share of Prize Money   18thC
DHRG No. 101034
Schedule of Moreley Manor enclosed and bill of £21-9-6. Chairs too late for Capt. Salisbury, going by next coaster. Previous Wednesday Snapdragon money paid out. Nothing for JK from the proprietors, others received much. Mr. Ougier willing to pay his share to JK. Mr. Prideaux consulted. A mistake? Mr. Bennett's man applies to JK about house at Norton intended as a public house. Given a good character about to get married.

Seale 0873 J. Seale to J. King July 1783 Reply re. Prize Money   18thC
DHRG No. 101035
Rec'd money & schedule. Capt. Salisbury arrived safely. JS not offended with JK about plea for help. Surprised. Not hopeful about owner's giving anything. JS certainly would contribute & so might Mr. Prideaux. Mr. de Hunn said Mr.Ougier was taking possession of a ship soon. Bennett's man to have house at Norton at fair price. Progress of Mr.Leigh building?

Seale 0874 Th’s Perring to John Seale 27 July 1783 Final Dividend of Mr Penfound’s effects   18thC
DHRG No. 101036
Final dividend of Mr. Penfound's effects to be made 19 August in Exeter.

Seale 0875 J. Seale to T. Perring Reply to 0874 2 Aug. 1783   18thC
DHRG No. 101037
Uncertain how JS's debts stand. Papers at Mt.Boon. Mr. Manley should know.

Seale 0876 J. King to John Seale Reply to July 26 & 29 1 Aug. 1783 Grateful for help. Reports on Estate business.   18thC
DHRG No. 101038
JK very grateful. Mr.Leigh's building progressing well. Rope Walk beams to be put in following week. Good crop of turnips likely at Moreley. Many firs from William's died the rest thrive. Capt. Coles to sail in about a month or 6 weeks. Mr. Rennals seldom comes. A man from London in lodgings wants a house in neighbourhood. Mr. Treby in JS's house in Plympton, wants to buy a house. JS asked to do all Grand Jury.

Seale 0877 J. Seale to J. King Reply to 0876 1st Aug . August 1783 Mount Boon not to Let   18thC
DHRG No. 101039
Mr. Ougier not coming to London so would write about JK's share (from Snapdragon) Mrs. S's bureau not to be sent up. JS's orders about walkers in the Rope Walk must be attended to. The man from London was Capt. Boys asking about renting part of Mt. Boon. JK to tell him Mt. B. was not to let. JS needed information about this from JK. No list of things on board Capt. Salisbury's ship which had arrived. Apples very scarce in London. Not all the culm is to be removed from JS's quay. JK to investigate.

Seale 0878 J. King to John Seale 3 Aug. 1783 Plums Stolen and Suspician of poacher   18thC
DHRG No. 101040
Green plums stolen and tree much broken in the garden. Jeffrey & Trounce found 2 apprentices and one servant of Bennett's at 3am picking green plums and nectarines. A suspician of a poacher a hare pipe found.

Seale 0879 J. Seale to J. King Reply to 878 3 Aug. 8 Aug. 1783 Punishment of the garden robbers   18thC
DHRG No. 101041
JS will punish garden robbers. The servant, the ring leader, his wages in Bennett's hand will be given to the poor in bread. Mrs. S. had been much out of order, but better. Ougier's reply to JS's letter. Hopes helpful to JK. Goldsmith very troublesome, starting a lawsuit. JS expects to come down latter end of August will discuss G's complaints.

Seale 0880 Mr. Floud to Mr. Seale Invitation Before 5 Aug. 1783   18thC
DHRG No. 101042
Acceptance of Invitation on Sunday.

Seale 0881 J. Seale to Mr. Furley 5 Aug. 1783 Reports of sale of Mount Boone   18thC
DHRG No. 101043
Mr. F's daughter had declared in Dartmouth that an advertisement stated that Mt. Boon was to be sold

Seale 0882 Miss J. Farley to John Seale Reply to 0881 10 Aug. 1783 Apology re. Rumours of Sale of Mt Boone   18thC
DHRG No. 101044
Surprised & distressed. Advertisement in an Exeter paper a year before had stated that Mt. Boon was to be 'set' or sold, not the estate. Sorry for misrepresentations.

Seale 0883 J. Floud to J. Seale Before 19 Aug. 1783   18thC
DHRG No. 101045
Hope to dine that day with Mr. Seale. If no answer will come at 4.30.

Seale 0884 J. Seale to Mr. Farley 19 Aug. 1783 Request that the rumours are denied   18thC
DHRG No. 101046
JS. Has received application (for purchase) of Mt. Boon. Requests that Miss Farley denies the report that Mt. Boon is for sale.

Seale 0885 J. King to John Seale 12 Aug. 1783 Rec’d letters of 5 & 8 August Common report about letting Mt. Boone   18thC
DHRG No. 101047
JK to see Goldsmith 13 August. Waited on Capt. Boys. Common report about letting Mt. Boone. JK constantly contradicted it. JK's letter of 18 July should have list of things sent by Salisbury. Apples very scarce, no hazel nuts. Many French nuts. Much culm still left at Quay. Ringleader of garden robbers, aprentice, Gartley. entitled to an estate when of age, a fourth robber jumped over wall & ruptured himself.

Seale 0886 J. Seale to Dr. Wolcot Formal Invitation On or before 12 Aug. 1783 Thursday   18thC
DHRG No. 101048
Formal Invitation to dinner, Sunday ½ past four.

Seale 0887 J. Seale to J. King 12 Aug. 1783 J.K. to receive share   18thC
DHRG No. 101049
Mr. Ougier had written stating that Goldsmith had begun a suit against him. JS asked what G had said to JK about JS's message. Goldsmith said that JK was mistaken in doubting his ability etc. etc. No news of the Gun JK was to send to Dunster Castle for Mr.Francis Luttrell. JS hoped the coffee had been sent to Exeter as Mrs. Seale had ordered. JK to send JS's compliments to Mr. & Mrs. Woolcot. List of places at or near Dartmouth for sale required*---crossed out *

Seale 0888 J. King to John Seale Reply to 0887 (12 August ) 15 Aug. 1783 Apology for possible offence to Ougier (prize money)   18thC
DHRG No. 101050
Apologies for possibly offending Ougier. Thanks to JS for sorting it out. Mr. Prideaux expected. D.Khan to come down in Capt. Salisbury's vessel. Goldsmith cutting off crew members shares of Snapdragon prize. His suit in Chancery against Ougier. Jeffrey cleaning guns. Gun to be sent, Mr. Luttrell's gun, Mr.Echelas got coffee for Mrs. Seale. Messrs Ougier, Wright, Rennals, Walcotte sent compliments & Mrs. Walcott love to Mrs. S.

Seale 0889 J. Seale to J. King Reply to 0888 26 Aug. 1783 J.K. should have asked for share earlier.(prize money)   18thC
DHRG No. 101051
Thanks for bill. Mr. Ougier had said JK had been a little premature in his expressions. JK' should have applied for his share from the Snapdragon affair earlier. JS hopes to bring Goldsmith to a right understanding. JS not leaving London till after the birth of their child.

Seale 0890 E.M.Seale to Mrs. S. Seale 1873 No Date   18thC
DHRG No. 101052
Got home about 8 o'clock, agreeable ride, sore throat much better. Nancy Wood came previous day. Sorry to be home; hopes to return on horseback. JS wrote that the better EMS the sooner he would return etc. Enclosure to be given to Mr. Duncan.

Seale 0891 J. King to John Seale Reply to 0889 (26 August) 31 Aug. 1783 List of Plate, Mt Pleasant House to be sold   18thC
DHRG No. 101053
JK much out of order so could not write earlier. Mr. Duncan had sailed previous week, JK will forward letter if possible. Hopes to have money for JS soon. 30 August things shipped on young Cole's vessel - List of things. Jeffrey to go tomorrow to catch Partridges at Moreley. Fewer near Mt. Boone & Norton. Fine Brace of pheasants on Townstall Hills. Mr. Luttrell at Mt. Boon week before last. Mt. Pleasant Home to be sold.

Seale 0329. J Seale to Mr. Beague Thursday morn. Aug 1776? Reply to 0328   18thC
DHRG No. 101054
Mr. S. Would have gladly accepted, but had another engagement.

Seale 0892 C. Woodley to John Seale 31 Aug. 1783 Funeral of Lord Ashburton   18thC
DHRG No. 101055
CW unable to write earlier, poorly for a long time but now better. Lord Ashburton brought from Exmouth & buried previous Wednesday. He left £120,000 apparently. CW had some of his Aunt's hair to keep care of till be sees JS.

Seale 0893 J. Seale to Miss Kitty Reply to 0892 9 Sept, 1783   18thC
DHRG No. 101056
Did not hear from Miss K after 3 successive letters to her. Sorry about illness. Advises her not to stay indoors too much. Mrs. S. ill & expecting child, so will stay in London till the birth. £100 would be sent by next post.

Seale 0894 (Mrs) A.M.Seale to John Seale 1 Sept, 1783   18thC
DHRG No. 101057
Glad Sarah Seale is better. Previous week E. Fanshawe had violent fit of stone & gravel, but better, though not quite free of complaint. Little boy well. Thanks for cheese bought by Sam. JS had to pay double postage for AMS's letter. AMS would speak to Mr. Coffin about it. Request for small bill. C.Fanshawe returned from Bridgwater previous week.

Seale 0895 J. Seale to A..M.Seale 4 Sept. 1783   18thC
DHRG No. 101058
Bill of £50 enclosed. AMS not to say anything about double postage to Mrs. Coffin unless she had already done so. JS will inform AMS if it happens again. As AMS would pay double postage for the present letter JS would enclose a letter for CF. Hopes CF made a good harvest.

Seale 0896 J. King to John Seale 7 Sept, 1783 Norton Fair   18thC
DHRG No. 101059
Rec'd letter from JS of 2 September.
Jeffrey taken about 6 brace of partridge. Ponto the dog well; Miss Hayne sent over for Phillis from Lupton. Norton Fair to be advertised in the Sherborne Mercury? What diversion would JS prefer? Mr. Treby wanted to purchase or take Lease of a house in Plympton. He desired an answer.

Seale 0897 J. Seale to J. King Reply to 0896 Sept 1783   18thC
DHRG No. 101060
Partridges to be sent to Exeter, Mrs. Woolcot & Mr. Gretton, the rest for JS's arrival. Hopes Phillis home as Jeffrey cannot get so many (partridges) with Ponto. If JS not back for Norton Fair, send off advertisement for breeches. Lease at Plympton. Zelly's salmon good but too salt. Young Cole not come. Hope Mare had recovered.

Seale 0898 (Mrs) A.M.Seale to John Seale 8 Sept. 1783   18thC
DHRG No. 101061
(Half of a letter not preserved). (Sarah S not well?) Was Mrs. Mervin with her? Her sisters should be with her. E.Fanshawe gained strength & children well. CF left previous evening to attend business at Guildhall.

Seale 0899 (Rev) C. Barter to John Seale 11 Sept, 1783 Buckland Monacoram Living £200 per annum   18thC
DHRG No. 101062
Disappointed at not hearing from or seeing JS & SSW for a long time. Widow of Mr. Crymes appointed CB to vicarage of Buckland Monacarum. Waiting on the Bishop to allow CB to continue Cornworthy as well. He also asks JS to favour him. One Cornworthy partridge has yet been alas

Seale 0900 J. Seale to C. Barter 15 Sept. 1783   18thC
DHRG No. 101063
Congratulations. Very pleased. Sarah S not well, therefore waiting in London till the arrival of a new acquaintance (a baby?) People of Cornworthy would miss CB, Though pleased at his good fortune.

Seale 0901 J King to John Seale 21 Sept. 1783   18thC
DHRG No. 101064
Partridges sent to Mrs. Seale & Messrs Gretton & Woolcott. Phillis home from Lupton. Jeffrey & the Spaniels. Norton Public House not ready for Fair. Carpenters busy on Rope Walk, no others available. 2 salmon to be sent by carrier. Young Cole sailed about a fortnight ago. More on Salt marsh. Very good grass, mare not much better. JS's new purchase at Aveton Gifford, the tenant, its rent etc. bad repair. Barley mostly very poor. Cider apples stored.

Seale 0902 J. Seale to J. King Reply to 0901 25 Sept. 1783   18thC
DHRG No. 101065
Presumes Norton Fair advertisement put in Sherbourne Mercury for Breeches as public house not ready. Young Cole arrived with chairs & plate. JK said Leigh's Gretton's & his own contracts were included. JS thought he had mislaid them. Mrs. S. pretty well and able to set out for Mt. Boone soon. Mare evidently not fit to carry portmanteau. Jack White should prepare to plant in gaps in the wood.

Seale 0903 J. King to John Seale 25 Sept. 1783 Renewal of Insurance on Mt Boone.   18thC
DHRG No. 101066
Rec'd letter from the Clerk of the Sun Fire Office at Exeter concerning renewal of Insurance. Most valuable goods removed from Mt. Boone. Bill enclosed. Wotton ready to purchase Estate at Broadhempston by 5 or 6 October.

Seale 0904 Mrs. E. Fanshawe to John Seale 1 Nov. 1783 Lease of Plympton House   18thC
DHRG No. 101067
Thanks for £50. Lease of Plympton house sent. Asks JS to call in on way to Plymouth to check the papers. Mr. Fanshawe off to London following Tuesday. Sarah S not well, complaint on breast. Loss of Parkhouse, hopes Miss Mervin keeps up SS's spirits better than doctors. Presumes little girl is well. A.M.Seale very unwell.

Seale 0905 From J. King 2 Nov. 1783 (Tuesday)   18thC
DHRG No. 101068
Capt. Cole intends sailing to London on 3 or 4 November with the goods. No fish available from Mr. Pinson; no pigeons. Letter from Mr.Hurst about John White, tenant at Friends House, Ashburton & his rent. Jeffrey and his clothes. Bound stones on divided lands Brixham fixed. Thieves who robbed Burgoin sent to Exeter gaol.

Seale 0906 Plans for Poorhouse in Townstall 9 Nov. 1783?   18thC
DHRG No. 101069
Notice given in Townstall Church to consult about a Poor House. It has been agreed that St. Clare's Chapel be bought for £90. A maximum of £250 to be taken up at £20 each by the Trustees. Interest & principal paid by & out of the poor rates etc. Trustees to be appointed annually at the time of choosing new overseers. Trustees to choose 3 of their number to assist overseers etc. The substance of this plan had met with general approval.. At a meeting that week is was agreed that this should be drawn up by an attorney.
Signature J. Seal crossed out. List of Trustees chosen similar to the list of 10 February 1784 but with the addition of Mr. William Teage.

Seale 0907 C. Barter to John Seale 9 Dec. 1783   18thC
DHRG No. 101070
Mrs. Seale recovered, children brisk. Sending off cocks by Jeffrey. Just off to Moreley on horseback.

Seale 0908 J. Seale to Cha’s Barter Reply to 0907 17 Dec. 1783   18thC
DHRG No. 101071
Thanks for game, very acceptable. Uncertain when CB is at Cornworthy. Hopes CB has heard from Oxford. Exercise good for Rector otherwise he would be too fat for his stall. Gloomy weather in London.

Seale 0909 Sam’l Cole to John Seale 12 Dec. 1783 Sloop to be built. Hellem tree for keel   18thC
DHRG No. 101072
Contract with Rowe to build a sloop. Asks if it would be built on JS's Quay and to use an elm growing nearby for a keel.

Seale 0910 J. Seale to Capt’n Cole Reply to 0909 12 Dec. 1783   18thC
DHRG No. 101073
JS has given J.King directions about the sloop. Glad Capt. C. has got work.

Seale 0911 J. Seale to J. Brown 12 Dec. 1783 Hembro Estate   18thC
DHRG No. 101074
Supposed intention of Mr. Brown's intention of selling his Hambro estate. JS suggested that Mr. B. might consider renting or leasing it. Note at top:- Mr. B. had no intention of parting with the estate..

Seale 0912 C. Woodley to John Seale 19 Dec. 1783   18thC
DHRG No. 101075
C.W. believed it was JS's intention of giving £100. She had heard nothing of the garden.

Seale 0913 J. Seale to Kitty (Woodley) Dec 1783 Balloon with Basket for Passengers Reply to 0912 crossed out.   18thC
DHRG No. 101076
By the next post JS would send £100 the annuity due to Miss K. Very large balloon let off with basket for passengers. Easy for Miss K. to come to London with E.Wind.

Seale 0915 (Rev) C. Barter to John Seale at Mrs. Seal’s 22 Dec. 1783 Building a Parsonage House   18thC
DHRG No. 101077
Bishop pleaded CB's case before the Society £200 offered if £200 could be raised. Sir T.Acland had promised. Thanks to JS for sentiments concerning building a vicarage. Calculations of cost. Congratualtions to Mrs. S. on restoration of lost Lamb; dangers in metropolis.

Seale 0916 J. Seale to C.Barter Reply to 0915   18thC
DHRG No. 101078
CB's letter went to London & back. JS thinks he could find an estate in Cornwall to annex to the Living. Present parsonage could be repaired & altered for £400; consult Rowe. Enough room in house for as many children as Muley Ishmael. CB could be as potent as a Prince.

Seale 0917 J. King to J. Seale 23 Dec. 1783 Reply to a letter of 16 Dec Rope Walk nearly covered.   18thC
DHRG No. 101079
Forwarded Mr. Brown's letter. Mr. Dolbeare's bond still sent to Franklin. Cropt Mare better. Mr. Pinson going to London. Moreley turnips sold. Bennett's Covenant. Leigh's field. John Reed not traced. Two shoemakers called Reed. Rope Walk nearly covered. Carpenter Wollacott's bad accident. Turnips in Dollings plot. Tree for Cole's keel by Coombe Shute. Survey for Friends & Shillabeers Houses in Ashburton. Not heard from Hurst about 2 houses. Goldsmith & Chancery case. Jetsam's money. Penny's application & rent. Application for veined marble. Barley & seeds for Moreley. Various properties. Holdsworth & Townstal pews.

Seale 0866 J. King to John Seale Friday 12 July 1783 Mrs Harris Buried   18thC
DHRG No. 101080
Rec'd letter of 10 July. Mrs. Harris buried Friday. Mr. Hunt paid Miss Woodley £20 out of £50 required. JK hoped to pay rest following Wednesday. JK expecting £30 for marble & £25 for timber at Cornworthy. Meeting tenants at Ashburton about rents etc. No agreement with Perring about lease. Masons from Exeter working on Rope Walk. Old White Horse killed by fall. Chairs, pictures & violin & dried salmon to be brought by Capt. Salisbury. Some stills available. Brooking wants key to Walk. Spark & Corporation Trial. Lightening caused fires.

Letter from J. King to J. Seale   18thC
DHRG No. 102924