Seale Family Papers     1810 to-date
Seale 1831 J.H.Seale to J.Seale 9 April 1810   19thC
DHRG No. 101992
Advice needed. JHS had been offered the majority of the S.Devon Regiment by Lord Rolle in preference to Capt. Palk. JHS had tendered his resignation due to expense. It would be offensive to refuse. Support needed to pay up Newcombe's interest till Lady Jodrell's affairs were settled. Where was the Key of Stake seat Mr. Newcombe wanted? JS welcome to make use of JHS's name in taking part of the premises late Tanner's but not in their other concerns etc. Request for JS to pay D.Thomas of St. James St. for 1 pair of breeches not 2 (as charged) etc. & to settle at once with Mr. Pike (an attorney?) of Air St. Piccadilly, who might bring out a writ. The Account was in 1805.

Seale 1832 J.H.Seale to John Seale Answer to JS’s letter of 2 & 5 April, 10 April 1810   19thC
DHRG No. 101993
Expecting something satisfactory by 11 April post. JS welcome to use JHS's name concerning the leased premises late Tanner's but not for their contracts etc. It was hawked about they got it dog cheap; no use writing to Mr. Land; his conduct beneath their notice. The best thing was to bring down Jones, lay heads together to beat him in that action leaving no stone unturned. JS's useful help. Good that the Commissioners had condemned 8 millions (Pagodas?)of the claims as forgeries. A letter for Robert to be forwarded. 3 letters had come from Charles, expecting fun at Guadeloupe. - Baker said that Hingston was to let Week Estate on hearing from JS about a covenant for 7, 10 or 14 years, he advised JS to comply. Gillard & Oldreive had settled their accounts. Cock indebted £5 for the rent of saw pits; Hockin managed his affairs. He sold the ash poles above Langmead's valuation but could not get the high rents for Tanner's Quays, no assignee in Dartmouth. John Smith dining with JHS 11 April. The house at the Lea. all tight & dry. Had a line from Newcock of Exeter.

Seale 1833 J.H.Seale to J.Seale 15 April 1810   19thC
DHRG No. 101994
Mr. Hunt had not property in Dartmouth; the late Tanner's promises were owned by Mr. Hingston; a bad speculation! Government would not grant more contracts; JHS would consult Js before contacting Hingston - JHS informed Lord Rolle he would accept the Majority believing his affairs were soon settled. Ld R. might have checked this with Mr. H.Ingles. - JS's letter sent to Mr. Land; Baker told to tell Hingston to inform JS about Weeks Estate, Baker ignorant of his rent; he would examine Snelling's accounts - To reduce debts Chark should contact Col.Bewicke, wallowing in riches but paying nothing & leaving all to Mr. H.Jodrell; he would not allow Calverley Bewicke to go into Trade. The India Co were to petition Parliament for relief so should not Lady J. etc? Mr. R.Jodrell said Mr. Bosanquet was very adverse; Mr. Askell a connection of the Bewickes - The Mayor was soon to marry Charlotte Roope.

Seale 1834 J.H.Seale to J.Seale 19 April 1810 Answered 25 April   19thC
DHRG No. 101995
What was preventing the conclusion of their business? JS's banker Mr. Bosanquet was the most likely to succeed with his relation the Deputy Chairman. It was very necessary for Mr. Bewicke to wait on Mr. Askell , connection of his about Lady Jodrell 's affair, 4 the Directors did not help Mr.Lister should get Mr. Dundas to make an application to the Directors & if no positive response then they should complain to the House of Commons. Mr. H.Jodrell was unwell, he wrote to Paulina; the Directors were worse than ever, no reply to Mr. Dundas's recommendation. No reply from Lord Rolle or the Regiment. Who appointed the Commissioners of Land Tax etc? JHS would like his name put forward. Lady Jodrell was staying with JHS & family - A Lugger went into dock on Tuesday. JHS sent Newcombe £125 up to March 1809. Newcombe wanted the remainder but JHS could not send more - Old Pinson was dead; he left his son Wadstray & divided the rest among his other children. Had JS paid the Evening Mail bill & settled Thomas Pike the breeches? Apologies for these trivial matters.

Seale 1835 J.H.Seale to J.Seale 26 April 1810   19thC
DHRG No. 101996
Hingston had written to JS about Weeks estate & the Quays; he told Baker he meant to offer them to JS at some bounty; JHS advised JS not to give much. It would be good to get the premises as Hingston might cause trouble at the end of term; the Lease was loosely worded. On Tuesday JHS, Hy.J. Holdsworth, A.Hunt Hine, J.Teage & old Puddicombe attended the Parish Council. Holdsworth proposed Mr. Rowe as usual to collect & pay the Poor, under an overseer for which post Hine proposed Holdsworth; JHS objected as he as an Alderman likely to be a J.P. Farmers paid much bigger rates than those present (Holdsworth paid none); finally they put in Chalwich with Holdsworth. JHS did not sign the resolutions; Hunt argued the case with JHS. Holdworth tended to take over the meetings. JHS would tell Mr. Teage he might as well have put in old Mrs. Fisher as overseer - JHS felt wretched about their affair. Lady Jodrell wrote again to Mr. Elphinstone - JS was much needed to come down & look over his property - JHS had not his Commission, but Lord Rolle gave out that he was his Major.

Seale 1836 J.H.Seale to J.Seale 6 May 1810   19thC
DHRG No. 101997
JHS commanded the Regt. At Exeter from Monday to Thursday while Mrs. Lang was unwell, then came home & had 2 Bn Newmans, Mayor & Justice, J.Smith, Mr. Adams & young Roope to dinner. JHS Carew from Morley & Sir T.Acland from London hoped to qualify as magistrates. Eales was disappointed of the Dedimus & the Chancellor was out of Town, it was all to no purpose - JHS's promotion to Major made Palk's uncle Watty & others very sore, Palk might leave the Regt. - Ld. Rolle said Mr. H.Jodrell should see Mr. Dundas & JHS urged JS to get Mr.Lister to write to him to sort things out: had Mr. Bewicke seen Mr. Artel? - The Quays etc.:- Baker said Hingstan had talked of 200 guineas for his bargain. they said that we(?) had no right to sell being no Creditor, having forfeited by usury :-JHS thought Master Joseph (Holdsworth) would be sworn in. He introduced a resolution that no overseer could relieve paupers without the necessary authorisation; Hine opposed him. JS was needed to come down & oversee his property, though he was useful in London. He could ride JHS's pony, Thatcham? was kept as a stallion Lord Rolle did not know The Reg't's destination - A labourer applied to be Gamekeeper. Mother would like Granville & Thomas to come.

Seale 1838 Jane Jodrell to John Seale 7 June 1810   19thC
DHRG No. 101998
Congratulations on birth of John Rolle Lister Seale (6 June 1810) mother & son well. Henry & Charles introduced to him. JHS presumably at Chatham. JS going there Sunday? Lady J much better, after being very ill, for PS's confinement, though her head not very strong. She did not know what to think about Messrs.Dundas's & Astle's letters.

Seale 1839 J.H.Seale to J.Seale 11 June 1810   19thC
DHRG No. 101999
Destination still not known, need to write as JS was soon to leave Town. JHS marched in on Friday an abominable town, drunken women and men all through the day. Barracks were under orders to be repaired so they would be encamped on the Lines. They were waiting for General Nichol's orders; her was Commander of the District. Lt.Col.Lang was coming much sooner than expected so JHS would ask him for leave if not wanted for India affairs. He would have to be back in July so he could be off early in September till January. ''My Gentleman'' looked very distant & sulky so might soon leave the Regiment. Very grateful for JS's bounty; camp would be very expensive. Didn't JS know the Commissioner there Sir R.B.... (damage) the Commissioner there. Presumably JS knew Paulina had a fine boy John Fownes S? JHS hoped JS Mr.Lister & Mrs.Fownes would answer for him or Calverley Bewicke.

Seale 1840 S.Seale to John Seale 2 October 1810   19thC
DHRG No. 102000
Unable to tell more about the instrument case. JHS wrote that Father was to buy a small leather case of scissors, knife, tweezers etc. Had JS had any news of him since his servant died & when Charles was coming to England? Mrs. S.S. had a party of 19 including Mr. Smith, his friend & Commissioner Duncan. SS won 12 shillings at Whist; they left at 12. SS had a letter from JHS. Had JS sent SS's packet to Robert. Mrs. Bond & the Miss Andersons come Tuesday to Thursday. Lady Jodrell, Paulina & Henry paid a visit. Mrs Charter was very unwell so they could not come. SS called at Kittery, Mrs. Fownes had jaundice. SS etc. walked all over Stoke Cliff, Mrs. Bond much impressed. Mrs. Neck soon visiting Norton. Charles Hayne came one day, he sent a hare, figs & cucumbers to SS. She required coarse canvas for a border round a room & various coloured worsted from the Golden Ball, Pall Mall. Baker put £100 in the Bank.

Seale 1841 S.Seale to John Seale 18 October 1810 (Index 114)   19thC
DHRG No. 102001
SS was expecting a certain letter, due 17 October, it had missed 2 posts. John was back from Dartmouth without it; perhaps it was mislaid among letters in the office. SS received JS's letter. At the party there were the Mt. Pleasant family with Mrs. Crawford, Mr & Mrs. Nicholas Brooking & Miss Julian Roope, Mrs. Canon & 2 sisters & daughter. the Hardness Holdsworths, Mr. Charles Holdsworth, Mrs. Newman, Mr. Smith & his mother. SS thought that was all. On 17 October Mrs. Bond sent her gig to bring SS to Norton. Mrs. Neck was there. On the following Saturday SS would be going to Mr. Pleasant. she declined the invitation to dinner to meet the Kittery family etc. John was expected that day. Mr. Bridgeman & Miss Teage were married the previous week.

Seale 1842 S.Seale to Mr. Seale 29 October 1810   19thC
DHRG No. 102002
Apologies for no frank, a letter for Robert enclosed. Thanks for Sarsnet; glad JS approved of SS's circle. She rode over to Fuge, Saturday to see Mrs. Adams, who had rheumatism but was better. Charles Hayne was expected Tuesday to Thursday. JHS invited Wednesday. SS dined at Mt. Boone 28 October. Henry was well. All the family were to dine with SS the next Thursday. SS left Norton previous Saturday week & that evening met a large party at Mt. Pleasant: the last Wednesday she dined & stayed at Kittery & met Mrs. Harrison (nee Sophia Ilbert) & Mr.H.. Could JS buy a large French silk shawl like Paulina's. Mr Walcot was calling that day from Kingsbridge en route to Blackawton for a few days with Mrs. Adams whose friend the inconsolable widow Wilcox was to Marry a Major Bennet, who they said ''she had the flogging of when at school to her late husband''. (Note on the back by JS):- large silk shawl, canvas for working a border round a room, worsted etc. - sold at the Golden Ball Pall Mall.

Seale 1843 R.H.Seale to J.Seale 2 December 1810 Sunday   19thC
DHRG No. 102003
Last letter from JS dated 17 August; none came by the Apollo frigate, a packet was due to sail that evening. Apparently Packets were refusing to sail over a pay dispute. RHS wrote to Uncle but did not mention Ld.Boringdon about getting attached to the Mission so he could be employed as a Sec. of Legation. RHS would check with Mr.H. - for approval. No Prayer Book or Bible had come from JHS, or the ream of Letter Paper from JS. Various local reports & from Corsica about battles in Portugal & changes in Bonaparte's Continental System. some of whose Kings were to dance the Hays-Joseph into Italy, Murat into Portugal, Ferdinand V11 to marry an arch duchess of Austria & into Spain Massena & Lord W. would not attack each other & the Lisbon merchants were confident. Curious that England was the refuge of Bourbons & Bonapartes. Brother Louis of Holland would be glad to be there, he had much in English funds. Mr.H. said there was little chance in the Mission & that Ld.Amherst would quit Sicily & vacancies would occur there. JS could consult Mr. Cockburn or Broughton about getting RHS's name on the Diplomatic List.

Seale 1844 S.Seale to John Seale 10 December 1810   19thC
DHRG No. 102004
Returned from Blackawton 3 December. Dined with JHS & PS & all the Mt.Galpins at the Gunthorpes; the Empress was there, but Sarah was treated as the senior guest - much astonished at the confidential letter from JS; no need for alarm, it concerned Sarah not Robert, in her letter to him she lamented his absence too much. In answer he wrote of everything good in returning to England to quiet her. Mr Hill had to return on the dissolution of Parliament when he might come too. The prosperity of her children would support her in their loss. She had not endangered their prospects. Common knives & forks were required, cheaper in London.

Seale 1845 J.H.Seale to J.Seale 14 December 1810   19thC
DHRG No. 102005
Received facetious letter from JS. Had the hounds out all that week over the water after hares but the weather had been too bad, no woodcocks. Good account of Hy Jodrell, his niece Louisa J. was soon to marry a young man with £4000 per annum. An application to repair the roof of Franklin had come from one Gooday, a hellier; his wife an old servant of the family. Written warning from Yates tenant about the Gamekeeper trespassing. JHS ordered him to go there first fine day. Need to pay bill to Hocking, before the battle.

Seale 1837 P.Seale to Major J H Seale 3 & 4 June 1811 ??   19thC
DHRG No. 102006
PS lonely without John. The maids started staying out later than usual so PS ordered them not to go out except to Church. The Gardener's wife who had been very unwell, told her that Mrs. Thomas was very jealous of her & mounted guard on her. PS asked Mary who said Mrs. Thomas had reason to be jealous; everyone was talking about it, she thought the gardener's wife was very familiar with Mr. Thomas, Mr.Taylor said Mrs. Thomas was jealous of Molly too. PS would take no notice. Thomas went to Worden ? for a bag of potatoes, when challenged he said the last had been planted. (4 June) Bells & Guns (for the King's Birthday) PS told Henry it was for their wedding anniversary, he asked if his Wedding-day was to-morrow. PS would tell Betty to make a cake or get one from Mrs.Terry's Would consult Mary-Ann, Mrs S.Seale had just arrived from Blackawton to receive Little Thomas, Elliot & Mrs M.Southgate

Seale 1847 Paulina Seale to Major Seale 11 February 1811   19thC
DHRG No. 102007
PS received the report of two Carnatic Commisioners, sent it with JHS's letter to Norton. Favourable accounts of George 111. She did not know Mrs. Young had bequeathed her property. Uncle Bewicke very skathing about W.Huish: he had gambled away his inheritance & married a common woman: a relation not worth saving, the hearts of the rich were often as hard as the coins in their coffers: he had been in No.4 Harley Street. PS might make 2 little stands to set on pair Tables:- Baker gave PS £5, very welcome: he put £40 in the Bank for the sale of Timber. Henry was wise; put into Trousers, Charles was funny, John did very little. Lord Rolle offered to be John's Godfather, Lady Rolle hope to be Godmother to a girl. JS had been given JHS's message. PS hoped to hear of Louisa's marriage, it was fixed for Tuesday.

Seale 1848 R.H.Seale to J.Seale 14 April 1811   19thC
DHRG No. 102008
Feeling weak after severe Tertian Fever. Cured by bark; necessary to return to England by man of war or packet. Mr. Hill's very great kindness; no need to show the letter to Mother.

Seale 1849 From J. .Seale 22 May 1811   19thC
DHRG No. 102009
JS's son Mr. Robert S at Cagliari would be immediately returning to England. The box being sent off should be re-directed to Dartmouth or Plymouth, JS would readily pay the expense.

Seale 1850 R.H.Seale to J.Seale 3 October – 12 October 1811 Answered 6 November   19thC
DHRG No. 102010
RHS had decided to stay in Cagliari. JS must be acquainted with any event which might help RHS's promotion, they might lead to him being employed in government but this must be strictly confidential. JS should get RHS recommended as Sect. of Legation at Cagliari or elsewhere. The Minister of Foreign Affairs should be encouraged to put RHS's name on the list of Secretaries Mr. Cockburn was the person to consult. It should be hinted to Mr. Broughton that when RHS was employed he would make Mr. B. the sole agent of his affairs. JS was to make sure the letter had not been tampered with & would inform RHS of its arrival. Mr. Smith left for England on 8 Oct. but back shortly. Only JHS could see the letter, no one else.

Seale 1851 Paulina Seale to Major Seale 17 October 1811   19thC
DHRG No. 102011
Returned from Norton 16 October - Progress in the Flower Garden; thick fog, rain & bright sun, like early Spring. Dread of the Tipperary Regt. Dinner, drinks & John's cold; Bran Tea was good. She hoped the Regt. Behaved before the Prince. Mrs L.Roope stayed at Clipton & then on to Dartmouth. The cyder was brought & racked. Thomas said a pipe of wine had come from Sandridge. Potatoes were not yet dug up. The Huntsman said it was time the 2 puppies were sent to Lord Rolle. The Gardener satisfied with grass seed; Mr. Baker knew who had the turf. JS called that morning & went to Plymouth to see Charles, who would be free to leave in 2 or 3 weeks. Little Charles & Johnny both well; Henry was too busy in the garden to attend to the children.

Seale 1852 Chas. Hayne to J.H.Seale 10 January 1812, Answer to a letter 6 Jan.   19thC
DHRG No. 102012
Congratulations on the birth of (the Rev.Edward Taylor Seale) Hoped that Mrs. JHS was well. Bad weather so CH left Devon, as not much hunting lost: rain ceased then frost, good for shooting CH doubted if JHS showed Gunthorpe better sport than CH (?) (Damage) Will did not like the new purchase. CH trusted JHS had settled with Netherton & Mrs. Sarah S had got over her cold. He saw Mr. Lear in Devon; he was giving up his New Year Week due to health. CH unable to go to Fuge till mid February.

Seale 1853 Lord Melville to Lord Rolle 28 January 1812 Tuesday   19thC
DHRG No. 102013
Ld. M's compliments to Lord R. Happy to see him at the India Board 1 pm 29 January.

Seale 1854 Lord Rolle to Henry Jodrell 28 January 1812   19thC
DHRG No. 102014
Lord R requested H.J. to call on him Wednesday 29 January at 12.30pm to accompany him to the India Board.

Seale 1855 Lord Rolle to Major Seale 3 February 1812   19thC
DHRG No. 102015
Mr. Jodrell promised to inform JHS of the steps taken in Mrs. J.H.Seale's & Lady J's concerns. JHS had done well in arranging with Mr. Percival that whenever the Chairman & deputy came to Ld. Melville's office Mr. Percival would receive a note from Lord M. & would confer with the Chairman on those concerns etc. Ld. Rolle got an appointment with Ld.M. who promised him & Mr. Jodrell that he would send the note. Ld. R. came up to attend the Irish Question, a large majority in favour of Government, 13 hours in the house. The South Devons were ordered to Chelmsford as the Troops had been sent to Nottingham.

Seale 1856 J.H.Seale to J.Seale 16 – 17 May 1812 ”Murder of Prime Minister”   19thC
DHRG No. 102016
I received a copy by Paulina of Mr. Stone's letter to Ld. B. - & a letter from Mr. Stone himself. JHS wished he would communicate with Ld. Rolle. The subject of their case was very well treated but the offer of a big reduction in the Corporation's debt seemed too much etc. JHS did not know the value of the India Bonds etc. but after extras were paid he believed Lady J. and PS were entitled to £30,000. He was sorry about the dispute with Broughton etc. He wished Charles was appointed to the Administration, Lord Rolle implied there was little change there. He recommended sending the letter to Ld. Buckinghamshire. Horrible murder of Mr. Percival. The scum of the people out in crowds firing pistols etc. with the slogan 'Bellingham for ever' etc. They dispersed quietly at 11pm when it rained. The Guard was doubled. Anxiety about Monday's holiday - The Regt. might go to Leeds or towards Manchester. JHS knew nothing about the Corporation's dispute about a tree.

Seale 0002 Thomas Seale Catalogue of the Pepysian. MSS.Vol 1. 1903   19thC
DHRG No. 102017
Thomas Seale's Naval Service. In:- H.M.S. Resolution, Lieutenant. H.M.S. Milford, Captain. H.M.S,. Breda. Captain (Killed 1665)