A River to Cross

A River to Cross
By David Stranack

Ferries have been a part of Dartmouth life for centuries. The Lower Ferry is by far the oldest, already operating in 1365. The Higher Ferry was opened with much ceremony in 1831. A platform propelled across the river guided by chains was a technologically advanced feat of engineering in those days, and the “floating bridge”, as it became known, made a significant contribution to Dartmouth’s development in the 19th century.
When the Dartmouth and Torbay Railway Company opened its new line to Kingswear in 1864 it introduced a new ferry service – the Railway Ferry – so that its passengers bound for Dartmouth could complete the final leg of their journeys. Dartmouth thus became the only town in England to have a railway station – but no trains. This book traces the ferries’ history, all of which still operate today.

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