Dartmouth Industry and Banking 1795–1925

Dartmouth Industry and Banking 1795–1925
By Ivor Smart
17thC 18thC 19thC 20thC

In the 19th century, banking was very different from the way it is today. Small, independent local banks abounded, and nearly a dozen different banks made their homes in Dartmouth during the period covered by this book. Many issued their own banknotes, such as the one, for five guineas, issued by the first Dartmouth Bank in 1795, which is still in existence. Not only is this book the story of banking, however, it also contains as a backdrop much information on the general commercial development of the town, including dramatic events such as the sudden failure of the Dartmouth General Bank in 1824 – an event which rippled through the commercial life of the town for several years afterwards.
This was the last book Ivor Smart wrote for the Dartmouth History Research Group. As with all his other publications, it was meticulously researched, and contains quite an astonishing amount of historical detail, describing the business of banking in Dartmouth over 130 years.

Published:September 1995
Format:A4 Paperback (pp 68)
DHRG No:18
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