Dartmouth Then Dartmouth Now

Dartmouth Then Dartmouth Now
By Hilary Sunman and Peter Prynn
20thC 21stC

Reflecting on the many changes of the past fifty years or so, Hilary Sunman and Peter Prynn determined to describe and understand how Dartmouth shops have changed since the 1960s. In this book, with many photographs and illustrations, they share their analysis and findings. In 2016, shops and businesses that line the streets of Dartmouth were very different from those that existed 50 years ago, though a handful remained from that time. But they concluded that the commercial heart of Dartmouth still beats vibrantly, with the river and the sea still at the heart of Dartmouth life.

An updated second edition reports the results of their further survey in 2022, after the closures and lockdowns of the Covid-19 pandemic. Once again their conclusion is that, despite many changes, the town continues to thrive, with an integrity and resilience of its own.

Format:A5 Paperback (pp60)
DHRG No:39
ISBN No:978-1-899011-32-2