When War Came to the Dart

When War Came to the Dart
By Hilary Sunman and Gail Ham

Prepared by the Dartmouth History Research Group to mark the 75th anniversary last year of the end of the Second World War, this new book combines the memories of local people with official records and other contemporary accounts to chart the impact as the communities of the Dart were immersed in war. Material from earlier DHRG publications is brought together with new research to tell many fascinating and dramatic stories, as the huge deep-water harbour became first a refuge and then a base for Allied forces fighting back with great bravery. Then the Dart filled with shipping preparing for D-day and eventual victory.
Danger and death were never far away – the Dart was targeted several times in bombing raids and the nearby Channel saw many shipping losses. Civilian casualties and local war graves show the cost of war close at hand and names on local war memorials echo the global conflict. A Roll of Honour lists all those commemorated in Dartmouth, Kingswear and Dittisham.

Format:A5 Paperback (pp 284)
DHRG No:40
ISBN No:978189901 1315