Seale Family Papers     1779 Jul-Dec
Seale 0512 John Seale to Mrs. A.M.Seale Reply to 0511 9 July 1779   18thC
DHRG No. 100673
Mrs. Harris & Miss C. returned to Ashburton. Persuaded by Mrs. Fanshawe to go to Plymouth. J.S. grateful to them. Need to fix date for Christening. Very fine Fleet in the Bay. J.S. hired boat to view ships. Illness in the town.

Seale 0513 Tho. Tonkin to Roger Prideaux Atty at Law 28 June 1779   18thC
DHRG No. 100674
Mr. Worth required abstract of Mr. Tinkam's title under the will of late A. Tinkam; having failed to advise Mr. Tonkin if he should proceed with it.

Seale 0514 J. Seale to (Mr. Tonkin) Reply to 0513 1 July 1779   18thC
DHRG No. 100675
J.S. not found copy of Will. Information (needed before ????? the mortgage) overdue. Mr. Worth to take J.S.'s personal security for the sum required. Mr. Guller very negligent, no acknowlegement of receipt of money. Sir B. Wrey's Bond mislaid.

Seale 0515 John Mallet to John Seale 6 July 1779   18thC
DHRG No. 100676
Lady Orford's accounts & the late Mr. Harris. No answer to last letter.

Seale 0516 J. Seale John to Mallet Reply to 0515 6 July 1779   18thC
DHRG No. 100677
Letter of June 27th was answered. Mr. Prideaux was to meet Mr. M. Wednesday 21st, not suitable due to Assizes week.

Seale 0517 John Fisher to John Seale11 July 1779   18thC
DHRG No. 100678
Hay at Bampton collected & thatched, no rain. Plans for the ''arter grass'' at the Mont & Grove, greatly overstocked with sheep unable to get rid of them: offers to get some for winter grazing. Hopeful for many partridges & hares at Castle Grove. Request for J.S. to oppoint someone else to deal with Mr. Lucas . enrages when Mr. F. offered him J.S.'s money, said he had a servant to deal with his business. Mr. C. said Milton did not like working with him & he could not get labourers because they did not get their wages. He hopes J.S. had received the receipt. 3 fine ''mellons'' & some spay cocks were due in 10 - 14 days.

Seale 0518 Mrs. A.M.Seale to John Seale18 July 1779   18thC
DHRG No. 100679
AMS much out of order in Plymouth, rather better but unable to come to the Christening or Assizes. C.F. left 17 July to attend. Not back till after circuit. Frequent reports of Invasion. Very hot weather.

Seale 0519 Mrs. A.M.Seale to John Seale 27 July 1779   18thC
DHRG No. 100680
Thanks for fruit: C.Fanshawe just left for Cornwall. Fire in bake house, much bread for Fleet burnt. E.F. very ill, now much better. Fire in dockyard paint shop soon extinguished. Fleet still nearby. Fear of another Keppell affair.

Seale 0520 J. Seale to Mrs. A.M.Seale Reply to 0519 27 July 1779   18thC
DHRG No. 100681
Very agreeable week in Exeter. Mr. Holdsworth would have made a very good assize if not very Imprudent & disagreeable to J.S. Polite to treat S.S. etc for week too much for J.S. 2 horses not sold. Interview with C.F. about carrying children to church. Visit to Mrs. Harris & Miss C. Oxford Paper in Box lost. Betty Pearse very ill.

Seale 0521 Mr. & Mrs. Luttrell to Mr. & Mrs. Seale 27 July 1779   18thC
DHRG No. 100682
Sending haunch of Venison

Seale 0521a Mr. & Mrs. Seale to Mr. & Mrs. Luttrell Rply to 0521 27 July 1779   18thC
DHRG No. 100683
Thanks - come & share it next Thursday.

Seale 0522 John Forster to John Seale 27 July 1779   18thC
DHRG No. 100684
Coach & Harness sent by Exeter waggon on 26 July. Waggoner late. Bill enclosed. Buckles & Straps of Mr. Hayne's Phoeton in pocket of coach.

Seale 0523 J.Seale to J. Forster 13 Aug. 1779   18thC
DHRG No. 100685
Coach damaged & left at Dorchester. Wheels seized up. Waggoner answerable if damaged on the road.

Seale 0524 Mrs. A.M.Seale to John Seale 3 Aug. 1779   18thC
DHRG No. 100686
Thanks for fruit. Betty Meade's aunt ill, so had to leave service. B.M's sister Mrs. Morgan could look after her. A.M.S. under Mr. Young's care while in Plymouth. S.S. forgot request for mint water & a little elder & Rosewater.

Seale 0525 P. Woodley to John Seale 3 Aug. 1779   18thC
DHRG No. 100687
P.W. heard from brother. Mrs.Perry's Deeds were safe at Ashburton. Thanks for marriage advice. Lady's disposition good; her modest fortune but good prospects, if careful, should cover P.W.'s debts in 5 or 6 years. P.W. would follow J.S's advice about settlement. Hoped to be in Devon in 3 weeks to a month, would then consult Uncle Abraham..

Seale 0526 J. Seale to Mr. Iliff Proprietor of waggons 8 Aug. 1779   18thC
DHRG No. 100688
Coach built for J.S. by Forster of Piccadilly, sent down by Exeter waggon on 26 July: servant & horses waiting: apparently damaged & left at Dorchester. Hopes of compensation.

Seale 0527 Wm. Iliff to John Seale Reply to 0527 10 Aug. 1779   18thC
DHRG No. 100689
No evidence of damage to coach at Dorchester. Delay due to a horse dying. Mr. I. Would order it to be sent down by first waggon available.

Seale 0528 John Forster to John Seale 16 Aug. 1779   18thC
DHRG No. 100690
Great surprise at non-delivery of coach to the London Inn, Exeter & the damage done to it. A careless insolent waggoner leaving it at Dorchester. Carriages often sent behind waggons like those sent to Mr. Ready of Gloucester, Lady Clifford of Bath & Lady Bickerton of Uswood Hunts.

Seale 0529 Mrs. A.M.Seale to John Seale 21 Aug. 1779   18thC
DHRG No. 100691
S.S. & family arrived safely. AMS puts off visit to Castle Grove due to illness. Betsy ill, so she refused invitation to Blachford. C. Fanshawe fatigued off his legs: Enemy Fleet sometimes in sight. The armed Militia to bring up The Prisoners. Very uneasy about safety of Dartmouth.

Seale 0530 Mrs. S. Seale to John Seale 27 Aug. 1779   18thC
DHRG No. 100692
Hopes J.S. will not join Militia. Country safe now. Hopes to go to Mt. Boons. Request for horses & servants. Many partridges. Both girls well. News of Kittery children wanted. Money needed if J.S. does not come soon.

Seale 0531 Mrs. S. Seale to John Seale 29 Aug. 1779   18thC
DHRG No. 100693
No letter from J.S. who promised to write every post. Very uneasy & distressed about J.S. Both girls well. Safe to be at Mt. Boone.

Seale 0532 Mrs. A.M.Seale to John Seale 30 Aug. 1779   18thC
DHRG No. 100694
Gentlemen escorting prisoners harassed by the heat & keeping guard in the open. Enemy Fleet out of sight. City Militia settling in. AMS hopes to be with SS Saturday. Box for J.S. arrived from London to be forwarded.

Seale 0533 J. Seale to Mrs. A.M.Seale Reply to 0532 4 Sept. 1779   18thC
DHRG No. 100695
Fear of Enemy landing lessened by appearance of British Fleet. French fleet not seen since Wednesday off Plymouth. J.S. hopes to see AMS & SS at Mt. Boone. Betty Meade ill; needs to get to Hospital.

Seale 0534 W. Penny to John Seale No Date. 1779?Monday Even   18thC
DHRG No. 100696
Mrs. S. still unwell at night. Mr. P. wishes she was at Exeter. Instructions for possible route she might take accompanied by him if necessary.

Seale 0535 J. Forster to John Seale 3 Sept. 1779   18thC
DHRG No. 100697
The Book Keeper of the Inn had reported the safe arrival of the coach. Confirmation required.

Seale 0536 J. Seale to John Forster 9 Sept. 1779   18thC
DHRG No. 100698
Coach safe and J.S. satisfield but price too high. Second opinion sought.

Seale 0537 William Pearce to John Seale 11 Sept. 1779   18thC
DHRG No. 100699
Gentleman proposed to take Castle Grove at the same rent, as J.S. paid, for 3 years. He thought public auction of furniture was needed.

Seale 0538 J. Seale to W. Pearce 13 Sept.1779   18thC
DHRG No. 100700
No objection to the sale of furniture or the rent in spite of improvements. No final decision yet about the term (duration). Name of gentleman required.

Seale 0539 Wm. Pearce to John Seale 20 Sept. 1779   18thC
DHRG No. 100701
Name required concerning Castle Grove was Mr. Gardiner of Beardley.

Seale 0540 J. Seale to Mr. Pearce Reply to 0539 26 Sept. 1779   18thC
DHRG No. 100702
No objection: glad to meet Mr. Gardner at Bampton on Friday.

Seale 0541 J.H.Southcote to Mr. & Mrs. Seale 2nd Oct. 1779 Concern about Seale’s child’s health.   18thC
DHRG No. 100703
Formal... Mr. F. Luttrell's intention to be at Buckland prevented Southcotes coming to Mt. Boone. Concern about Seale's child's health. Pointer sent to Mr. Seale. Cooke of Worthen ordered to show plenty of birds.

Seale 0542 J. Seale to Mrs. A.M.Seale 8th Oct. 1779 Mayor’s Near Fatal Accident   18thC
DHRG No. 100704
Met CF at Ashburton, missed him at Mount Boone - Dined at Gov. Palk's Court. SS much out of order after dancing at Totnes. Hopes to send £50 soon. Talk of French Fleet near the coast (crossed out). French's near fatal accident. Hopes AMS will take advantage of Dry Weather.

Seale 0543 Will’m Brudenel Barter to John Seale10 Oct. 1779   18thC
DHRG No. 100705
W.B.B.coming to Totnes , found bird flown to Ashburton. Had hoped to introduce Mr. Eveleigh at Mt. Boon.Mr. E. of Exeter ready to meet J. Ireland. JI to take 6 bands; gown obtainable at Oxford: need for bill & money to be sent to Mr. E. The college was Oriel Term began 11 October & ended 17 December. JI to go up year end. one day kept a term at Entrance.

Seale 0544 Wm. Gardner to John Seale 10 Oct. 1779   18thC
DHRG No. 100706
Mr. King missed appointment at Castle Grove; questions J.S.'s intentions concerning letting Castle Grove

Seale 0545 J. Seale to H.F. Luttrell 10 Oct. 1779 Impending French Invasion   18thC
DHRG No. 100707
In Exeter J.S. asked H.F.L. to look for h………; receipt for £200 he had sent. H.F.l. had sent it to J.S. on 23 December. It was not needed so it was returned. H.F.L. had not then a chance to acknowledge it being at dinner at Churston. Rumour of impending French invasion, but it was probably too late in the season. Mr. French, mayor of Dartmouth very badly injured due to fall from scaffolding at his house. No news received of Frank.

Seale 0546 Mrs. A.M.Seale to John Seale 11 Oct. 1779   18thC
DHRG No. 100708
Thanks for £50. Difficulty paying debts. S.S. ill, ''very ill judged scheme''. C. Fanshawe sad not seeing J.S. Thanks for ordering Copplestone about trees. French a wicked wretch. Request that Peter would send fleeces for a mattress.

Seale 0547 J. Seale to Mr. Gardner 12 Oct. 1779   18thC
DHRG No. 100709
Periam's contract to be transferred to W.G.
Terms of letting: Inventory enclosed. W.G. to decide what he should buy or have removed.
Draft of Covenant & price of furniture to be sent on receipt of W.G.'s answers.

Seale 0548 J. Seale to Unknown Possibly C. Fanshawe1779?   18thC
DHRG No. 100710
Congratulation on brother's safe arrival. J.S. looking forward to wait on him. His eminent service to his country. All crossed out.

Seale 0549 J. Seale to Mr. Thos. Ireland Butcher 12 Oct. 1779   18thC
DHRG No. 100711
On arriving home J.S. wrote to friend who replied that whenever T.I's son was ready he would receive him at Oxford. He needed to bring 6.Bands etc. but better to get gown at Oxford. Term 13 Oct. to'' 17 Dec. Going late in term would save expense. One day kept a term at his entrance.

Seale 0550 Mrs. A.M.Seale to John Seale 14 Oct. 1779   18thC
DHRG No. 100712
AMS wrote to Fisher about Sam White, bad health, big family, worthy of charity. Thanks for partridges & rabbits from Castle Grove. Trees arrived. Mistake by Copplestone. Rotten tubs could not be sent. Mr. & Mrs. Fownes with AMS previous day: going to Kittery. Mr. F. very keen to get Harry on board Capt. Fonstowe.

Seale 0551 J. Seale to Mrs. A.M.Seale Reply to 0546 17 Oct. 1779   18thC
DHRG No. 100713
Company on previous Friday delayed reply. King to call with £50 more en route to Bampton. AMS to tell if short of manoy. J.S. ill at Bampton so unable to see C.F. Thanks for getting poor man into hospital. Fisher complied with orders. Ham sent from Farmer Peeke. Copplestone to send tubs, orange & lemon trees & 6 fleeces. No sue case for Dartmouth Privateer, weather not good. Mrs. SS recovered.

Seale 0552 J. Badcock to (J. Seale)? No Date Monday ev. Before 19 October 1779   18thC
DHRG No. 100714
Coat not ready. Mr. B. found cloth sold on returning to Taunton. Hopeful of new cloth very soon.

Seale 0553 J. Seale to Mr. Gardner 19 Oct. 1779   18thC
DHRG No. 100715
J.G. to have the house (Castle Grove) by convenant for the rest of J.S's term, rent to include Periam's contract to accept articles at agreed price. J.S. to have right to level expected during his term. J.S. to yield up premises in the same state as found Mr. Lucas had hope no improvements.

Seale 0554 Mrs. A.M.Seale to John Seale 21 Oct. 1779   18thC
DHRG No. 100716
Glad S.S. better. £50 brought by King: anxious about income. J.S.'s orange, lemon trees & tubs sent to AMS. Robbins in charge at Frankly: distressed Family leaving. Hopes for rent. Adml. Whitwell to see house. AM's better. Adml Vincent taken Mr. Maren's Hall on Moor. F. Luttrell with A.M.S. Mrs. Muller's mad dog. Thanks for Hare.

Seale 0555 J. Seale to Mrs. A.M.Seale reply to 0554   18thC
DHRG No. 100717
All crossed out. J.S. explains about Income arrangements. Wish to make A.M.S. happy.Hurt about remarks concerning trees House for plants built by A.M.S. Proposal for J.S. and family to go to Plymouth for a week. Invitation to E.Fanshawe to come to Mt. Boone. Mrs. Harris & Betty Woodley expected.

Seale 0556 Gov.. Holdsworth to John Seale 24 Oct. 1779 Sunday 2 o’clock Deserter taken at Morleigh   18thC
DHRG No. 100718
Party sent from Plymouth after Deserter.
Man taken in Morleigh.
A.H. asks if J.S. had given reward.

Seale 0557 J. Seale to Gov. Holsworth reply to 0556 24 Oct. 1779   18thC
DHRG No. 100719
Thanks for information about Deserter. 2 labourers one from Halwell the other from Cornworthy and J.S.'s servant all eligible for reward.

Seale 0562 A.Holdsworth to John Seale 24 Oct. 1779 Sunday 2 o’clock Deserter   18thC
DHRG No. 100720
Ticket respecting Deserter. Marines with Gov. H. Mr. Taylor should be able to issue warrant for the reward.

Seale 0562a J. Seale to A. Holdsworth Reply to 0562 24 Oct. 1779 Sunday 2 o’clock Deserter   18thC
DHRG No. 100721
Sorry for Mr. H's trouble. Agrees about Mr. Taylor and the Deserter.

Seale 0560 Richard Codner to Esquire Seale 24 Oct. 1779   18thC
DHRG No. 100722
R.C's long connection with the sea Master of ship for 8 years. Hopes J.S. would help him to join the Navy. R.S & father met J.S. at J.Winsors Ashburton, elegant dinner at Bee's.

Seale 0561 J. Seale to R. Codner reply to 0561 1779?   18thC
DHRG No. 100723
J.S. had no interest in shipping. Poor prospects for midshipman in a man of war unless very young. Privateering possible, but hazardous.

Seale 0558 Phil Lane to John Seale 24 Oct. 1779 Sunday Expenses re. Deserter   18thC
DHRG No. 100724
Respecting the Deserter sent to Dartmouth. Expenses at Ale House.

Seale 0563 J. Seale to unknown No Date 1779?   18thC
DHRG No. 100725
Crossed out letter on the back of the draft to A.M.Seale 2 Nov. 1779 J.S. received letter from Messrs. Exley & Crispin. The case of Randall & Bury mentioned.

Seale 0564 J. Seale to Mrs. A.M.Seale 2 Nov. 1779   18thC
DHRG No. 100726
Family went to Plymouth previous Wednesday. Eliz.F. and C.F. with AMS. J.S. determined AM.S's income enough for comfort. Hurt about remark concerning etc. Date fixed for taking the children to church. E.F. expected them. Mrs. Harris & Miss Woodley expected after return from Plymouth.

Seale 0566 J. Seale to Mr. Gardiner Answer to 0565 2 Nov. 1779 (Wednesday)   18thC
DHRG No. 100728
J.S. able to be in Exeter Friday, 12 November.

Seale 0567 John L.Browne to John Seale 3 Nov.1779   18thC
DHRG No. 100729
A hound sent to J.S. without asking. JLB hoped JS would be pleased.

Seale 0568 J. Seale to J.L.Browne Reply to 0567 5 Nov. 1779   18thC
DHRG No. 100730
J.S. very pleased with the hound.

Seale 0569 J. Seale to Rev. M. Evelin 5 Nov. 1779 John Ireland Promising Scholar   18thC
DHRG No. 100731
J.S. away from home when Mr. E. was in Devon. Thanks due to Mr. E & Mr. Barter. Mr. Ireland due in Oxford 5 December. Short time needed to keep term: promising scholar, no friends with him. Son of grazier & butcher of Ashburton. Privateer sent by Pinsput Lee etc.with a Manilla ship with a valuable cargo.

Seale 0570 John Eveleigh to John Seale 9 Nov. 1779   18thC
DHRG No. 100732
JE glad to see Mr. Ireland at the time mentioned. He should bring sheets. Good fortune a recompense for the many losses of the war.

Seale 0571 E. Fanshawe to Mrs. Seale 22 Nov. 1779   18thC
DHRG No. 100733
Things requested sent, no oranges; French olives, 34 muffins, & sweet breads sent. Had flat candlesticks arrived? AMS's candlesticks sent. Little parcel sent that evening from Flouds. AMS very poorly with gravel. Mr. Inscombe sent for, now better. E.F's cold better. AMS sent 4 silver butter boats.

Seale 0572 J. Seale to Mrs E. Fanshawe Reply to 0571 28 Nov. 1779   18thC
DHRG No. 100734
Company of 40 including Mr. & Mrs. Southcott. The Luttrells and Haynes. Entertainment passed with great propriety. Departure 4 am. Thanks for items sent. Candlesticks would be safely returned. E.F's account to be checked, enclosed. Mrs. Harris and Cathy expected soon. Christening happily over. Mr. L. said EF was well.

Seale 0573 A.M.Seale to John Seale 29 Nov. 1779 Mr. Walter’s death   18thC
DHRG No. 100735
Glad J.S. & family were well. £50 bill payable to G. Robbins to be drawn on J.S. Christening over. J.S. mistaken in thinking E.F. was well. Luttrells made no enquiry after EF or AMS. Both very unwell at that time. Mr. Walter's death.

Seale 0574 J. Seale to Mrs. A.M.Seale Reply 30 Nov. 1779 Possible dispute over water supply   18thC
DHRG No. 100736
Very wet weather not good for health. Better to postpone drawing bill one week. Had not heard before of Mr. Walter's death. William's bill enclosed. Paid in full when CF was in the room at St. Sidwells. Mistake about Mr. Luttrells. Alexander saw AMS. Enquiry about trees. Ticket received about water to conduit from Governor & Capt.Duncan. Possible Law Suit etc. 500-100 elms needed.

Seale 0575 E. Fanshawe to John Seale No Date Dec. ? 1779 Cryptic Message   18thC
DHRG No. 100737
Mr. Gullett called with cryptic message that he spoke to a gentleman who will do as J.S. desired.

Seale 0576 R. Prideaux to John Seale 1 Dec. 1779   18thC
DHRG No. 100738
Complications concerning promise to pay Mr. Barns. JS. To execute the Transfer if Mr. Bath will pay Principal & Interest.

Seale 0577 J. Seale to R. Prideaux Reply to 0576 1 Dec. 1779 & case for water dispute   18thC
DHRG No. 100739
Letter sent to Mr. Gullet that day enquiring if he had received Bond from Mr. Barons. Request to retain Serj. Davy. Copy of case concerning the water course from spring to Mt. Boon & overflow.

Seale 0578 Fra Rose Drewe to John Seale 2 Dec. 1779   18thC
DHRG No. 100740
Concerning late servant John Straw, honest & capable with horses.

Seale 0579 J. Seale to Mr. Land 2 Dec. 1779   18thC
DHRG No. 100741
Fragment. Person wanted who could occasionally drive a carriage, not John Straw..

Seale 0580 Mrs. E. Fanshawe to J. Seale No Date Saturday night 9pm 1779   18thC
DHRG No. 100742
Mr. Robbins sent candle sticks from Franklyn Card tables & Insecticide also purchased. Dunster family came to Exeter: gone on to Nethway, very disrespectful. Thanks for pig. A.M.S. & E.S. both very poorly. Fire near church. (Cornish accounts)

Seale 0581 Mr. Seale to Gov. Holdsworth.7 Dec. 1779 Tuesday morn.   18thC
DHRG No. 100743
Ticket. The Road from Quarry to cross channel of water. Hopes no inconvenience to Governor. Desires Gov. to send person to inspect.

Seale 0584 Gov. Holdsworth & Capt. Duncan to John Seale 9 Dec. 1779 Thursday morn.   18thC
DHRG No. 100744
Complaint about water supply. Parish meeting to be called.

Seale 0582 Gov. Holdsworth & Capt. Duncan to John Seale 9 Dec. 1779 Thursday morn.   18thC
DHRG No. 100745
Ticket. Waterpipes in the road leaking to Townstall. Man who takes care of his pipes and hind sent to check effect on water course.

Seale 0583 J. Seale to Gov. Holdsworth Intended reply (Answered in person) 11 Dec. 1779   18thC
DHRG No. 100746
Thanks Gov. Holdsworth for altering water course to help Mr. S. to form his road. Howe said it was not detrimental to the water course.

Seale 0585 Mrs. A.M.Seale to John Seale 9 Dec. 1779   18thC
DHRG No. 100747
Instructions about money needed. Thanks for hare. AMS unwell. Glad the water satisfactory. Would be glad for return of candlesticks & butter boats when no longer needed.

Seale 0586 J. Seale to A.M.Seale Reply to 0585 10 Dec. 1779   18thC
DHRG No. 100748
Weather stormy and damp. Instructions about paying Mr. Robbins £50 on J.S's account etc. Request to know how much to give the poor. Candlesticks to be returned by Totnes coach. Afraid that one hare had been lost.

Seale 0587 A.M.Seale to John Seale 13 Dec. 1779 Mr.Praed a gambler with enormous losses.   18thC
DHRG No. 100749
Problems over getting money: bill drawn on John Floud. Usually bread & money given to the Poor. Young Elms sent. Servant Boy recommended by Mr. Rhodes. Thanks for hare. E.F. unwell, left 12 Dec. as C.F. detained at Plymouth. Mr.Praed a gambler with enormous losses.

Seale 0588 Mrs. A.M.Seale to John Seale 16 Dec. 1779 Description of the boy servant.   18thC
DHRG No. 100750
Description of the boy servant. Sir F. Rogers called previous Tuesday. Mr. Rolle unanimously fixed on. Several people enquired if J.S. was in Town.

Seale 0589 J. Seale to A.M.Seale19 Dec. 1779 Water Dispute   18thC
DHRG No. 100751
Boy probably too young. George Robbins cousin a stupid fellow. Capt. Duncan said people would swear the parish paid for repairs to water pipes. A.M.S. asked to minute statements about this by other people. No decision about taking this to Law.

Seale 0590 J. Rolle to Jn. Seale 18 Dec. 1779 Wrongly inscribed 18 July.   18thC
DHRG No. 100752
Thanks for Support at Election. Unanimous nomination.

Seale 0591 J. Seale to J. Rolle Reply to 0590 28 Dec. 1779   18thC
DHRG No. 100753
Congratulations on J. Rolle's Success.

Seale 0592 F. Luttrell to John Seale18 Dec. 1779   18thC
DHRG No. 100754
F.L. & brother Alexander would like to take family dinner at Mt Boone

Seale 0593 J. Smerdon to John Seale 20 Dec. 1779   18thC
DHRG No. 100755
Mrs. Joan Phillips enquired about the wills of Jonathan Phillips & of Mary Tufry. Mr. Harris unable to help being very ill and soon to die.

Seale 0594 J. Seale to J. Smerdon Reply to 0593 26 Dec. 1779   18thC
DHRG No. 100756
J.S. hoped to send the papers by the next post.

Seale 0595 Mrs. A.M.Seale to John Seale 23 Dec. 1779 Water Dispute   18thC
DHRG No. 100757
Thanks for the pretty little pig. Boy to get answer from AMS. What ever Capt. Duncan etc. say or bribe other to swear. The water supply dispute. AMS & EF both better. Mrs. Finney comes for Christmas. Continuous wet weather then heavy snow. Trees bought to be sent on.

Seale 0596 J. Seale to Mrs. A.M.Seale 26 Dec. 1779   18thC
DHRG No. 100758
J.S. has society books, meant for AMS. JS thought they were his. Barter said JS subscribed to The sons of Clergy. Dinner invitation to Nethway cancelled because cook was ill.

Seale 0597J. Ireland to J. Seale 23 Dec. 1779   18thC
DHRG No. 100759
J.I. Arrived at Oxford. Thanks.

Seale 0598 J. Seale to J. Ireland Reply to 0597 10 Jan. 1780   18thC
DHRG No. 100760
J.S. hopes to send papers by the next post. Very glad J. I. settled at Oxford Career of John Ireland born in Ashburton

Seale 0599 Chri. Gullett to John Seale 24 Dec. 1779   18thC
DHRG No. 100761
Mr. Pitman desired information about the value of the security J.S. has for the £800 in Buckfastleigh.l Plans for the mortgagor and Transfer etc.

Seale 0600 J. Seale to J. Tonkin 28 Dec. 1779   18thC
DHRG No. 100762
J.T. asked to write to Mr. Pitman concerning interest on mortgage. J.S. denies seeing Sir Bourchier. Wrey's Bond The Suit in Newfoundland.

Seale 0601 To J. Seale re.Exeter Bank 27 Dec. 1779   18thC
DHRG No. 100763
Bank carried on by a change in the old partnership without Mr. Praed.