Seale Family Papers     1794-1796
Seale 1291 Mrs. S.Seale to John Seale 8 Jan.1794   18thC
DHRG No. 101453
Soon to see JS. A good horse so Thomas punctual with Chaise when required, carriage better if wet. Engagement with Lady Hughs for Monday postponed. Enquiry from gentleman about the lodgings. No one had given 2 guineas so SS had offered it at 1 ½. A loss of 4 guineas by Lady Day if JS agreed. They were very inconvenient Morris must sleep out with Frank & Thomas when JS & Charles come with John in nasty little dark place. Major Murray came that Thursday. Items needed, shirts for John for Eton, 24 Huckaback towels, the framing board for pinning out muslin. Kitty would know, to be sent by first boat from Brixham, also salt fish & dried baked apples. 2 brace of woodcocks & 1 snipe received. Turkeys at 18/- a couple too much. Visit by Dowarger Countess of Cavan, also an evening with her at Mrs Augustos Dumarick's (Damaris):. her daughter Lady Elizabeth gone to London to see Lord Cavan just returned from the Continent, staying in London till after the Birth Day. perhaps to be delayed a few days for the Princess of Wales, her infant being with Lady Cavan.Mater Raymen at school with Robert, also with her. SS to dine that day with Lady C & 2 little Dumaricks. Note by J.S. received & July . Lodgings not large enough; Woodcocks sent; J.Fanshawe's illness.

Seale 1292 C.Fanshawe to John Seale 7 Feb. 1794   18thC
DHRG No. 101454
Surprised at not hearing from JS. If wife's fortune had been placed in funds instead of JS's hands it would have bought £7400 3 per cent & dividends punctual instead of ½ yearly disruptions of peace. CF's professional emaluments. Requests for payment in bills at Exeter 14 or 15 February as CT is there then.

Seale 1293 J.Seale to C.Fanshawe 1794 Reply to 1292   18thC
DHRG No. 101455
JS not surprised at the contents of CF's letter. It was in the usual strain. What can have occasioned the great heat of Expression! How could CF imagine that his wife's brother would delay ½ yearly payments to suit his own convenience. CF used his pen as an Engine of Intimidation. In the last letter from CF on money concerns a mistake was promply rectified but JS was treated as a common swindler. Enclosed was the full and lawful ½ yearly interest up to Christmas ???? He hoped his mother was better now.

Seale 1294 E.M..Seale to John Seale February 1794   18thC
DHRG No. 101456
EMS thought that the longer the partition was delayed the greater the chance of success. Uncle Hayne was with them & was to have a Captain's commission in the N. Devons & would probably be in Town before JS left. She hoped for delay in JS's leaving so would see him soon. Had JS delivered little parcel to Mrs. Stevenson with measure for new stays. she promised to make. An inquisitive women. EMS hoped JS would not be the first to raise a company . Talk of French no longer laughed at. The Ilberts removed to Kingsbridge for fear of the French, but returned to Horswell with the coming moon & darker nights. Just Miss Ilbert was so fearful, visiting them the next week. Mr. Southcote stayed much in debt, had JS seen John in London? Could JS get the 'Memoirs of Mrs. Cagblos' for Sir John Russell possibly from Carletts, Stroud, also my music chosen by Mr. Savory or Mr. Hulmould & 2 songs of Dibdin, Mr. Brave would know which? Concern that JS was not well.

Seale 1295 Chs. Fanshawe to John Seale February 1794   18thC
DHRG No. 101457
JS's of the 24th received. It was as disagreeable to CF as to JS to feel their respective convenience clash. Receipt of £100

Seale 1296 (Mrs) A.M.Seale to John Seale March 1794   18thC
DHRG No. 101458
Illness delayed thanks for letter. Glad JHS was well also his cousin. Sir Francis Drake died at last, very rich, left all to Ld. Heathfield. J.Fanshawe & brother Charles trustees of the will. JS said he would help with fish if Judges dined. Assizes soon. Weather so wet & so poorly, AMS seldom at Church or in town for some weeks.

Seale 1297 & 1298 P. Ougier to John Seale March 1704   18thC
DHRG No. 101459
Claim made on P.Ougier by the Corporation for Town Dues. He went to Exeter previous Tuesday to request the interference of the Chamber but found no meeting so he left an application with Mr. Pinders to deliver at the next Assembly.. Probably the questions between London & Hull in the House of Lords would be dealt with first. In spite of agreement with the Mayor & Justices their Attorney forced the matter to be brought on that Assize. P.O sent affidavit to stop proceedings to prevent Judgement by default. He hoped it was on time. Mr. Lamb told those who signed the Petition you wished it to stand over. JS's just remarks about the Newfoundland evidence. PO wished JS had been M.P on every account. They were attempting to renew the Judicature Bill in the manner of the previous year hinting we then had the whole Island & St. Peters; possibly settled when the war was over. Ships went to & from quay in Dartmouth without interruptions vague about fees. All well at Mt. Boon.

Seale 1298 (J. Seale) to P.Ougier March 1704 Reply to 1297   18thC
DHRG No. 101460
With regret to Town Dues PO. had gone far enough. JS found a 'History of Newfoundland' by Mr. Reeves & sent it to PO. Mr. Reeves ingenious examination would set at naught the evidence given on the part of the trade.

Seale 1299 Mary Hayne to Charles Hayne 19 April 1794   18thC
DHRG No. 101461
???? by Putt for not paying £11 on time, that ????? Mr. T. Adams went to Totnes with the money over what was due from the Survey, bids, rights etc. Talbot received £335-4-2½d. Survey included MH's 2 good Tythe months due in a fortnight. Chaise not sold ???: Penticost & Rider of Modbury offered £1'500? Old horse offered a ??? off Mr. Scott By Mr. Seale & Mr. Drew of Kingsbridge sent in his Bill. The Boy John arrived over to Mr. Southcote. CH's ????? cancelled. ???? gave to Brixham poor house.Mr. Cread indolent & extravagent Roof of Fuge in urgent need of repair. 1 or 2 people in Brixham not yet paid., Mr Pimson bought CH's ????? for 6 guinea since the Survey. The Seales and Miss Ann Rogers dined at Fuge a week since.. Mr. Seale gave MH a Jersey case, Sir Fred Rogers ????????????????? staying in Bath for 3 more weeks. Southcote was at Mr Polles and dined with the party at Dean 2 days., weather very bad. MH had an invitation from Mrs. Parry at Haridge but it was too far.MH hoped that CH and all were to take the field by 10 May . Polly desired her love.

Seale 1300 E.M.Seale to John Seale 24 July 1794   18thC
DHRG No. 101462
EMS glad that JS had arrived at Southampton.Hard winds at Blachford, persuaded to stay there so have declined an invitation to Crocadon by Miss S. Caryton Driving 25 July at Dock, which could not be left before 1 August. Lady Rogers offered to take EMS to the Assize ball so EMS would then be at Franklyn. Marma should write to Lady R to allow EMS to go. They could spend a day at Crocadon if their visit to Southampton was postponed. EMS understood JS would be taking 3 maids to Southampton; the lodgings were inconvenient as women of house clean the rooms & dress the meat. Harriett & EMS would do without a maid while in lodgings. & then take a little girl from the Charity School, as Kitty stayed with the children. One maid should do at Southampton, the Rogers took one to Bath. Rememberance to Capt. Bruce. Sir Frederick (Rogers) would be happy to meet Capt. Bruce if he had paid him a visit with Mr. Peter Ilbert.

Seale 1301 J.Seale to E.M.Seale Reply to 1300 letter dated 24th July 1794   18thC
DHRG No. 101463
Corytons had not returned the last visit so there was no harm in refusing their invitation. JS had sent his consent to EMS for her to go to the Ball with Lady Rogers. Mrs. S. would write to her. JS in Town till end of week, then in Southampton. C.Bruce well & thanks Sir Fred'k for his invitation.

Seale 1302 J.H.Seale to John Seale 10 August 1794   18thC
DHRG No. 101464
JHS came home Saturday 2 August. Mama well but feverish last day or two but getting better. Worried at no letter from JS for nearly a fortnight. JHS had been to Ashburton to see little brothers: Robert eating well, Sisters had arrived that Thursday - Dr. & Mrs Gratton expected on the Wednesday. Mrs. F. Ilbert begged her best respects to JS.

Seale 1303 J. Seale to J.H.Seale 14 August 1794 Reply to1302   18thC
DHRG No. 101465
J.S. arrived at Christchurch 13 August from Southampton, staying a few days near the border of the New Forest. The Conqueror laid waste the land and lost 2 Sons in the chase. 14 August very hot, good for the harvest. JS hoped to go to Hitcham soon via Southampton to see JHS. JHS's sisters had a good time at Blachford & Dock. Regards to Dr. & Mrs. Gretton & Miss F.Ilbert if still there. Bruce left for Cornwall about 10 days since.

Seale 1304 Miss E.M.Seale to J.Seale Inscribed August July 1794   18thC
DHRG No. 101466
Returned from Dock that Thursday, a happy visit to Commissioner and family & 2 days at Crocadon. Went to a ball with Mrs. Fanshawe at ?????? Camp by favour of the facetious little Lord Crupton, Colonel of the Northumberland Reg't. MC was Cap't. St. John of the Worcesters.. Harriet danced with a Major, name unknown & Mr. Murrey. EMS danced with the dashing Capt. Kelly, Capt. Price & Mr. Mollar, all of the 2 reds Next evening at a ball at the Long Room.Harriett danced with Col. Davies of the Engineers & Mr. Byne L'd Torrington's nephew. EMS's only partner was a son of Col. Harcourt of the Artillery. Mr. Fulls letter received. EMS declining going to the balls with ??? Rogers. Mrs. S. was against it. Rough Lady R wished it, she hated all young ladys for the love of her daughters. Dr & Mrs. Gratton expected the following Wednesday, John much grown Glad JS ??????????? in Southampton. Mr. Bruce in Cornwall with Uncle. Fanny Ilbert staying till the Saturday Dr. J.Rosser came to dinner. .

Seale 1305 J.H,Seale to John Seale 1 October 1794   18thC
DHRG No. 101467
Little news as JHS seldom went out. He returned to Hitcham as instructed by JS, when Dr. Gratton set off for Dorking with Dillon. George & Harry returning the last Tuesday. Mrs. Clay in Town, robbed of £9. Forced to borrow. Remembrance to Mrs. Lutrell & friends.

Seale 1306 Henry Jodrell to Sir Paul Jodrell 5 October 1794   18thC
DHRG No. 101468
On the return from Circuit in August, Mother seemed well (Mrs. Lytton had been there a month) suddenly taken ill 12 noon Thursday, 21 August. Pain in stomach & sickness. Peppermint had no effect. Girdlestone at Wells sent for; weakness increased, better on Sunday & Monday, much worse Tuesday, so Dr. Heath of Fakenham was sent for. Mother did not like Dr. H. Stomach swelled etc. given Malnery Madrina & very strong cordial but she died between 7 & 8 o'clock Sunday 3 September. Funeral into Oxfordshire took up to 6 days a fortnight before the Coronary began - Long confinement at the begining of the year for HJ, overturned in accident, arm broken in two places on the way to the Sanford meeting, badly set or managed - Will & codicil enclosed. Dan Jones very helpful £3000 for Sir Paul settled on Pauline. None for Power of Attorney appointed by Sir P. Mrs. Wottons annuity charged on Bayfield Estate. HJ in possesion of Bayfield wood. Father happy that HP being Chairman of the Sessions at Norwich & Recorder of Yarmouth ????

Seale 1307 J.H.Seale to John Seale 6 October 1794   18thC
DHRG No. 101469
JHS sorry JS was so ill and had to go to Bath. If a long stay where were mother & sisters to go?

Seale 1308 Mrs. S.Seale to John Seal 6 October 1794   18thC
DHRG No. 101470
SS happy that JS was better. His letter shown to EMS, hopeful of restraint. Mr.Haynes introduced, young man called Fiat as dancing partner for EMS,good family,related to Carteret's, formerly army, a great spender,living on limited principal constant dancing partner. SS discreet but anxious,asked Carterets & Mdm.''Demarisk''(Damares)about him. Sister married to opulent merchant. Returned Mrs.D's visit.EMS also engaged for dance with shy Mr.Carteret aged 19.Girls preferred Fiat. Capt.Spicer known by the Rolles, had intrique with Mrs. Wiltshire of Bath, pushed himself into this company.SS shunned him. Danced mostly with Harriott who once forgot she was engaged to Mr. C. Promonades end next Saturday. Winter Assembly begins following Tuesday .Visit to Nettley Abbey with Carterets planned and if lodgings too expensive Mrs.Davies in London,Morris knew where, would arrange different lodgings. Daughter (probably EMS)was about moving so SS told her she had crossed out what she had written (not exactly true) on SS. wanted her bureau of clothes sent by water. Little Robert well so medicine stopped. Maria still had 2 draughts. Morris payed £3 for their medicines - Mrs. Davies told Morris lodgings 8 guineas a month. Maria asked if Miss Davies could have 5 guineas. Not agreeable to go to the Rolles at Tuckerly House,2 or 3 more weeks, without a maid. Robert taken to the Ball,much admired.

Seale 1309 Miss E.M.Seale to John Seale 26 October 1794   18thC
DHRG No. 101471
Glad JS recovered,staying longer in Soton,Balls over, promonades & plays one week more.Camp breaking up following Tuesday. Danced with Fiat, related to Lord Carteret. Old lady called Seale in Jersey died, left fortune to Mr. Ducazzi, son-in-law of Mrs. Fiat. Mr.Davies letting lodgings at 2 guineas a week till Lady Day. Miss Davies attended 3 times a week for 1 week more. should have 5 guineas as EMS had copied her songs. Hopeful Morris would have remittance. Singing admired by Mrs. D's sister. Miss a medical genius like Ld. C. Carterets much seen going with them to Netley Park Tuesday.William C's journey to Gibralter delayed. Italian Master, Mr & Mrs. D M, good judge of Music, any objections to 2 Italian lectures a week? Maid available for Charles. Another maid essential. Room for JS & JHS. Mr. Roll to send boxes of things for EMS (& HAS) & also what SS wanted. Grateful for Powder. Won a raffle for £1. JS to ask Mr.S Foynes if he had given Mr. G,7 or 8 Rothburn, the £2-19/- left him by Mr. Bruce for Miss Jolliffe. Capt.Spicer,infatuated with Harriot,often tipsy. Mr. Hayne very dull, suitable to be invited? Christinna reduced fee for two instruments by 5 gns. a month starting November. Better Mr.Savery buy one and send it by boat also to choose a 2nd hand pianoforte,a Broadwood or Hurbert? Miss H to decide about books. Mr.F to look for the Italian Dictionary, if Charles came Aunt Hayne to send a maid if Kitty could not come.

Seale 1310a J.Seale to Miss E.M.Seale October 1794 Reply to 1309   18thC
DHRG No. 101472
JS glad EMS liked where she stayed. ''Fiat I abhor'', 5 guineas too much for Miss Davies. Bad weather likely for Netley. No objection for 2 lessons a week from Mr Des Moulins. EMS's requests to be seen to ''Spur the greatest rascal unhanged''. No need to consult Carterets about Mr. Haynes. No coach for EMS if instrument was sent.

Seale 1310 J. Seale to Mrs. S.Seale Reply to 1308 October 1794   18thC
DHRG No. 101473
Morris brought SS's letter. Restraint needed, ''Fiat I abhor, Spicer the greatest rascal unhamged''. JS home about mid November. Both waters would put JS right. Miss Davies 5 guineas too much. Very handsome if each took ticket for Miss Davies' & child's benefit. Visiting the Rolles improperly not good. Need to postpone visit if leaving soon.

Seale 1311 E.M.Seale to John Seale November 1794   18thC
DHRG No. 101474
Arrived at Tuderley House 10 Nov. One of the first old places ever seen by EMS. Bad weather, staying till following Friday. What number of paintings? JS's misunderstanding of EMS's P.S. & Re word ''two'' - not bad grammar. Mrs Carteret introduced several of the first families in Southampton & drank tea with them on Sunday. & met Mr. & Mrs. Sharare on Monday, meeting the next Sunday at the Carterets. Mrs. Haywood, wife of Col. H. who knew the Duch, Fanshawe and her relatives, her brother Dr. Richard Hughes, separated from his wife also a Mrs. Bell, widow of Col. B. Kitty too expensive to round with Charles. Mrs. Carteret could get a girl. Aunt Hayes plan. Thanks for presents. Beads should be bored at Bath. Sedan chair only repaired when absolutely necessary, always walk when fine. When would the pianoforte be expected? Request for drawings to be sent. JS not to request Bath waters. Morris expected that week. Letter from Mr. J.Adams for JS. Miss Davies paid 4 guineas.

Seale 1312a Harriet Seale to John Seale November 1794   18thC
DHRG No. 101475
Returned from Tuderly House 15 Nov. HAS not at concert, too expensive. Miss Davies & the Miss Rolles were there. Miss Andrews sang. Very good views in the Park. Visit to Salisbury Cathedral on the Friday. HAS preferred the Exeter throne to the Salisbury one. The Duke of Somerset's monument recently cleaned by the Duke of Norfolk for £500. That night launching into the team monde to be introduced by Mrs. Carteret to Lady Ore, Lady Payton, Col and Mrs. Haywood and one other name unknown. On 6 Dec. HAS would be 16 so powder would be becoming. Thanks for gem beads, Morris appeared previous evening. Black ribbons for poor Mrs. Adams. Carterets came that morning. Miss Davies gone. JS's gay time at Bath. Miss Matilda Focines might stay there that season. No news of Capt. Bruce. A kiss for dear Charles.

Seale 1312b E.M.Seale to John Seale November 1794   18thC
DHRG No. 101476
P.S. of Hariet's letter. Mama hurt no letter and in great want of money. Message to Mr. Bruce that his friend Mr. Bentley had been at Southampton. JS's silence over EMS & Mr. Nutcombe? His desire for EMS to set her cap at the gentleman . JS at Franklyn soon.

Seale 1314 7 A.Kilgour For John Broadwood & Son. to J.Seale 7 November 1794   18thC
DHRG No. 101477
Notice that the grand pianoforte ordered by Mr. Savery had been sent on 18 Nov. to the Rose Inn, Holborn Bridge.

Seale 1312 E.M.Seale to John Seale 12 November 1794   18thC
DHRG No. 101478
Thanks for present, Morrish got cash for it. Lady Hughes & Miss Bentleys called that morning. Lady H. was like Mrs. Stevenson her voluminous cloak. The Miss B's brother desired by Mr. Bruce to make enquiries, stayed 1 day in Southampton, so missed EMS. His eldest sister the widow of Mr. Augustus Dunatesq. EMS hoped the boxes would be sent soon. Miss Hawkins knew what was needed. A kiss for Charles. Letter to SS from Mr. Bruce about things left at Jerrard's. EMS required to answer Mr. B. in London.

Seale 1313 H.A.Seale to John Seale 12 November 1794   18thC
DHRG No. 101479
Thanks for present. Pleasant time riding with Caroline Carteret. Learning to play a duet with sister. Lady Hughes very nice, charming and odd. Nasty rascally cut throat looking regiment of Irish vagabonds at Southampton. Kiss dear Charles.

Seale 1315 S.Savery to John Seale 17 Nov. 1794   18thC
DHRG No. 101480
Mr Savery believed that Broadwood had sent the pianoforte the previous week, a delightful instrument. Price 60 guineas & 1g.2s for the packing-case. JS was to say the price was 70 guineas.

Seale 1316 J.Seale to S.Savery 30 Nov. 1794 Reply to 1315   18thC
DHRG No. 101481
Bill for £64-2s-0d enclosed payable to bearer & dated 10 days forward to prevent loss. Acknowledgement of receipt requested.

Seale 1317 Mrs. Reygeneu to Seal Esq. 8 Nov. 1794   18thC
DHRG No. 101482
Thanks for letter of 24th, glad to accommodate JS's son. School breaks up 10 Dec. & opens mid Jan. List of charges:- Entrance to Dr. Heath from 2 guineas plus. If Lower School entrance the same to Dr. Longford. A single room cost 5 guineas more.

Seale 1319 E.M.Seale to John Seale 2 Dec. 1794   18thC
DHRG No. 101483
Hope that illness was not the cause of silence. Going that evening to the Winter Ball. Invitation by Mr. Mansfield, a reasonable man & lover of music. To a ball previous Friday week given by officers of the 108th Regt. All Irish so not accepted. Mama intended inviting him one evening with the Carterets. A very good instrument (delivered?)unexpectadly early. Previous Friday met many genteel people at an Italian 'Lady's Rout'. The Amyatts were engaged. Dr A had called twice on JS so he must return the visits. Much relieved, Morish had heard from Mr. Full. Mr. Des Moulin had just left. 5 guineas soon due for him so French and Italian much improved. Many French emigrants around. Mrs Carteret's bad opinion of all Southampton servant girls. It was very necessary for Aunt to get one for JS & Charles to have one when they come. The Italian Dictionary was greatly needed and the drawings. Commisioner Franshawe had recommended Mr. Carteret for the Commisioner of Gibraltar. Kitty was adverse to coming to Southampton.

Seale 1320 E.M.Seale to John Seale December 1794   18thC
DHRG No. 101484
JS was anxious about Mr. Mansfield. He was seen several times at the Carterets; his family lived at Bath, very genteel, known by the Carytons. How could JS imagine Mama admitting anyone without his knowledge? Only invited to meet the Carterets. Pointless to go to Southampton Balls if one can only dance with the partner accepted for life. Capt. Bruce could answer any enquiries about Mr. M. JS could not expect EMS to discard him like poor Mr. Fiat --Arranged to drink with the Miss Bentley's where likely to meet the Countess of Caven & Lady C Rickwood. 12 Dec. Drinking tea with the Carterets & meeting Sir Helverton & Lady Peyton; EMS hoped the Italian Dictionary was not lost. Sorry to hear of Mrs. C. Fowan's death. Aunt Adams wrote to Mama that Peter Ilbert was dangerously ill.

Seale 1321a Henry Jodrell to Sir Paul Jodrell 1 Feb. 1795 Death of Jodrell’s mother   18thC
DHRG No. 101485
Mother died 31 Aug. 1794. HJ assumed his letter & copy of the Will had reached Sir P's. HJ appointed sole Executor & residuary Legatee. Trustee given £3000 in trust to Sir PJ for life with remr. to Pauline. Her personal estate was to be invested in the names of Sir Jacob Astley and Daviel Jones etc. Funds much reduced by the present War. Concerned that young Blafield had turned out so ill. Bill for £50 advanced by Sir PJ. not honoured by the father. While Grandfather lived his income was 'limited'. Sucess of the French. Pitts administration strengthened by arrosion of the Portland Party. Severe weather. Fears wheat will be scarce. Laurence made a Judge. Le Blanc likely next. HJ's arm suffered. Universal gloom. Poor Billy Herring & his brothers suffered over Surrender of Holland. Mrs. Herring very ill. Sir Williams Jones dead. Lytton is drunk as ever. Sir John Carton of Moding lay dead. Jack Paradise & wife better, daughter with one child living. Adale still well. Pauline's picture Framed..

Seale 1321 Ped.Ongier to John Seale 8 Feb. 1795   18thC
DHRG No. 101486
Letter of 28 Jan. with the proposal of a Petition to Parliament. Mr. Full sent a copy of the Proposal. Newspapers said other Towns had petitions. Many signatures expected. The Act of Parliament for manning the Navy would affect Dartmouth. Two only told of contents of JS's letter.

Seale 1322 J.H.Seale to Mrs. S.Seale 6 March 1795   18thC
DHRG No. 101487
JHS quite well, measles almost all gone so starting 'phisicking' that day or the next. Ready for home in a week but probably not coming with the boys as expected. Papa needed to be asked how JHS should come.

Seale 1323 J.H.Seale to (Mrs. S.Seale) 17 April 1795   18thC
DHRG No. 101488
Answer delayed as Father needed much space to write. JS called at Kittery all well there, they desired rememberance to Mama & sisters. Mrs. Fownes glad to see Mama etc. so soon & glad for her son's promotion. JHS saw Aunt previous Monday & drove her & Miss Dolly (to Mt. Boon?) the next day. Also called on Mrs. Birdwood coming through Totnes, who said that Perry had come to Horsewell & Peter's leg was recovering, all the rest were well. Fanny had been poorly. Sir John was leaving in about a fortnight.

Seale 1324 J..Jones to John Seale 7 August 1795   18thC
DHRG No. 101489
Enclosed Mr.Prideaux's bill in the affair with Mr. Holdsworth. Mr. J. thought he ought to deduct 3 guineas & JS pay the residue thereof with £27-4-0 for Mr. H. & allow only half a chaise from London.

Seale 1325 J.Seale to (J.Jones) 27 August 1795 Reply to 1324   18thC
DHRG No. 101490
Found letter on return 26 Aug. Mr. Wm (Holdsworth) paid as instructed. He wrote on his receipt that 3 guineas were left, to be decided by Mr. Jones as he had gone to Exeter several times, long delay, etc.etc. JS thought Mr. WH. had enough, but he would comply with Mr. J's decision - JS bought reversion of an Estate of Miss Blair's on contingency of Mr. Wills dying with male heirs, his widow becoming entitled to hiring part etc.etc. She was permitting great deprelations of which Mr. Full had the details. Request for Mr. JJ to look into this. Mr. Hine Fisher attorney - Bruce very ill in the next room, came from India a month since: little hope of recovery. Hoped Mrs. J. & Family were well.

Seale 1326 M.Moor to Lady Jodrell 26 Nov. 1795   18thC
DHRG No. 101491
Two letters received. Apologies for delay in replying. On arrival of the Queen Charlotte the chief mate said the Jodrell family were embarked for England so MM in constant expectations - On 2 July Mr. & Mrs. M & a maid set off in a post chaise. Only spent 3 days in Exeter, in Salisbury a fortnight, in London, Southampton Street, Covent Garden then Windsor & saw the Royal Family, then a week in Bath a lovely place, then Plymouth for 5 days and so hoped - Between 9 & 10 pm the chaise upset - drunk driver. Mr. & Mrs. M. broke window. MM had 2 black eyes, the Maid a swollen forehead, 5 miles from Collumpton, rescued by a Wellington chaise - MM confined at home for 5 weeks. Mr. J.Most married Miss Coryton of St. Just in Sept. Her fortune £7,500. MM's father very infirm, Mother & Brother & family fairly well, expecting 9th child. Capts.Braithwaite, Heathorpe, Peter Backwood, Mrs. Dan Ough & also Mr. Danbay's mother were dead. Mr. D.married Miss Arundle of Carnogy also Penadee had a son & Heir. Glad Mrs. Cummings was agreeably settled. Mr. H. hoped to shoot a woodcock with Sir P.Jodrell in Burdock Bottoms or catch a conger near Piscators Cove.

Seale 1318 John Seale to Mrs. Ragueneau 25 Jan. 1795 Reply to 1317   18thC
DHRG No. 101492
JS should have great pleasure in placing his son in Mrs. R's house. He would set off on Thursday 5 February & arrive in the evening. He asked for his son to have a bedroom on his own.

Seale 1328 Thomas Lister to John Seale 14 Aug. 1796 Sunday   18thC
DHRG No. 101493
JS's disagreeable surprise. TL not complaining. Idea of anyi nfamy humbled TL to the dust. No disrespect to JS's family meant by TL or his mother.

Seale 1329 D.Dumaresq to Mrs. Frances Dumaresq 3 Sept. 1796   18thC
DHRG No. 101494
DD hoped FD was still at Netherbury working out genealogy & connections of Carteret & Seales, a jumble. Common ancestress Anna Seale. DD in Jersey only 6 months; since 1736. Mrs. A.M.Seale subscriber to SPCK

Seale 1330 Mrs. S.Seale to John Seale 27 Oct. 1796   18thC
DHRG No. 101495
Mr. Tobler liked Devonshire but did not like to live there. Worry that JS would leave Devon. JHS due to return home in 6 weeks. Boat Cloke & Cott received with a ??? Half full of potatoes and 36 good & 23 rotten apples, probably some taken. Luscombe was good for Charles. Mrs. W.Hayward very poorly Mrs. Carteret & family came to tea. Mrs. SS's party & the girls & Philip went to a play The Provincial Night. More money needed soon. The Miss Pyes were excellent singers. Promenade that evening with Miss Haywood. Harriet was impatient for her harp. Hammond not paid. Fever was said to be bad in Southampton.

Seale 1331 J. Seale to (Mrs. S.Seale) 29 Oct. 1796 Reply to 1330   18thC
DHRG No. 101496
W.Hall packed the package for Mrs. SS. Boys well. JS went to see Mrs with Charles. Letter gone to London paying for Harriet's harp expected following week.

Seale 1332 Mrs. A.M. Seale to John Seale 29 Oct. 1796   18thC
DHRG No. 101497
Thanks for brace of woodcocks, first in 1796. AMS shocked at news from Newfoundland & Labrador coast & Pinson's loss. Mr. Fanshawe talking of going to London.

Seale 1333 Thomas Lister to John Seale 25 Dec. 1796   18thC
DHRG No. 101498
Invincible attachment to Harriet. Letter written to her. TL hoped JS would forgive TL for the vehemence of his passion. His mother was ill & suspicious of TL going to town.

Seale 1334 J.Seale to T.Lister 31 Dec. 1796 Reply to 1333   18thC
DHRG No. 101499
Letter received 30 Dec. TL should not leave his mother while she was ill. A personal meeting was necessary with TL & friends, concerning connection with Harriet. Returning to Southampton in a week.

Seale 1327 John Seale to T.Lister 10 Aug. 1796   18thC
DHRG No. 101500
Unfortunate attachment to Harriet, TL's friends against it. JS needed to know more of family. Hurt at expression 'dear Harriet' to an unsuspecting mind. TL's mother's objection. TL should have some avocation.

Seale 1326a Mrs? E.Gurling to Lady Jodrell 5 May 1796   18thC
DHRG No. 101501
EG glad Lady J had a safe passage & that EG's brother & sister were well. Hopeful of a letter from them by the store ship. (Capt. Bond, a friend) Miss Goddard's great struggle in India. Capt. Bond brought her to EG: she improved but died 3 April 1796. Mrs. Col Brooks often visited her. Mrs. De Batha, Mrs. Brook's daughter had just died, another daughter died in 1794. Miss Goddard bought 2 hankercheifs for her Grandpa in Madras. Capt. Millet of the Princess Anthia would take them her mother's picture & a lock of her hair.

Seale 1332a Henry Jodrell to Sir Paul Jodrell 28 Nov. 1796   18thC
DHRG No. 101502
A memorial signed by MJ & his brother (Richard Paul Jodrell) with the Nabob attached was presented to the Court of Directors of the India Company with the approbation of Mr. Dundar & the Board of Control, that the arrears of Sir PJ's Salary should be paid. This intelligence was received that morning from Sir Stephen L:uchington, Chairman. The dispatches containing the Directors letter were sent by the 'Georgiana' packet to India - Lady Jodrell & Pauline were well. They had a pleasant apartment in Charles Street, next door to where the late Jack Paradise lived. HJ was sorry that Sir PJ had not sent his account of the money he had in hand belonging to Sir PJ. That, with the £3000 from Mrs. J's Will, should be enough for Lady J & Pauline - Situation in England deplorable. Bread was scarce.