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Seale 0026 Tyrry Uximenez to Christopher Hayne March 1716 HP vol 1 p 19   Seale Family Papers      1600-1749 18thC
DHRG No. 100185
Received letter of 12 January. Loss of fleet reducing commerce in Europe. French ship from San Domingo reported plate saved from hulk of the Cap,na & from the Almirante. Loss of plate small to those with effects registered. Death of Mr.Terrell reported by Uximenez. None of Mr. T's effects except lace in Uximenez's hands which was shipped with Sebastian de Layza's consignment.

Seale 0028 Christopher Hayne to Sarah Gibbs or Mary Jago 22 Jan 1716   Seale Family Papers      1600-1749 18thC
DHRG No. 100186
Letters of 24 November & 16 December received . CH expected Cousin Hill would draw on him. Eastend bond accepted. Proving Dowrich's will expensive. Fremerton tenant backward; rates & taxes a burden. Great House at Dartmouth offered for sister. The tenant paid no rent. Best advice to sister to sell lands & house & come to Dartmouth.

DHRG No. 100187
Cornelius H. believed alterations or erasures were made by his late brother Christopher, only, to his (Cornelius') former affidavit soon after the great fall in value of the Stocks in the South Sea Bank etc. (South Sea Bubble). Papers not produced when Christopher's will was proved. Cornelius paid the various beneficiaries. Sir Joseph Hodges & his late father & mother, Sir William & Dame Sarah; the poor of Dartmouth & Walter Jago, son of Mary, sister of Christopher, sister Betty should live at Plymouth with sister Hill or come to Dartmouth.

Seale 0030. John Pipon to his father 16 Oct. 1723   Seale Family Papers      1600-1749 18thC
DHRG No. 100188
Letter from Mr. P. senior, enclosure for Ld.Carteret in favour of Mr. File Maistre as Billettier, Mr. Joshua le Provost having died. Approval of the Master in Chancery needed for the purchase of the heritages of Mrs. Harris, for John Seale. Price agreed. Need to check the Rights. Mt. Boone & Cornworthy were rented out to Mr. Portman Seymour, who had the rights apparently in Taunton. Mr. Payne (Mrs. H's son)& Uncle T.Pixon gave the rights of Norton Downey belonging to Mrs. Vaugham to Mr. Russell & J.P. The other rights were in the house of General Seymour's house in London not Taunton. Mr. Russell took an abstract. Mr. Ward, advisor to the Master, wished to check that the titles were good. A leaden Demicent for Rabbit & Quateren for Duck were sent,

Seale 0037. Mrs Harris to J Seale 14 Dec. 1724   Seale Family Papers      1600-1749 18thC
DHRG No. 100189
Objects left at Mount Boon by Mrs. Harris. Parts of Pound & Press belonged to Mr. Herbert & Mrs. Pitfield. Crane in cellars belonged to Mrs. Harris.

Seale 0032 Indenture 1724   Seale Family Papers      1600-1749 Property      Residential      Mount Boone House 18thC
DHRG No. 100190
Mrs. Seale & son trust Deed to Captain Pipon of part of Mt. Boon etc.---------
Witnessed by:- John Seale John Pipon Jo. Russell Tho. Pering.

Seale 0033 Inventory 20 Oct. 1724   Seale Family Papers      1600-1749 Property      Residential      Mount Boone House 18thC
DHRG No. 100191
At Norton & Mount Boon.. Livestock Deadstock. eg. Hay, Clover Hay and Clover Husbandry. Household good at Norton. At the houses at The Higher Norton. At the Lime Kiln. Household goods at Mount Boon etc. Signed by:- Elizabeth Seale John Seale Thomas Pipon Witnessed by:- John Pipon Jo Russell Tho Pering.

Seale 0034 John Pipon re: Estate 20 July 1725   Seale Family Papers      1600-1749 18thC
DHRG No. 100193
Writings concerning J.S's Estate in Chancery were left with Mr. Russell. J.P's other papers mostly copies of originals in Clerk of Chancery's hands. Deeds were with Mr. Bennet. Mr. Durell told to let J.S. have papers concerning himself. Mr. Seale had to be asked what he had paid the Master of Chancery. J.P. hoped his Uncle & Mr. Russell would look after J.S's interests.

Seale 0038. Mrs Harris to J Seale 27 Oct. 1726   Seale Family Papers      1600-1749 18thC
DHRG No. 100194
Unable to come to Mt. Boone due to indisposition. Payne to come to discuss things left there.

DHRG No. 100195
Mr. T. presumed that Corneliius H. and others were all at Dartmouth after a long stay with John Taylor, lady & Justice A. Staying with Mr. T. thought tedious? Mrs. Newcomen was to be paid for bottles - Mr. T. expecting answer from cousin Hoyles by way of Totnes. Wish to settle dispute without going to Law.

Seale 0036 Reply to 0035 20 May 1726 HP Vol 1 p.41   Seale Family Papers      1600-1749 18thC
DHRG No. 100196
Reply to .Taylor's 12 May 1726
Previous delays in Totnes seeing wife's relations. Cousin Neel's absence & smallpox in Cousin Gotheridge's house. Mr. Amyatt not visited. Mr. T's other relations drank his health. Mrs. Newman paid for bottles & corks. Mr. T's letter sent to Mr. Hoyles. Need to settle law suit depending between CH. & brother. Taylor which Mr. T. should have settled without Law. CH had waited 5 years without result.

Seale 0039 Philip to J Seale re silver bowl 31 May 1727   Seale Family Papers      1600-1749 18thC
DHRG No. 100197
Advice about the engraving of the Arm & Inscription on the silver bowl to be presented to Penbroke Col. Request for J.S. to ask Mrs. D'auvergne from Hampshire to send some item to P.P.. Model enclosed (legal) to be done in French (Attorneys all ignorant of French) Surprise that J.S. was to travel so soon.

Seale 0040 Thomas Pipon to J Seale 28 Nov. 1727   Seale Family Papers      1600-1749 18thC
DHRG No. 100198
Plan to get JS made an alderman or freeman of Dartmouth? T.P. had been to Mr. May, Capt. Newman & Mr. Leigh; each one separately & told them J.S. had seen Mr. Justice who said he would help J.S. Common Freeman, very hearty for J.S. Need to see Mr. T (?) Without him & Mr. Justice alderman & freeman cannot be elected.

Seale 0041 Philip le Gayt to John Seale 3 Nov. 1729   Seale Family Papers      1600-1749 18thC
DHRG No. 100199
Gratitude to John Seale's & to Rev. Mr. Falle's offer of financing the building of a Library & for donation of books respectively.

Seale 0042 Charles Taylor to Cornelius Hayne 15 April 1731 HP. Vol 1 p77   Seale Family Papers      1600-1749 18thC
DHRG No. 100200
C.T. had letter from Uncle about Cornelius' uneasiness about C.T. Request for George T to have sum of dept. Hoped for increase of scholars. Asked for patience till C.T. could pay C.H.

Seale 0043 Cornelius Hayne to John Seale Perhaps 1731 or early 1732   Seale Family Papers      1600-1749 18thC
DHRG No. 100201
In answer to proposals made by J.S. about Miss Mary Hayne, her father C.H. was sorry J.S. had been prevented from speaking about them that morning when he might have satisfield C.H. who would have known if his intended fortune for his daughter would have been agreable to J.S. C.H. would be glad to see him at his house.

Seale 0044 Philip Pipon to John Seale 30 June 1732   Seale Family Papers      1600-1749 18thC
DHRG No. 100202
P.P. hoping for Cornish living. Presentation claimed by Mr. J. Coplestone & his heirs according to old deed, thought well of by Mr. Penfound. In Bishop Trelawny's time J.C.'s father's unseccessful nominee had an (illegitimate) child.: After 6 month's delay the living lapsed to the Bishop. J.C. had entered a caveat in the Bishop's Court, applying himself to Mr. Geare, P.P.uncles Proctor. There was no other application. P.P. hoped to travel to Cornwall from London & that J.S. & 'Cousin John' would accompany him. P.P. and J.S. would then go to Jersey from the west.

Seale 0045 Anne Seale to brother John Seale ( french) 7 Nov. 1732   Seale Family Papers      1600-1749 18thC
DHRG No. 100203
Hopeful of receiving a letter from J.S. Her aunt of La Moye (in Jersey), her mother and aunt Marett sent their compliments. Cousin Peter Marett had just arrived from the Canaries. She sent compliments to her aunt & uncle Pipon and also her cousins.

Seale 0046 To Christopher Hayne no date, before 1733   Seale Family Papers      1600-1749 18thC
DHRG No. 100204
A Valentine. Ecclesiasticus 36:v v 24 - 26 9 V2 & 25:v referred to.

Seale 0047 H. Aubin to John Seale10 May 1733   Seale Family Papers      1600-1749 18thC
DHRG No. 100205
Diamond ring in small canister of ¼ lb of tea, delivered to Capt. Cox. Total cost including tea etc. £101.15s.6d Gratuity left to J.S's discretion. Impression of the seal as on the canister enclosed. Notice of safe arrival requested. Mr. Richerson still under confinement in Jersey & would stay unless released by H.Dural. Rumour about Lieut.Bavly & his plans.