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Found 4586 results

Seale 0003. Capt Seale of ”The Milford” Samuel Pepys Diary 1665   Seale Family Papers      1600-1749 18thC
DHRG No. 100165
'Capt. Seale of the Milford hath done very well in boarding the King Soloman'' Sinking of the King Soloman of the 34 Dutch Smyrna fleet in the Bay of Cales. Letter from Captain Allen

Seale 0005. Prayer Book 1693-1718   Seale Family Papers      1600-1749 18thC
DHRG No. 100166
Prayer Book with family records 9th June 1679 She married Robert Berry at Egg Buckland. Their daughter Elizabeth (1692-1718) married John Fownes (1686-1733) Their daughter Elizabeth (1711-17) John Seale )c.1705-1777) etc.

Seale 0006. Robert Berry 1695 – 1700   Seale Family Papers      1600-1749 18thC
DHRG No. 100167
Dr. James Yonge's F.R.S. Plymouth memoirs. Ed.J.J.Beckerlesse
Robert Berry, Mayor of Plymouth 1695-6. Town Clerk 1699 a whig. He attempts to control the town and get it's revenue into his hands etc. His brother-in-law William Cock, Mayor of Plymouth 1702-3.

Seale 0007 Wager between Thomas Herne & Christopher Hayne 16 Sept. 1695   Seale Family Papers      1600-1749 18thC
DHRG No. 100168
Wager. If T.H. should marry within 6 years of his arrival in England, he was to pay C.H. £100. Should T.H. not marry in that period C.H. is to pay T.H. £100

Seale 0008 C Hayne to J Douglas 9 May 1698 HP Vol 1 p.15   Seale Family Papers      1600-1749 18thC
DHRG No. 100169
J.D. given 100 dollars to purchase items in the West Indies, eg. Quilt; chocolates, coffee, & tea cups. Tea Tables, lacquered ones, fans, punch bowls & muslin for cravats. Receipt for 100 dollars signed John Dagins. Witnesses in John Daglas, James Hardie, Francis Morrosh.

Seale 0012 Richard Mead to Christopher Hayne 3 Mar. 1700/1 HP. Vol.1. P 13   Seale Family Papers      1600-1749 18thC
DHRG No. 100170
Pay to Christopher Hayne 1000 Pieces of Eight the progmatica value of Mr. Heneage Fetherston.

Seale 0009 William Godfrey to Charles Hayne 14 April 1701 HP vol.1 p.13   Seale Family Papers      1600-1749 18thC
DHRG No. 100171
Receipt for one small box containing a filigree snuff box & a medal to be delivered to Madam Ann Hayne.

Seale 0010 Arther Shevuwm ? to Christopher Hains 25 Nov, 1701 HP. Vol.1 p.13   Seale Family Papers      1600-1749 18thC
DHRG No. 100172
Receipt J.B. Bully aboard the Tilbury Received of Mr. Christopher Hayne & Co. merchants at the hands of Daniel Fecee 5 pounds? of pieces of eight? per order of Mr. J. Bully, merchant.

Seale 0011 a Receipt from William Godfrey 12 April 1701 HP. Vol 1 P.13   Seale Family Papers      1600-1749 18thC
DHRG No. 100173
Receipt for one small box on board the Saint George to be delivered to Samuel Pepys in York Buildings, London. . W.G. The commander of the Saint George.

Seale 0014. Cornelius Hayne to Brother (Christopher? Hayne) 15 March 1707   Seale Family Papers      1600-1749 18thC
DHRG No. 100174
Received letter of 11 March. Mr. Penfound's letter returned. CH paid his share to Mr. P; others should pay too. Tone of letter from Christopher(?) changed, unknown reason. Ill repute of Dartmouth & the Corporation. CH had a native's obligation to serve Country and Dartmouth. Major Churchill an outsider? CH hoped to get letters sent to C. Not intending to stay more than a month in London. Requested enclosure to be given to Mr. Harris.

DHRG No. 100175
C.H. wrote of the news of the loss of the 'Association' the previous Wednesday on the rocks off Scily under Sir Cloudesley Shovel, the Royal Ann disappeared & the Eagle & Rumney were still missing but was hoped not lost. 4 Men of war lost with the Portugal outward bound convoy.

DHRG No. 100176
Informed by Cornelius that (anonymous) correspondent would join him & stand for election at Dartmouth. CH congratulates correspondent on the safe arrival of his ship Neptune & mentions the loss of the Eagle, Ann & one other from Dartmouth.

Seale 0016 Christopher Hayne to John Palmer 15 Mar.1707 HP 1 pp 24 & 25   Seale Family Papers      1600-1749 18thC
DHRG No. 100177
Request for support for C.H. in his campaign to become M.P. for Dartmouth

Seale 0017 Christopher Hayne re Election 15 Mar 1707 Hp 1 pp 24 & 25   Seale Family Papers      1600-1749 18thC
DHRG No. 100178
Request for support in his campaign to become M.P. for Dartmouth.

Seale 0018 Christopher Hayne to Brother Cornelius Hayne 16 Sep.1710   Seale Family Papers      1600-1749 18thC
DHRG No. 100179
£5 demanded from Mr. Mead. Captain Stone safely back but remained a prisoner. C'r H had no immediate intention of standing for Parliament. His difficulties of his executorship:- Short of money. Holder endeavouring to get money from his father.

Seale 0023 Will of John Seale 3rd Oct. 1713   Seale Family Papers      1600-1749 18thC
DHRG No. 100180
Will Beneficiaries - Mother, Elizabeth Seale (née Benest) - sisters Elizabeth Marett - Susannah Poindextre - Nephew John Seale, son of Thomas - Uncle & Aunt Seale & children - Brothers-in-law Edward Marett jnr. John Poindextre & children - sister-in-law Elizabeth Seale (née Pipon) & children - Bishopsgate St. Workhouse - Poor of the French Church in Threadneedle St.- Poor of St. Bezlade Parish & other Jersey Parishes- Apprentice Nicholas Cary etc.

Seale 0019 Christopher Hayne to Mr. John Penfound 1st April 1714   Seale Family Papers      1600-1749 18thC
DHRG No. 100181
Thanks for Mr. P's recommendation of CH as an M.P. Not engaged yet for anyone. Run down state of Dartmouth due to past mistakes.

Seale 0024 Christopher Hayne to Horris Walpole 21 Nov. 1714 HP1 p56 21   Seale Family Papers      1600-1749 18thC
DHRG No. 100182
Commands received previous day. Discussion about a treaty of collerce with Spain at Townshend & Ambassador Methuin could arrange time & place. Mr. Bowles was on his departure. Mr. Bowles' brother hoped he might be the ambassadori chaplain.

Seale 0025 Christopher Hayne to Lord Townshend 9 Dec, 1714   Seale Family Papers      1600-1749 18thC
DHRG No. 100183
Transcript enclosed about Spanish Treaty of 1667 with extract of the Hansiatic Articles also thoughts on Importation of tobacco to Spain, duties on Newfoundland fish & trading on Spanish ships.

Seale 0027.Condolence to Mrs Mary Harris 15 Jan. 1716 HP . Vol 1 p.38   Seale Family Papers      1600-1749 18thC
DHRG No. 100184
Received letter of 10 January. Condolence over loss of Mr. Harris & the troublesome state of his affairs. Unable to be of service with Sir J. Hodges. Willing to help with estate if Sir J.H. is not reasonable.