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Seale 0285 J. Seal jnr to Sir F. Rogers & Lady Rogers 18 May 1775   Seale Family Papers      1770-1775 18th Century
DHRG No. 100446
2 copies one rather longer than the other. Mr. J.S. and Mrs. J.S. returned 18 May from London and were happy to receive Sir. F.R. & Lady R. as soon as they were settled. Concerned to hear of Sir. F.R's indisposition.

Seale 0286 M. Hayne to Charles Hayne 21 May 1775 Sunday HP II 15   Seale Family Papers      1770-1775 18th Century
DHRG No. 100447
The horrid smoke of Dartmouth with old Mrs. Hayne(?) M.H. & Mary Creed left Bath 19 May, very comfortable & laughable journey. Hopes C.H. had pleasant drive to London. Expecting letter about a Masquerade. Mr. Seale to write by next post. Enquiry after Miss L.

Seale 0287 J. Seale to Mr. Harris? 21 July (1775)   Seale Family Papers      1770-1775 18th Century
DHRG No. 100448
Settled in a small house from 12 July for 2 months. Invitation not to be repeated till after the Assiizes Dispute between Lord Clifford & Mr. Praed about building a Quay at Teignmouth to be decided before the very similar dispute of Mr. S, so giving more time for preparation. Correspondent has many Royal sheets to finish.

Seale 0288 J. Seale to John Fanshawe No Date late July or early August 1775   Seale Family Papers      1770-1775 18th Century
DHRG No. 100449
J.S. arrived at Teignmouth from Mt. Boon. Mr. Chas.the Counsellor at Exeter, said J.F.had left Town for the season; very warm. Many from Bath etc. at Teignmouth Dispute with America. A Mr. Charming and family from London's property in Carollina: no remittance from there; papers were unreliable; and reports, cider for J.F. sent by Cole to be delivered at Hays Warf.

Seale 0289 J. Fanshawe to John Seale junior 9 August 1775   Seale Family Papers      1770-1775 18th Century
DHRG No. 100450
Thanks for Cider brought by Capt. Cole. Glad J.S. junior, J.S. & Miss Hayne are well & a plentiful harvest. The American war, the Gibralter Garrison, 5 regiments going to Boston. Great slaughter of rebels. Disgrace of General Gage, Gen. Howe to take command. Mr. Tolcher came to Town & the Duchess of Kingston. Mr. Hollis in Ormond St.

DHRG No. 100451
J.S. spokje to Mr. Ilbert on behalf of Mr. Abindon. Augmentation of salary might keep Mr. A. at Dartmouth. J.S. prejudiced towards Americans. Mr. Reynolds sympathetic to their cause. The late Bristish Victory very expensive, little result, many men lost. Continent almost impossible to subdue. General Gage expected to be recalled. Authorities dissatisfield with him.

DHRG No. 100452
Intended sending John to J.S. that evening but waited for post. Miss Mercer & Mervin bringing to J.S. good news of Sarah S's health. 2 unpaid bills enclosed.

Seale 0292 J. Seale Jnr to J. Seale Snr Revival of Norton Fair October 1775   Seale Family Papers      1770-1775 18th Century
DHRG No. 100453
Notice that Norton Fair is to be revived 23 October. Assistance needed. Peter to go to Cornworthy & elsewhere to encourage tenants to attend & buy or sell cattle. Criers to announce it. J.S. junior sent advertisement to the Sherborne Mercury. Breeches to be wrestled for. First told to get everything needed. Peter to give Criss??? Elizabeth Seale to join J.S. senior soon. Letter received from W. Cholwich.

Seale 0293 A. Taylor to John Seale 21 Oct. 1775   Seale Family Papers      1770-1775 18th Century
DHRG No. 100454
Concerned that J.S. was unwell on leaving Exeter. Salutary effects of drinking the Waters of Bath. A.T. to set out for London 28 October.

Seale 0294 Elizabeth Seale to John Seale Jnr No Date Sunday Even. 1775?   Seale Family Papers      1770-1775 18th Century
DHRG No. 100455
Requested by father to write & enclose his letter. North Bowring just arrived with news that J.S. is well. E.S. etc. all unwell particularly A.M.Seale. J.S. senior wrote to Mr. Harris, E.S. has strong objections to J.S. taking Dunning House by Ashburton. Mrs. A.M.Seale requires Almanac for 1776. Has Trist been written to.?

Seale 0295 Mrs. S. Seale to C. Hayne No date Tuesday 1775? H.P.II 19   Seale Family Papers      1770-1775 18th Century
DHRG No. 100456
Will visit C.H. as soon as possible. C.H. not to tell J.S. junior that S.S. had told his plans to C.H. Hopes to have home of her own. S.S. would always respect J.S.'s relations Sir F.Rogers & Lady R. & Miss Vincent that morning. Mr. & Mrs. Booth spent afternoon previous Wednesday with J.S. C.H. to say nothing about S.S.borrowing money to J.S. Monday took ride to Oldstone, met Jenny & Stephen Adams.

Seale 0296 J. Fanshawe to (John Seale) Terms for Americans 11 Nov. 1775   Seale Family Papers      1770-1775 18th Century
DHRG No. 100457
Something enclosed to go on Aunt's account. Sorry Mrs. J. Seale is not well. Violent colds very common in London. Possible political changes. Duke of Grafton already turned out. Moderate terms for Americans. Too much armament. Congress insincere. People hopeful. Obliged to Aunt for offer of flowers. Hope she will receive apples & pears etc.

Seale 0297 Mary Hays to Charles Hayne 15 Nov. 1775 HP II 135   Seale Family Papers      1770-1775 18th Century
DHRG No. 100458
In spite of much persuasion, unable to alter her brother opinion concerning her nieces marriage, but will continue her attempts.

Seale 0298 Mrs. N.Hays to Charles Haynes 30 Nov. 1775 HP II 32   Seale Family Papers      1770-1775 18th Century
DHRG No. 100459
Her husband proposes 100 guineas pin money & if no son ??? jointure. Mr. Haye's children ill. Mr. H. gone to consult lawyer. Mrs. H. not commissioned to write only to give C.H. pleasure. Mr. H. much affected at parting with his daughter. He has given her leave to write to C.H.

Seale 0299 Louisa Hays to Charles Hayne No date (1775) HP II 34   Seale Family Papers      1770-1775 18th Century
DHRG No. 100460
Louisa's father consents to match if C.H. agrees to proposal.

Seale 0300 B.Hays to Charles Hayne 1 Dec. 1775 H.P.II 31   Seale Family Papers      1770-1775 18th Century
DHRG No. 100461
Values of Charles Hayne's estate, & annuity to B.Hays advancement to his daughter while C.H. will convey estate to trustees to secure Pin money to B.Hay's daughter & plans for future for widow(?) and children(?) & amount for C.Hayne if no children.

Seale 0301 Mrs. Hays to Charles Hayne No date Dec. 1775 H.P. 2   Seale Family Papers      1770-1775 18th Century
DHRG No. 100462
If C.H. disapproves of any of the propsals he is asked to write his objections to Mr. Hays and to thank him for his consent, & likewise to Louise. Mrs. Hays has been very uneasy.

Seale 0302 B.Hays to Charles Hayne 14 Dec. 1775 HP   Seale Family Papers      1770-1775 18th Century
DHRG No. 100463
Terms for a marriage settlement for B.Hay's daughter!

Seale 0303 John Seale ( junior) to John Seale (senior) 19 Dec. 1775 Monday   Seale Family Papers      1770-1775 18th Century
DHRG No. 100464
Sorry J.Senior has bad cold. J.S. junior at Ashburton previous week, family still there. Mr. Harris should be with J.S. senior soon after Xmas. Would J.S. senior ask him to bring £200. J.S. junior would accept debt..(Later) J.S. jun. Been to Ashburton, saw & liked Bagtor House. Desired Mr. H. to ask Mr. D. for particulars.

Seale 0304 Richard Harris to John Seale Jnr 22 Dec. 1775   Seale Family Papers      1770-1775 18th Century
DHRG No. 100465
Mr. Savery promised Mr. Dunning he would talk to Leaman (who had seen Bagtor) but probably would not take it but desired Mr. Savery to call on him beginning of next week.