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Indenture and schedule A Ridgeway   Property      Residential
DHRG No. 100074
Document Number: TO/A D/L E/039
Document Held: DRO Exeter

Alexander Ridgeway of Shepherd A in the parish of Blackawton Covent with Dartmouth local Board of Health formed in 1858. Reference to several Indenture this previously made between the Board of Health and Richard Webb Egg treasurer, and A Ridgeway really arched cellars at Bearcove, land and hereditament conveyed to a A Ridgeway with that other hereditament.

Schedule:- List history of the various properties from 1835. Names mentioned:-Amos Peek, John Caddy, John Brown Smith, Joseph Wills, Joseph Love, Jane Efford, William Hockin, Robert Loney, Walter Prdeaux, Hodge, Perring, Thomas Holdsworth Brooking, Thorn, Gray, Steer, Mitchelmore, Lewis, Henry, Lamble, and others.

From 1802., Hayman Codner, New house in Higher Street and Newcomen Road. From 1845:- Codner Thompson Symonds, Earle, Neck.

15 Brown’s Hill   Property      Residential
DHRG No. 100078
A history of 15 Brown's Hill, otherwise known as Slippery Causeway, Dartmouth

The Manor House, Southtown   Property      Residential
DHRG No. 100079
A history of the Manor House, Southtown

The Keep History   Property      Residential
DHRG No. 100091

23 & 25 Ridge Hill   Property      Residential
DHRG No. 100095
Notes on the History of 23 and 25, Ridge Hill.

Baptisms St Barnabas 1902-1980   Family History      Baptisms
DHRG No. 100096
Baptism records for St. Barnabas Church from 1902 to 1980 displayed as 81 images.

Baptisms St Saviours 1924-1996   Family History      Baptisms      St Saviours 20th Century
DHRG No. 100097
Transcription of St Saviours Baptism records 1924 to 1996.

Post-Medieval Burials near Dartmouth Castle   Family History      Burials
DHRG No. 100117
Report on an excavation of human remains uncovered when building an extension to a house near Dartmouth Castle.

Old Dartmouth Street Names   Property      Land Town Administration      Places and Streets 18th Century 19th Century 20th Century
DHRG No. 100128
Previous names of Dartmouth streets and roads. This list is still under development and subject to amendment. If you have any information that may help us please contact us.

Descendants of Robert Holdsworth   Family History      Named Families
DHRG No. 100143
The fifth Arthur Holdsworth (1757-1787) died young and before his eldest son Arthur Howe Holdsworth was old enough to be MP and Mayor. A cousin of the fifth Arthur became Arthur Holdsworth VI. This Arthur came from a separate Holdsworth line and is shown in the Family Tree report Descendants of Robert Holdsworth.

Russian Decoration for Dartmouth Man   Social History      Historic Events      First World War 20th Century
DHRG No. 100145
Document Held: Newspaper Article. Harry Langmead, first-class petty officer blacksmith on board H.M.S. Jupiter received from the Czar of Russia silver medal For Zeal, with a ribbon, and also the Order of St. Anne, These decorations were awarded by the Emperor of All the Russias in appreciation of services rendered by the ship's company from February to May, 1915, during which period the Jupiter salved a large steamship which went ashore.

Marriage Consent Note   Family History      Marriages
DHRG No. 100151

St Clements Marriages 1597 – 1786   Family History      Marriages      St Clements
DHRG No. 100154
Marriages at St Clements Church from 1597 until 1786. Transcribed by & used with the permission of Mr N McNaught.

St Petrox Marriages 1610 to 1850   Family History      Marriages      St Petrox
DHRG No. 100155
St Petrox marriages from 1610 until 1850, listed in alphabetically. Transcribed by & used with the permission of Mr N McNaught.

Proposed Boundary for Dartmouth c1835   Town Administration      Documents Maps      Maps of the Dartmouth Area 19th Century
DHRG No. 100157
Report upon the proposed municipal boundary of the borough of Dartmouth c. 1835. Includes map.

Tithe Map of Townstal 1840. Extracts   Property      Land Maps      Tithe Maps and Apportionments
DHRG No. 100158
Extracts from Apportionment Book for Tithe Map, Townstal 1840.

Seale 0001 John Seale (1606-70) John Chevalier’s Diary   Seale Family Papers      1600-1749 18th Century
DHRG No. 100161
John Seale (1606-70) attacked by 2 soldiers from Elizabeth Castle. They were mounted on a wooden horse for 4 hours with muskets hanging from their feet having been kept prisoners for 3 weeks following the incident. An Irishman from the castle had a similar punishment for stealing a cock turkey. He also had turkey wings on his head.

Seale 0004. Rev. William Bayly. c1607-1673   Seale Family Papers      1600-1749 18th Century
DHRG No. 100162
Rev. William Bayly, Rector of Stoke Fleming. c1607-1673. Father of Joan Creed & Elizabeth Bayly by 1st wife, niece of Francis Row, Provost at Eton. False accusation of having scandalous curates

Seale 0137 Ambrose Penfound to William Creed 16 Apl 1662 H.P. 1032 fzc   Seale Family Papers      1600-1749 18th Century
DHRG No. 100163
Jacky Southcote's accounts. Clerk's and Cholwich's letters similar, relating to Mrs. Hayne's accounts. Speedy answer necessary. Mrs. H. requests a meeting with W.Creed the next Thursday. Sorry about Mrs. Creed's late illness.

Seale 0138 Ambrose Penfound to William Creed (H.P. Reply to 0137) Apl 1662   Seale Family Papers      1600-1749 18th Century
DHRG No. 100164
Refers to Penfound's letter about speedy answer to Mr. Exley and the proposed meeting; Mr. P. thought Mr. E. Had objections rather than Mr. Taylor. Counsel Jefferies opinion needed.