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Seale 0069 Charles Hayne to John Seale 10 Feb. 1742   Seale Family Papers      1600-1749 18thC
DHRG No. 100226
Proceedings went on as usual at St.S--s c- -e so Country Members were leaving Town. Call of the house put off for 2 months. Penfound was told to send the Lord's protest & list of those who voted for & against. Some other documents enclosed. Letter from Thomas T ? He bought codfish for CH who hoped J.S. would thank him.

DHRG No. 100227
2 letters received. Utmost hurry CH waited on Judges from 7am till 11 or 12 m the night. Glad sister is better. No occasion to send horse for Hamling : exchange with Penfound so JS could expect horse by the bearer.

Seale 0071 Legal document between Anthony Fforty & Charles Hayne 7 July 1742   Seale Family Papers      1600-1749 18thC
DHRG No. 100228
A.ff . of Brixham firmly bound unto C.H. of Dartmouth of money to be paid to C.H. & Ambrose Penfound or their Attorney etc. the sum of £326 on 6 January ensuing with lawful interest.

Seale 0072 Mary Southcote Marriage Settlement 12 Feb. 1744   Seale Family Papers      1600-1749 18thC
DHRG No. 100229
Marriage Settlement Indenture Tripartite.
Witnesses William Creed Ambrose Penfound

DHRG No. 100230
Appointment of Trustees in respect of Jewels plate etc. and of linen & household goods left by the will of William Roope, late of Fuge. Signed by Chas Hayne, Wm. Creed, Ambrose Penfound, Mary Southcote.
Jane Creed, late of Fuge, of Coombe in Stoke Fleming on her marriage to Henry Southcote of Dartmouth
William Ilbert of Bowerlingsleigh,
John Pollexfen of Mothercombe,
William Creed of Kingsbridge
Witnesses:- Thomas Adams, Eliz. Creeed William Roope Richard Crocker

Seale 0074 William Ffoulkes to Charles Hayne April 1747 HP. Vol 1. P46   Seale Family Papers      1600-1749 18thC
DHRG No. 100231
Congratulations on birth of a son. Nic Rowe about to mortify at St. George's, he was accused of leaving his trees in the public highway causing danger. CH's neighbour at Leghill with his lady, soon to be at Netherways. Need for a receipt in the back of the Bond. WF's Father was ill for a fortnight but was better & hoped to spend summer at Exmouth. CH to tell Nic Roe that Mrs. Prosse had twins very late. Cheese pretty good, ale excellent. Jack Pitman had gout feared he would miss the Assizes. Mr. Crosby to go from Newgate to Old Bailey, person from Stoke Fleming soon to be hanged.

Seale 0075 Ben Juie to Jn. Seale 9 Feb. 1748   Seale Family Papers      1600-1749 18thC
DHRG No. 100232
Received letter of 9 November so the dozen of Portugal partridges arrived. BJ still had the letter for Messes Les Sueur & Trollope as no ship had yet gone to Porto. JS to be Sheriff of Devon. BJ could supply wine, BJ's daughter married Mr. D. Le Sueur of Porto, hoping to come to Britain that summer. He provides wine to B.J.

Seale 0076 W. Oliver to J. Seale 20 May 1748   Seale Family Papers      1600-1749 18thC
DHRG No. 100233
Nervous colicks allow no long delays. Advises Mrs. Seale to come to Bath as soon as possible & not to wait till the autumn. She should drink the waters early to keep cool. Dr. Hall was a good judge of health. Request to know when Mrs. Seale so that Dr. W.O. would find the best accommodation.

Seale 0077 Hy. Fownes Luttrell to John Seale 28 May 1748   Seale Family Papers      1600-1749 18thC
DHRG No. 100234
Relating to the signing the Deeds of houses in Plymouth & Mr. F.L. requesting JS to keep his 2/3 of the purchase money. Mr. Penfound brought up Mr. Brent's Deed etc. all executed by F.L. He hoped his sister got safe to Ashburton & little boy was well, & the horse chosen for her was ridden by a person used to him. If too much fatigued Mr. FL would send a coach to meet her on the Exeter road.

Seale 0078 H.Fownes Luttrel to John Seale 7 May 1749   Seale Family Papers      1600-1749 18thC
DHRG No. 100235
Sorry to hear Mt.Boon threatened by smallpox nearby. Mr. Penfound's bankruptsy, his conscience should affect him. H.F.L's wife not lain down her Burden. H.F.L's coming to Devon uncertain. Poor Mr. Yarde to be at Taunton next day, en route to Bath, still unable to stand on his leg. Cooper's disappointment referred to. Mr. Haynes lost suit. Fireworks in several part of the Kingdom, without leave ? except Hewdown. Request for JS to send to Holland for roots of Anemonies, Ramunculus, Tulips & Hyacinths for HFL's wife.

Seale 0079 John Seale Junr. to John Seale 24 Oct. 1749   Seale Family Papers      1600-1749 18thC
DHRG No. 100236
Received letter of 20 October. Glad mother was better. JS junior still had cough. Mr. Teage & Mr. Hayden had been paid. JS junior had Maidenhair tea for breakfast. Mrs. Berry died about May, buried at Liskeard. Mrs. Greenwood & Mrs. Scotchburn her Executors. Little money available for funeral debts etc. Mrs. Brooking's eyes very bad. Brothers mentioned.

Seale 0080 Thos. Blake Inventory ref. Henry Southcote dec’d 22 Mar. 1750   Seale Family Papers      1750-1759 18thC
DHRG No. 100237
Inventory of cabinet which belonged to Henry Southcote deceased:- gold & silver pearl necklace, Diamond, ruby, mourning rings, snuff boxes, button, buckles etc. etc. shagreen boxes, picture, a pistol etc. etc. Received of CH 5 shillings for some things in the cabinet.

Seale 0083 William Creed to May Hayne 12 Aug. 1752 HP. Vol 1. P48   Seale Family Papers      1750-1759 18thC
DHRG No. 100238
Mary(Polly) Southcote died in 1752 aged 9. All money from the privateer Dartmouth Galley were to be paid to her. On her death her mother was her heir. Mr. Creed believed all the distributable estate of MH's late husband should go to her. J.H.Southcote was also entitled to a share of Polly's estate etc; (Law suits about this continued until 1771) Mrs. Creed very upset when Mr. Haynes' letter describing Polly's death. She had stomach ulcers. Her asses milk was old so she had Polly's till she got it from Combe Royal.

Seale 0084 James Pipon to John Seale 23 Jan. 1753   Seale Family Papers      1750-1759 18thC
DHRG No. 100239
(Letter relating to a bill dated 23 April 1743) Letter from JS of 19 January acknowledging receipt of Bill for £33.19s 6d from J.P. & promise of cash available. J.P. accepted the invitation to be godfather of J.S.'s newly born son. He asked JS to get a proxy for him & to supply him with 5 guineas to distribute as usual.

DHRG No. 100240
JS brought Suit against Anthoney ffortye of Brixham that on 30th September 1751 A.ff. became bound to J.H. of £860-2shillings. A.ff by John Hunt his attorney said the deed was not his. Appeal to Sheriff. J.S. sustained 100 shillings damage. Mr. Dobbins would deliver copy of issue & notice of Trial the next day. Letter largely illegible.

Seale 0086 Tho: Le Breton to J.Seale 27 Aug. 1754   Seale Family Papers      1750-1759 18thC
DHRG No. 100241
In answer to letter of 31 July. Nothing further could be recovered from Mrs. Mauger. Mr. Le Couter would submit to nothing but the law. The course of Law followed by T.Le B was the only way to bring matters to a speedy conclusion. T le B offered to supply Sir John with money. He did not need it at that time.

Seale 0087 D. Messervy to J. Seale? 12 9 bar 1754 November   Seale Family Papers      1750-1759 18thC
DHRG No. 100242
No letters from JS. Mr. Carteret with his sister were going to Plymouth to see their brother, taking D.M.'s letter to JS. On his return he hoped to visit JS to get for him 2 bushels of white wheat to sow. Mr. Carteret would pay. J.S. was to remind Sir John & Lady Caneu about the book Sir J.C. was to send D.M. Uncle Joshua Pipon of la Moye had married Mrs. Poingdextre, widow of Mr. le Couceur.

Seale 0088 Capt. Geo. Aug. Pynn to C.Hayne 13 Nov. 1754 HP Vol 1 p.52   Seale Family Papers      1750-1759 18thC
DHRG No. 100243
GAP's letter sent by Cpt.Abraham Ball. Tolerable good fishery, a bit late in the land. Very hurtful, have four sailing days to Lisbon. If safe arrival GAP will send directions for payment of Harry's schooling. Hope also of coming to England. Harry's mother sent a bag of cod etc. for Harry and fish etc. for Mr. & Mrs. Hayne & cat skins for Mrs. H. GAP intended having Harry out in the spring.

Seale 0089 J. Seale to Mr. Harris 15 Nov. 1754   Seale Family Papers      1750-1759 18thC
DHRG No. 100244
J.S. reminded Mr. H. about the waters of Dinicombe with that part bought of Mr. Falls. The greater part was claimed by Mr. Eam's; no exception was made of part of that water in the purchase deed. Great prejudice to JS. A dozen lemon in the post for Mr. H. Peter Knowling & Mr. Cocky? about to buy the Manor of Ashprington.

Seale 0090 Ambrose Penfound to Richard Harris 29 Nov. 1754   Seale Family Papers      1750-1759 18thC
DHRG No. 100245
AP's letter relating to Mr. ffortye. A.P's letter of 25 Nov. gave reasons for not accepting RH's money. He would have preferred to have had it from RH. That person offered it to AP's client who accepted it unknown to AP, who could not be blamed for the muddle. RH came away without waiting for AP's letter. AP would reimburse him. AP had not yet got the various relevent deeds etc.